Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Good Investment for the Future

If you have a choice, what would you want to buy a new house or an expensive car? I know some people who put their investment on luxury cars? Is this really an investment? I guess not! If I have a choice, I will surely buy or built a new home than buying a luxury car, besides a car depreciates and a house especially the lot always appreciate.

Thus, I can say that buying or building a home is a true investment  rather than buying a luxury car. I am actually talking about annuity here. If you want to know more it, visit for more information. A good example of annuity is monthly home mortgage payments, monthly insurance payments or a regular deposits to a savings account.Did you have any of this?

We actually made a choice and I believed I did made the best choice. I built a house back home when I was still working before. Now, I already see the fruit of our labor and the  our home is already fully paid. I believed it is a good annuity and the best investment we ever did, building a retirement home in my home country. That is why I am just driving an ordinary car not a luxurious one.

Did you already made the right choice of investing your money? I hope you did?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

See You Soon Ireland!

I am a dreamer! Yes, I am! I always dream of travelling to many  places and yes, it  is slowly coming true. I dream of visiting Ireland long  time ago. Nineteen days more to go  and that dream of going to Ireland will be a reality.  To dream is one of the free things we can have in life. But if you work hard for your dream, they will surely come true. I already  dreamed for  more than  a thousand times and hundreds  of them already came true.

It will be a 7-day trip  to Ireland  next month. It is a group trip and quite an adventure for me because I am traveling alone with strange people. Flight, hotel, sightseeing tours and breakfast and dinner are included in that 7-day trip. Not that much because it only costs 499,00 Euros. Now I believed, "Travel is the only thing you buy that can make you rich". I  don't know who wrote  this quote but for now, this is one of  the  quotes  that will  inspire me  to travel more.....and more.

Travel images and experiences will be shared soon! Have a great day everyone!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Printer Is Not Working

I was trying to print some applications the other week but it seems that our printer is not working anymore. It has been a long time since  I haven't use it. I guess, it is broken already. I still need to print some travel pictures but with no printer, I can't do it at home. I want to start another scrapbook but with no pictures being printed, I cannot start it. 

For businesses who needs printing brochures online, I believed you can find a good printing company. I am even thinking whether I will also let my travel pictures printed online. I found a company who offers cheap printing services.

Wish I'm Home Now!

Home sweet home in  the  Philippines.
Palms, Beach and Sun! I wish I am at this place at the moment! With the cold winter in Europe, I believed everybody wants a place where you can  only wear  shorts and shirts.

At this very cold time, I  just wish that  I am home!  Wherever I go, I can say the best place for me is what I call home and that is my home country Philippines. "There is truly no place like home like  in  Pinas.

I hope I can visit home again....soo! Here is my home sweet home in the Philippines!

Mailing and Packing Boxes

I accompanied a friend last week because she sent boxes to the US. The boxes were quite huge and heavy so I helped her carry it. At the post office, I saw this lady who was using a very colorful and eye-catching promotional tape measure. I guess she brought it in order to measure the size of her box  for her  to know how much she will be paying for it.  I also saw this young man who had difficulty in packing his big box. Actually,  the stuffs he had in the box was only half the  size of his box.  His friend was laughing at him because he don't know how he can close and tape the box.  I showed to him the tactic how he can pack his huge box. He was thankful after that.

Sometimes people are just making things so difficult when it is so easy to do it. Until next time  again!

Souvenirs from Toledo, Spain

Toledo, a historical town and the capital of the province of Toledo in Castile-La Mancha, Spain  is one of my favorite places  when we visited Spain in 2011. I fall in love with this place even the  first time I saw it. I simply love  its setting.

During our visit last winter 2011, I bought some souvenirs from Toledo. I got some postcards, fridge magnet, timballs, shot glasses and some ceramic decors. I am happy with the stuffs I bought from this town. I am also letting you know that Toledo is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. More updates to come about this beautiful town in  Spain.
Souvenirs from Toledo, Spain.

Can't Wait for Spring Time!

