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Short Update

I am trying to lose weight but it seems that it is very difficult to do it. I just need a will power and determination to do it but sometimes I just find it difficult. I love food and cooking and I can't avoid to say no to party invitations.

I also bought a Mat Tape last time so that I can start to do some exercise and work-out at home. Believed me guys, I haven't open the mat yet. One day, I believed I can still try my best to slowly get rid of excess weight. I am hoping.

I just need to regain my energy now after being sick with cough and colds for a weeks. I am thankful that I am feeling better now. Cheers!

I Miss The Sunset in South Cebu

This is one thing I miss when I am home in the Philippines. The beautiful sunset that I can watch from our terrace is truly a spectacular scene for me. Its beautiful setting over the horizon with its colorful rays that touch the blue sea is truly amazing! I feel like looking in a kaleidoscope when I a see a colorful pattern of the sunrays that goes down the horizon. Truly a phenomenon!

I hope to go home soon once again to  unwind, relax, recharge  and simply feel at home! There is really no place like home! Agree with me folks? Have a nice day!

The spectacular view from our home in Cebu City. I truly miss this phenomenon!

Don't Miss These Sights in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. With the combined ancient and modern atmosphere, this city has been an interesting tourist destination not only in the United Kingdom but in whole of Europe as well. Even Edinburgh has become one of Britain's cosmopolitan and creative centers, it remains a deeply traditional, historical place. The Old and New Towns of Edinburgh are included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1995.

Edinburgh has been a tourist destination for centuries. That is the reason why there is a huge choice of accommodation available for travellers. You can  for sure find  cheap flights  when flying to this city. Be sure to plan and book  your trip in advance to avail of cheaper prices.

Here are a few sights not to miss during your visit:

This majestic fortress castle, which dates back to at least the 12th century, dominates the city skyline. The site of centuries of British history, it now houses a wide array of galleries, collection…

The Beautiful Park Güell in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona!! One of the cities that I longed to visit in Spain. I was finally there! There are a lot of wonderful sights in this city and Park Güell is one of it.It is one of the beautiful parks I visited in Europe. After our first stop which is the Sagrada Familia, we proceeded to this lovely park of Barcelona.

Park Güell is a garden complex with architectural elements situated on the hill of El Carmel in the Gràcia district of Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. It is now listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It was designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí and was built from 1900 to 1914.

The so-called Terrace at Park Güell. From there you can  have a  nice view of the city.

view of Barcelona from the terrace of Park Güell. You can  also see the  two buildings at the entrance of this park. These photos were taken during our recent visit last July 14, 2012.
The large cross at the Park's high-point offers the most complete view of Barcelona and the bay. It is possible to view the…

Going Back To School

Another week is here. I really need to go to sleep once this post is done. I have been planning to go back to school and maybe take health related studies next year. This is still tentative and I am still finalizing it. I am just thinking how I look like when wearing one of those best cherokee scrubs. Feeling like a nurse when wearing it...hmm. Two of my sisters are nurses and the other one is soon to graduate next year. Am I going to be a nurse too? Or maybe a nursing aid or caregiver? Let me decide on that early next year. For now, I am still continuing one of dreams which is travelling when time and money are available. Going back to school will surely a challenge for me.

Have a nice week to all! Goodnight peeps!

The Monument of Diego Velazquez in front of Prado Museum in Madrid

It is a nice experience visiting one of the finest museums in the world. During my three weeks stay in Madrid, Spain last March 2012, I had the chance to go inside its famous museum, the Prado Museum.

The statue of Spain's famous painter, Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázque is found in front of the Prado Museum. He was a Spanish painter who was the leading artist in the court of King Philip IV. He was an individualistic artist of the contemporary Baroque period, important as a portrait artist.

Supporting England at the 2012 Olympics: Football

Whether you’re a football fan or not, you’re going to have heard of Old Trafford. One of the most memorable stadiums on English soil and home to Manchester United, it doesn’t just host their home team’s games.

This summer, it’s also playing host to some of the 2012 London Olympics football matches, along with Wembley Stadium, the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and several other sites all over the UK. As with every Olympic venue, it’s of upmost importance to plan your journey wisely if you’re hoping to catch an Olympic football match at Old Trafford; making sure you have your tickets booked, finding a hotel near Old Trafford (why travel long distances when you don’t have to?) and researching the area for quality food and drink that doesn’t have to break the bank.
Luckily, the ground isn’t too far from Manchester city centre, which opens up several options that you wouldn’t ordinarily have, meaning you don’t have to opt for a takeaway if you don’t want to. The Old Trafford …

Planning for Holiday Season

Two more months and the Ber months are  coming soon.   I know this is quite too early to plan  for holiday  season but sometimes planning earlier will surely save us  time and money.  I am actually talking about Christmas decors here since I saw some brown wire christmas lights online.  I guess it is perfect for our patio and I find unique. I am just quite excited how our patio looks during Christmas. For sure, it will be filled with decorations.

There are still a lot of plans on the line but we are trying to put first the most important ones. I can't also wait till the holiday seasons come. Have a lovely Sunday to everyone! Be safe!

Photo of the Day-Puerta del Sol, Madrid

I can't exactly remember how many times I was in Puerta del Sol in Madrid. This is where we usually ride the Metro train and the Cercanias wherever we go. I noticed that the "Gate of the Sun" is the most busiest square in Madrid, Spain's capital city. You can find there musicians, street artists and performers, live shows and of course many tourists and locals.

Here is a snapshot   taken in Puerta del Sol, Madrid.

Wonderful Places To Visit in Your Next Holiday

This is truly  a beautiful world!  Yes, it is! Our world contains some truly amazing places to visit! For a vacation that will create memories that will truly last a lifetime,  I want to check one  or even all of these  places in the future.

Exotic beauty abounds in this effervescent, thriving jewel of the Far East. Many believe the history of Tokyo actually goes all the way back to the 7th century, BC. This gives the city a rather unique history. While in Tokyo be sure to check out the Kabukiza Theatre to see traditional Japanese Kubuki performances, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. At nightfall, make it a point to see if Tokyo really is the most haunted city in the world by seeking out one of the haunted Tokyo tours.

World class cuisine, the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral are the main attractions that most people think of when they think of "Paris". But this city has so much more to offer! Consider a trip though the ancient Pari…

The Fernsehturm in Berlin

Have you been to Germany's capital city? Have you seen its Fernsehturm? Yes, I did! It was during my trip to Berlin last year when I saw this very tall architecture. Fernsehturm is a German word which means Television tower in English. It is 368 meters high and said to be the tallest building in Germany.

As of now, there are still a lot of constructions in Germany's capital. The  latest one is  the new airport which is called the Berlin Brandenburg Airport. It looks like a huge steel span building when I saw some pictures of it during the start of the construction. I should be opened last June 3, 2012. Due to technical difficulties—primarily dealing with fire safety and smoke exhaust systems—the opening has been delayed till 17 March 2013.

Berlin has a lot of interesting structures and architecture and one of it is the   Fernsehturm located near Alexanderplatz. Here is a snapshot I took during my visit last February 2011.

This Cool Classic Oldtimer Car in Neumarkt

I wish to drive this cool classic Oldtimer car but sorry, it is only good for your eyes! It was a very interesting event seeing a lot of classic cars during the Oldtimertreffen in Neumarkt in Upper Palatinate part of Bavaria, Germany. That was already the third time that I witnessed such event.

Here  is one of the cars that I love during that gathering of Oldtimers.

The 1910 Buick Model 10 Runabout  at the Oldtimertreffen in Neumarkt in der Oberpfalz, Bavaria last June 24, 2012.