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Southport Still Has Something!

Southport is a prosperous town in the north west of England. Its Victorian charm means that is has maintained its status as one of the most popular seaside resorts and today is still a fabulous place for a trip. A self-catering cottage in the UK makes the perfect place to stay on a trip to Southport, by day take in what the north of England has to offer and by night sit back and make yourself at home in front of a log fire.

Southport has been attracting visitors to its beach since 1792 when the first hotel in the town was built. During the nineteenth century the town became popular with tourists who could travel to Southport via canal from places like Liverpool. Later on, the building of the railway meant that more and more people could come from further and further away meaning that Southport grew really quickly to be much more like the town it is today. Nowadays, the legacy of Southport’s Victorian past is visible all over the town centre. In the main shopping street, tree lined Lor…

Planning For You Trip- Things To Remember

The spring weather is getting friendlier now and summer in Europe is almost coming. I believed many of you would love to get out and relax for awhile and want to go away from the corners of your workplace or home. Some might be planning for summer trips in any destinations in Europe or even worldwide.

I love to travel and from the many experiences that I gathered during my trips, I would love to share some things to remember when you are planning to go for a holiday.

Plan Your Trip Ahead- You are very lucky if you can get some really cheap last minute holidays. This is the reason why you need to plan your trip ahead in order for you to save time and money. Besides you can also avoid stress and hassles when your trip is planned ahead. If you are planning to go for a group trip especially bus trips, it is better to book it ahead to get your desired seats on the bus. Sometimes if you book it earlier, you also get discounts.

Book Flights and Hotels in Advance- I remembe…

Cruising the Med

From package holidays and cheap flights to backpacking, there are many ways to explore the Mediterranean. But for those who like to discover new places without the hassle of getting from A to B, cruise holidays could be just the ticket.

Most cruise holidays are based on an all inclusive basis which means flights, accommodation, meals and snacks are all included - so all you have to do is turn up at the airport and the rest is all taken care of. It’s one of the best and most stress-free ways to discover a range of different destinations whilst enjoying the journey too: what better way to travel from Portugal to Montenegro, or Croatia to Italy, than sunning yourself on deck? What’s more, much of the longer journeys between ports are undertaken at night so you can literally wake up in an exciting new destination each morning.

One of the most popular itineraries is a Mediterranean cruise - and it’s not hard to see why. From Spain to Portugal, Venice to Dubrovnik, these cruises are the perfe…

Mountain Bike Holidays: Enjoy the Ride

A mountain biking holiday offers a great opportunity to explore some exciting and beautiful destinations in a way that’s impossible to do by car.

Whether a gentle cruise through a rural landscape suits you, or something more challenging such as off-roading or hill riding, Neilson has amazing mountain bike holidays to suit every ability and inclination.

For Adrenalin Junkies

Those who believe in the motto ‘go hard or go home’ will love getting stuck into an amazing eight day Austrian activity holiday. You can cycle through stunning Austrian mountain scenery, taking in the Otztaler river and some magnificent views.

When you’re beginning to feel saddle-sore, why not change tack and try your hand at one of the other great activities offered, including rafting, canyoning, trekking, paragliding and more. Activity adventure holidays are what Neilson does best, so you can be sure of only the best facilities, equipment and instruction staff.

When it comes to relaxing at the end of an exciting day, …

Family Holidays for Every Budget: From Cheap Ibiza Holidays to Florida Breaks

Planning a summer family holiday that fits your budget can be costly. Whether you are looking at 2012 Florida holidays or cheap Ibiza holidays, there’s a destination to suit every family’s pocket.


If your budget is small but your dreams are big, look online for cheap Ibiza holidays. Known for its lively night scene, Ibiza has made a successful attempt in recent years to make main resorts family friendly.

For an active family break with watersports, playgrounds and beautiful beaches Playa Den Bossa is the place to go. Older teens in the family will be happy with the resort's selection of bars and clubs, while the younger children will be more than happy with the vast amount of activities on offer.

Cala Llonga is the perfect setting for a relaxing family holiday. Its shallow waters, snorkelling opportunities and calming ambiance are perfect for parents who want to kick back while the kids splash in the sea.


Mid budget breaks with the brood are well spent in Cyprus.


Family Holiday Deals to Majorca

Majorca is a great value holiday destination that’s perfect for families on a budget this year. Fantastic all inclusive packages and some cheap last minute holiday deals mean that it’s easy to find your ideal family holiday for 2012 without blowing the budget.

You can find all inclusive Majorca holidays to all of the island’s main resorts, with some really special hotels to choose from, including:

Bouganvilla Park, Sa Coma

The Bouganvilla Park hotel in laid-back Sa Coma is a great choice for those who love to spend lots of time having fun in, or relaxing around, the pool on holiday.

With five outdoor swimming pools, every member of the family is sure to find a favourite place to enjoy a splash or a swim.

While the kids enjoy the pool complex, or the fun Kidsworld facilities, Mum and Dad can enjoy some quiet time relaxing on the sun terrace.