Winter go away! I don't really hate winter but I can't  wait for spring to come! There are a lot of plans this winter season and one of it is to travel. I am thinking of making it different this time, maybe to go camping. This is also the reason why I need Camping Equipment . I still don't have one and I want to buy some when the plan of camping somewhere will materialize. For now, I am hoping for better weather and  when the weather gets friendlier,  it is the sign that spring is coming soon!

I Was in Vatican City

I want to visit Vatican City again to witness the Pope Benedict XVI's last audience. After the Pope resigned on his position as the Head of the Catholic Church last week, I was saddened by the news  but I respect his decision.

I was in Rome with a friend last summer  2010. We also visited Vatican City and went inside the St. Peter's cathedral. In fact, we also climbed the dome of the cathedral. From there, you will have a great view of the city of  Rome and its surroundings. That was one of the highlights during my travels in 2010. I hope I can visit it again.
St. Peter's Cathedral during our visit last August 2010.

Bought New Foam Toppers

Every week we are receiving advertisement  flyers and magazines. The other wee, one flyer  features  foam toppers on sale.  What I did last week was went to the store where it was on sale.  I did not hesitated to buy it because it is of good quality. I got lucky because there are  still around 6 pieces left. If I did not went earlier last Thursday, all must be sold out already. Foam toppers are important for our  mattress. It  also give comfort during sleep. I am glad that I bought 2 of it.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Foot Massage at Chinatown, Las Vegas

Yes, I always love to reminisce previous travels. One of it is Las   Vegas! I always have fun in this city. Besides some of my siblings are living there. One day, I and my sister decided to go to Chinatown. As far as I can remember, we went there to buy a simcard for my Iphone which we really did. After doing it, we proceeded to the Chinatown Outlet where you can  have a foot spa. I guess we paid around $80 for a 30 minutes spa. I am not really into it but its fine to have an experience about it.

Chinatown in Las Vegas where we had a foot spa. That was my second visit in Last Vegas last Aug- Sept. 2012.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Tips on Buying Designer Rings

Valentines Day is over but I still have some friends who are talking about their presents  from the last celebration.  I saw some of my friends in facebook who are still posting their gifts. One had a burberry scarf from her hubby. The other received roses and  chocolates from her boyfriend. Loui Vuitton bag was given to another  friend. Those are truly  great surprises!

Diamond ring at Whieflash.
One friend was surprised when she was given a diamond ring from her hubby last Valentines Day.  She was so thankful about it but she asked her husband,  if he still got  the receipt of her ring. She told the husband that she want  to return the diamond ring because she wanted a higher carat of it. We were laughing when she was telling  this story to us during a bus trip last week.  Lucky ladies who received valentines presents last week!

Ladies out there who love jewelry, here are some tips I can share when you are buying designer rings. You can also click here if you are planning to buy these beautiful Verragio ring. This leading designer  ring is truly one of kind. Its style and quality made it to the top of the list in terms of  diamond designer rings.

We have to consider  our budget.  I believed this is first thing  on the list  to consider.  This is always the basic when planning to buy anything.  For example if you want to buy a 4 carat diamond and 18 k gold engagement ring and your money is only a thousand dollar, I guess it is not good enough. You can anytime visit this page, rings/designer-rings.aspx to have an idea how a quality diamond ring costs. More on that you can also decide for color, clarity and carat of your diamond designer rings.

If  you already know your budget,  you can already start to identify the style, design and the quality of the designer ring that  you wish to buy. At  for example, you can choose  any designer ring that fits your taste and budget.  They offer variety  of rings according to your wants.  You can have a 14-18k in white, yellow or rose gold ring. Depending on your budget, you can  have a  0.75 to 4.00 carat of diamond on your customized engagement ring.

You can find a lot of information  online on various tips in buying designer rings. At Whiteflash, you will find all the basic tips and guides  when buying for example your first diamond ring or any jewelry you are planning to own.  Feel free to visit their site to get more information.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Going to the World's Biggest Festival, the Oktoberfest

Don't you know that  Oktoberfest is the biggest festival in the  world? Yes, it is! It is visited by around 6 million of tourists  worldwide  and locals as well.  It is already a part of Bavarian tradition . There are a lot of  fun and entertainment you can experience there. Listening to the live bands inside the beer tents using TC Helicon music gadgets, carnival rides, tasting  local and international delicacies and many things that will truly entertain you.

the Ferris Wheel in Oktoberfest.
I already experienced many festivals in Germany. One of  my  favorite things to do is going  inside the beer tents and listen to the Bavarian music. If you are interested about their culture and tradition, you will find Bavarian music very interesting.

