Monday, July 11, 2011

Insurance Topic

I had a conversation with hubby yesterday while I was trimming his hair. I am his Friseur or hair cutter for some years now. I did it since the last time he went to the hair stylist and his hair was not cut good. While I was cutting his hair, our topic went to insurance especially about life insurance. He don't have one anymore because it already matured last year and from its proceeds we were able to pay our mortgage and other debts. I reminded him to get another one. I told him that term life insurance is also a form of investment. I hope he will get one soon.

Time for me to slowly sign-off. It is almost 1:00 am now. Goodnight and good morning too! Have a wonderful week also!

Cacti in Regensburger Dultfest

Dultfest is a festival in Regensburg held twice every year in this city. Maidult is celebrated every month of May and Herbsdult is sometime in September. One thing I love during the Herbsdult in Regensburg is that, you can see a lot of kiosks selling anything from clothing to food, kitchenwares, books, etcetera..

During our visit last 2009, there was this man that sells cacti. I want to buy some but we don't have a place anymore inside the house. Besides I already have some kinds of it.

the cacti for sale in Regensburger Dultfest. taken last September 2009.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shopping in Venice

I was happy to visit Venice for the third time last weekend. I am only sad because I made some damage in my wallet. I guess you what I mean with this. Don't forget to bring more money if you plan to visit Venice. Venice is also a major fashion and shopping center in Italy. It might not be as important as Milan, Florence, or Rome but shopping in Venice is also an interesting experience

We had been to a lot of shops here and sometimes I just need to close my eyes. Some vendors on the streets of Venice don't use barcode scanner. Unless you go inside a store or shop, then they are using one.

There are also designers and brand names in Venice like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Many of the fashion boutiques and jewelry shops in the city are located in the Rialto Bridge and the Piazza San Marco.

Aahh Venice, you just made a whole in my pocket again!

Winter in Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle is one of the most famous castles in Germany. It was commissioned by the so-called Bavarian mad king named King Ludwig II. This castle was the inspiration of Disneyland' Sleeping Beauty castle.

Neuschwanstein Castle is located on a hill in Hohenschwangau near Fuessen (written as F├╝ssen in German). I had been to this castle thrice and I always love it.

image taken during my second visit last November 2010. This is what you see upon entering the main entrance of the castle.

Visit to the Appliance Store

We were forced to drive to the appliance and electronic store in the next town to buy new audio and video cables. We also bought a new digital satellite receiver for our Television. I bought other items for my laptop. I need a new mouse because I find browsing faster when using one. I want to buy a new external hard drive too but I can still wait until it will be on sale. I love electronic gadgets especially cameras. There are just a lot of things that we always wanted but we can be happy when we have the basic ones that we need daily like food, shelter and clothing. agree folks? Enjoy your weekend! Goodnight too!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beautiful Lilies in our Garden

We did some changes in our garden since April. I believed it looks better now than before. It is still not done and I hope before summer ends, everything will already be in order. I have a lot of kinds of flowers in our garden. One of it are the lilies. Some are dying now but still few are left. This afternoon I made some photos again but still did not uploaded it yet. I wish to share more images once I am done uploading.

I love gardening and simply love flowers! this was taken last year from our garden.

Eight Years

Time truly passes-by so fast now! We are now in the month of July then comes August soon and the BER months. When I say BER months, I mean with these are the months of September, October, November and finally the holiday season of December. I almost forgot yesterday that it was my 8 years anniversary of living in Europe. July 8, 2003 was the day when I first landed in London Heathrow Airport to connect with my terminal flight to Frankfurt, Germany. Three months later, I got married with a wonderful, kind and loving husband. Until now, I am still wearing the promise ring finger hubby gave me.

I can't thank God enough for all the good things and blessings I received since living in Germany. We may not be rich but we have all the basic things we need in life. Most of all we live a happy and peaceful life. Lastly, I can say that 8 years of living in Germany is simply awesome! Cheers!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weekend Trip To Italy

It seems that I was not able to update this blog for some days now. I am finally back and hope to give you more updates. I had a weekend trip to Italy last weekend with friends. It was a nice trip especially after all the shopping and sightseeing we had in some of the cities in Italy.

As we arrived last Saturday, we did some capodimonte shopping first. After that we proceeded to Verona, a city in the Veneto region in northern Italy. We spend the whole day last Sunday in Venice, one of the most visited cities in Italy.

The Bell tower in Saint Mark's Basilica..You can also see the Saint Mark's Basilica in the background at the left side. This is the so-called St. Mark's square or Piazza San Marco.

Verona Arena the famous sight in Verona, Italy.

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