This hotel is also special because it offers a range of accommodation to suit all families. You can choose from a studio, one bedroom or two bedro…

Postcard from Hofbräuhaus Munich

Have you been to Munich? If you are planning to visit Bavaria's capital city in the future, I would suggest you to visit Hofbräuhaus. It is a brewery in Munich, Germany owned by the Bavarian state government. Better go inside and if possible try Bavarian cuisine and of course its own brewed beer.

I have been to this famous brewery and restaurant twice and if I still have the chance in the future, I would surely go back again. Most of the times, it is full of guests and visitors inside. You can be very lucky if you will get a table immediately. During Oktoberfest, expect it to be fully crowded.

I will share some images I took from inside of Hofbräuhaus. I still have to find it in my files.

A postcard I bought during my second visit in Hofbräuhaus in Munich.

Shifting To Health and Medical Jobs

Shifting job! I guess this is what I really need in order to find a quick job in Europe. I actually applied for a medical clerk job last year. I received a letter that I am qualified but the job position was cancelled. I am a banker by profession but it is quite difficult to find a job especially here in Germany because my diploma and job experiences are not recognized at all. I guess I am taking one of these days either a medical management course or a medical teaching course. I still have to decide on it.

Health and medical jobs are in need now in many countries in Europe. I have some former classmates who took up Nursing courses during college days and many of them are currently working in United Kingdom particularly in London, Ireland and Scotland. After completing and passing all the required documents, paper works and undergoing consultant interview course, they successfully made it to UK. I am quite happy for them.

If I have the chance, I wish to teach the teacher…

Snack Time at Museo del Jamon in Madrid

It was quite a tiring day that time after a very long walk. I accompanied a friend who was looking for a Traductor, the Spanish word for translator in Madrid. She needed a legal translator for her paper works and documents which she needed for Canada. After that long day, we proceeded to Museo del Jamon in Madrid. I had seen around three of these in this city and I have been to two of its shops. In fact there are five Museo del Jamon (Ham Museum) in Spain's capital city.

The one we went to was in Alcala. You can have variety of sandwiches there depending on your taste and budget. For as low as 1.00 Euro on their sandwich and a cup of coffee for another euros, you are already full because their servings are really huge considering their cheap prices.

That long day walk we had was compensated after we had a snack in this!

The Museo del Jamon in Alcala Street, Madrid. I and my friend Peachy was there last March 27, 2012.

Earning Money Through Affiliates

It's been almost five years now since I started blogging. Actually if I have to count it, it is over five years now. My first blog was in Friendster. I started it sometime in 2005. Since this social network turned into a game platform now, I guess my blog is gone. I took blogging seriously since 2007. Thanks to all good friends who helped and taught me all the tricks and tips in blogging. Special thanks to my friend, Carlota from Michigan. I truly appreciate all your help my friend.

Since I really love writing, I decided to start blogging. It turned out to be a hobby first but later I realized that one can earn money through blogging. Thanks to all the articles I read online and through the sharing of some blogger friends, I did learned that one can truly earn money through . I am not a professional writer but I can share some knowledge, ideas, thoughts and personal experiences and other things that I love. I am earning extra income now through blogging and I am …

Watching Flamenco Dance in Albayzin, Spain

It was a wonderful night..not a so-cold winter weather during December. We had a night sightseeing on the narrow winding streets of this previously Medieval Moorish place. El Albayzin, also known as El Albaicín, it is a district in Granada in the region of Andalusia, Spain.

You can have a very nice view of Alhambra from the viewing point by the church of San Nicolas. It was truly spectacular! After that sightseeing, we proceeded to watch a flamenco show in this area.

Flamenco which is a famous dance in Andalusia, Spain is noted for its energetic, staccato style..and I did witnessed it during that night show. We did enjoyed it much. We had a glass of wine while watching it which made me more classy. I guess that Flamenco Show in Tablao Flamenco Albayzín was the highlight of our trip that night.

A dancer performing Flamenco in Albayzin. We watched it during our Andalusia trip last December 2011. I miss that region of Spain.

On November 16, 2010, UNESCO declared Flamenco one of…

Goodbye Winter!

I just posted and image of tulip flower in my previous entry here. This is one of the signs that winter is finally over. Nobody tells the tulips to grow on spring time. It is Mother Nature who does it all every spring season. And who told Mother Nature to do it? I believed you have an idea.

Since spring is finally here, there are a lot of things that I plan and want to do. One of it is doing the garden work. If the weather will get better I also would like to do more walking and hiking. I cannot wait for the lovegra results to come since I don't really take it. It is better for me to have more outdoor activities this year and to watch carefully my diet to get lose of my excess weight.

Lastly, I am finally saying goodbye to winter this year. All that were left for me are the images I took during this season and one of it is the one that I posted here. Isn't it a wonderful scene also? Happy spring time to all!

Hello Tulips!

Spring time is here! I am glad to see again the blooms of tulip flowers in our garden. Since it did rained today in our area, you can see that the tulip I have below is wet. I love especially the color of this flower. This is one of my favorite colors. I love violet color and its shades and I love tulips too! Hope you had a nice weekend.

the wet tulip flower from our garden! It is finally spring time!