I am contented that I have been to the world's largest festival many times. Yes, I was there for the fourth time already. I want to visit it again this year.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Remembering Madrid, Spain's Capital City

I had a quick exchange of messages from a friend  in Madrid this afternoon. She was asking me when I am going back to Madrid. I replied when I have a budget, I will immediately go back there.  I love Madrid and so far visiting Spain's capital city is history for me. You know why? this is the only capital city in Europe where I stayed for  three weeks and where I explored most of its corners. It was a long story why it happened.

Here are some images I took during my trip to Madrid almost a year ago. I believed one day, I will be visiting it again.

View of Alcala Street and Gran Via Street. This is where I walk many times in going around the city.
Street sign in Gran Via Street. I was there!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

College Ring for a Dear Sister!

Another sis will be graduating  in nursing soon. She will be the third nurse in the family. So sad that this profession is really not for me.  I  choose another career which is in the financial sector.  I am a banker by profession but now turn  into a travel blogger. Sis was mentioning about college ring. She never had one of those  best high school class rings when she graduated in high  school.  I hope her wish of getting a college ring will come true! Calling for other  nurse sisters in the  US  to give her one. lolz!

I am so proud of my sisters who did  finished their  Bachelors Degree in Nursing. Keep up the good job  sisters and wishing you all the best in your careers!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fasching, Carnival Photos from Germany

Fasching, Karneval, carnival!  I believed you  know what these words mean. Other countries  celebrate the same festival almost the same way. I witnessed some of it in the towns of Bavaria, Germany.  I always love watching this festival and hope next time, I can already witness the big ones like in Cologne, Dusseldorf and Mainz.

Here are some of the carnival photos I took from last year's carnival parade.

A float during the Faschingszug or carnival parade in Hemau, Germany. ©   
The group of the Liberty statue in Hemau's Carnival parade. ©   
The vampire group of dracula. Are there really vampires?. ©   

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Computer Security

I have  a blogger friend whose site was hacked last week. Sometimes, thing like this can be very scary. You spend time and do hard effort in your blog and it will just  disappear in the web. Good to know that her webmaster was able to fix it. She was so happy after that.

If you own a computer, you must see to it that have an anti-virus installed in it. The ESET Endpoint Security information for example are providing software security solutions for your computers. Hubby's laptop for example has three anti-virus programs installed in it. The disadvantage is, it is slowly processing now. We are trying to decide which anti-virus to retain in it. I already have an idea.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Career in Health Care Industry

Are you still thinking which career to pursue in your life? Are you interested in a profession that is focus on the quality of life of individuals, families and communities? The right profession for you might be in the health care industry. Why not?

Our family is not really in the medical field. I only have three sisters who decided to engage in medical and health field. Two are already registered nurses in the United States of America and the other one is graduating this coming March of this year. I am glad that my sisters chose that profession because they can help improve people's lives by providing health care services.

I am convincing my two RN sisters to further their careers and take master’s degree in nursing courses. Raquel who is in Las Vegas, is planning to take online courses that is related to her career. Rose on the other hand is happy since she will be having her interview this coming Monday. She worked before as a nurse in the hospital back home in the Philippines. She just joined her husband in the US and is currently looking for job in the health care industry. Regz who will be graduating soon is planning to migrate in Australia and also want to work as a nurse.

With the changing environment of health care industry, every nurse are obliged to attend trainings, courses and seminars. It might be in the four corners of a room or by doing it online. Being a nurse is challenging. You have to deal with people in all walks of life, helping them attain a better and quality life. You help people prevent illness and injury. Nurses alleviate the suffering of individuals through diagnosis and treatment.

This is only one of the professions that you can truly be proud of and I am proud of my three sisters who chose to engage in nursing  career. Good luck to you all!

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