The Beautiful Church in Freystadt, Bavaria

I was browsing some images this morning and found some photos during our day sightseeing in Freystadt. This town is located in the district of Neumarkt near the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal in Bavaria, Germany. It was one weekend last 2010 when we decided to drive around and visit places nearby.

the beautiful dome of the Mariahilfkirche in Freystadt.

One of the sights we visited in Freystadt was its beautiful church. It is named Mariahilfkirche, called in English as Our Lady of Perpetual Help. We decided to go inside the church and lit some candles. I also took some images from inside which you see below. I was amazed by the carvings and architecture of this building. Some parts of it especially the altar are painted with gold and silver. I am not quite sure if the statues inside were also decorated with Rainbow Obsidian Beads because they also look beautiful.

This Pilgrimage church has High Barouqe architecture. Located nearby is a Franciscan Monastery. I wish to find more in…

Sunday Walk in Oberpfalz

Another Sunday is here! We woke-up a bit late this morning since it is weekend. As usual, I made my cup of green tea. I also made some toasted bread with ham and cheese on top of it. While eating our breakfast, I was reading some travel magazine and the weekend newspaper. Here I am now in front of my lappy checking for emails and other news on the net.

We want to go walking later since we are already use for a Sunday walk. I hope in one of these weekend we can also go trekking. If that happens, I would love to use one of the jansport backpacks I bought last month. I am quite excited about it because there are hills and mountains nearby our place that I haven't visited yet. This area of Oberpfalz or Upper Palatinate in Bavaria is just a lovely place!

It seems that it is raining outside now. If the rain will stop later, we would surely go for an afternoon walk. Enjoy your Sunday!

The image I have here is where we always go for a walk.

Travel Infographics

Do you want to have an idea about travel Infographics? Information Graphics or simply called as Infographics are graphic visual representations of information and data. It provides a clearer picture of a certain thing.

Try to look at this interesting travel Infographics I have below. This is so cool that it will give you an idea where to go for your next vacation this summer.

Find it out!

Provided by ThomasCook.

Turkey Vacation- Places We Visited

Let me share again another travel experience we had in Turkey. It was so far a wonderful 10-day trip we had in this Eurasian country. It is called Eurasian since it is located both in Asia and Europe. I can't believed that Turkey has also a lot of things to offer to every tourist and visitor like me.

I immediately booked the holiday package to Turkey when I saw it in a travel leaflet sent to us last year. I don't have to search for flight reviews for any airlines during that trip because it was already included in the package. Accommodation with breakfasts and dinners, tours to different places, cheap flights, airport transfers, tour guides were also included in that trip. I can't believed that we will also stay in one of the 5-star hotels near Istanbul for four nights. It was really a very cheap holiday for only 799.00 Euros all include.

Some of the places we visited during that holiday

Istanbul- This is Turkey's cultural and financial center. It …

Short Stop at Garmish-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany

My first visit to this town was in August 2004. I cannot forget that day because it was my birthday when we had a 4-days trip in this area. My second visit was last year in September where we had a short stop-over there. I love Garmisch-Partenkirchen because of its setting. The nature in this town including the mountains, hills and valleys, rivers, lakes nearby and the forest and woodlands are just so magnificent.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen is a famous mountain resort town in Bavaria in the southern part of Germany. The highest mountain in Germany, the Zugspitze (2961 m or 9714 ft.) is located nearby. This town was also the site of the Winter Olympic Games in 1936. It is also a famous holiday spot for skiing, snowboarding, and hiking, having some of the best skiing areas in Germany like Garmisch Classic and Zugspitze.

The tower of the Church in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The buildings are shops and stores in this town. WE were there last September 2011.

Need To Visit A Furniture Shop

Hi folks! How was your Easter? I hope you had a wonderful one. I am visiting here quick for a little update. This is not really a joke now. There are just some things that need to be done inside our home especially in our kitchen. As we were eating our dinner tonight, hubby noticed that there is something wrong with our dining table. It seems that one leg is broken which makes it shaky everytime you accidentally   hit it. This is one of the projects that we really need to do sometime this year. We need a new kitchen and a new  dining set. How I wish we can buy a Thomasville but it seems that our budget can't still afford it. I will see if I will win the lottery this week and I will surely buy new  home furniture  and fixtures from them.  How I wish! 

Goodnight everyone! More updates to come this week. I  need to visit the nearest furniture shop anytime this week.

Visit to St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, Rome

This is the dream-to-visit of many like I do! I guess I am one of those lucky ones who was able to visit the center of Catholicism, the Vatican City state. It was one of the most memorable trips I had last 2010.

The highlight of our visit to Vatican City was when we went up to the cupola of St. Peter's Basilica. As far as I can remember, it was quite a long line going there but with our patience and eagerness to climb to the top of the dome, we did succeeded in doing it. If you are on top of the dome, you can have a breath-taking view of Rome. Be careful if you want to go up there. If you are Claustrophobia or fear of having no escape and being closed in and Acrophobia, the fear of heights, going up to the Basilica's dome might not be suitable for you. You also need to climb around 320 steps to reach the cupola. I am not quite sure if there is an elevator that goes directly to it.

The interior of St. Peter's Basilica by Giovanni Paolo Pannini. I had the chance…