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Visit to the Oktoberfest 2010 in Munich

I believed most of you are very familiar about Oktoberfest known as the largest fair in the world. For others, Oktoberfest simply means Beerfest. It is usually a 16-day celebration held in Theresienwiese in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It usually starts during the last week of September and ends sometime on the first week of October and is celebrated every year. Oktoberfest has been a part of Bavarian culture since 200 years. It only started as a wedding festival of King Ludwig I of Bavaria.

Without further adieu, here are some images taken during our third visit last October 19, 2010.

one of the beer tents in Oktoberfest.
Sometimes and even most of the time, all beer tents are always full during the festival. You better reserve your seats if ever you really want to spend time inside a beer tent.
another beer tent in Oktoberfest.
That is the Paulaner beer tent in the background and someone is striking a pose too!

1081 Post

The month of September is almost ending. We are heading to the next Ber month which is October. I can't imagine that this post is already my 1081 in this blog. Imagine over a thousand posts for almost three years of blogging and that is only for this blog? I started blogging since 2004 but put a concentration to it in 2007. I still have other blogs which have over a thousand posts in it. My special mention for tonight's 1081 post is about hgh, also known as human growth hormone. I am not really an expert about this topic but I read some information about it online. This is somewhat related to somatropin which refers to growth hormone produced by recombinant DNA technology. I also heard about the term hormone during a visit to my dermatologist some years ago. It is about some sort of hormonal problems that he was explaining to me which had caused my acne problem.

Lastly, I am happy and contented to be part of the blogosphere. Thanks to all friends who had h…

Travel souvenirs

This is one thing I do everytime I travel. I always buy with me some travel souvenirs from magnet to postcards, travel books, shot glass and anything that I like. These stuffs remind me the different places I had been to. Here is an image I took from Hofbräuhaus Souvenir shop in Munich, Germany.

taken last August 2010 during our visit to Munich, Germany

Five Things You Must Experience in the Himalayas

Since Sir Edmund Hillary climbed the highest mountain on earth, taking a trip to Himalaya has been a dream of many adventurers. It is no fluke that Himalayas enjoy a lofty reputation among the places of a lifetime. The fact that Himalayas are immense makes it difficult to decide which sites to visit. Still, each visitor should at least try to experience the following:

1) Mount Everest

No trip should be complete without a visit to the base camp of the highest mountain the world. Although, this is one of the most frequented sites in Nepal but many tourists feel an amazing urge to climb the mountain. Amazingly, the urge to conquer Mount Everest is so great that many climbers, once came to the base camp as ordinary visitors, without a real interest of mountaineering.

2) Village Walks

There is so much to experience on foot, rather than by car or train in most regions, and the Himalayas is no different. Village walks through Ladakh, Kumaon and Sikkim are beautiful, authentic and allow visitors…

Scotland's Best Golf Courses

There is no experience that can compare to playing golf on Scotland’s 4 best golf courses. The home of golf as the modern world understands it began in this beautiful land. Scotland is one of the most unique cultures in the world and playing the game of golf here is a fantastic journey. Kings have wiled hours away and servants have found golf a restful pastime. Golf is a game that knows a multiple of social levels and genders. Man, matching his mind and skill against the land, the elements and the game.

1) Kingsbarns Golf Link, St Andrews Fife

This is a breath taking resort by the sea. Savor the vastness of the Ocean while you drive a hole in one. Use links with St Andrews and Fife, one of the world’s most exclusive golf resorts. Relaxing, exhilarating the country of Scotland is a must play golfing adventure. Find the place of your golfing dreams; play in the land of golf’s birth – try staying in a golf hotel in Fife near the course. In this environment golf takes on a different feelin…

Five Unique Vacation Destinations

Our world contains some truly amazing places to visit! For a vacation that will create memories that will truly last a lifetime, check one (or more!) of these places out today.


From strolling through Central Park to visiting the Statue of Liberty to just taking in the incredible sites and sounds on Times Square, this city truly has it all! New York City has a nightlife that is beyond compare. From taking in a show on Broadway to visiting one of the city's famous nightclubs, there is something for everyone.


In terms of uniqueness, Cape Town is high up on the list. The beauty of Table Mountain and the stunning Western Cape meet a buzzing, melting pot of cultures, alongside awe inspiring wine lands. On the southern tip of Africa, Cape Town offers a night life to rival major capital cities but has a warm climate, amazing flora and fauna, beaches and countryside. With a low cost of living, plentiful Cape Town holiday villas to …

Travel Journaling: 4 Things to Bring to Help Record Your Trip

When you are traveling or on vacation, it can be easy to get caught up in all of the excitement of everything that's happening in the moment. However, once the trip is over you will wish that you recorded more of what happened, because it can be hard to remember every detail after the trip. There are several items you can bring with you on a vacation to ensure that you remember as much of it as possible, even after it is over.

1) Journal

Though you might be able to remember places you visited and what you did, one of the most important things that people tend to forget is how they felt as they visited a place or viewed a famous piece of history. Having a journal will give you a place to not only to write down what it is that you did, but how you felt about it. Looking back on it years later, you'll be able to relive the same feelings by reflecting on your memories and what you wrote.

2) Pens and Pencils

It might seem obvious, but if you don't have a pen or a pencil you won…

Love This Quote and The Image

"Instead of grumbling because
you don't get what you want,
be thankful you don't get
what you don't deserve."

-Our daily Bread

A ride at the German-American Volksfest in Hohenfels, Bavaria, Germany. This was taken during the celebration this year. I don't know what happened to me now that I can't exactly remember its name. I just saw one again today in Munich's Oktoberfest. love this image!

The Blue Sky in Nuremberg, Germany

I can't exactly remember how many times did I already visited the historical city of Nuremberg in Bavaria, Germany. I believed more than twenty times since 2004. I love this city because of the many things it offer to its visitors. Shopping here can also be a great experience because of the many shops that offer various products and services. I can't remember if any shop here sells hgh spray but I am quite sure that there are shops here that offer health and beauty products. Here is an image taken during our visit last April 2010. This is a part of Nuremberg castle where we witnessed the lovely weather with beautiful blue skies that time. More updates in my other blogs! have a lovely weekend too!

Brown is Beautiful!

This is a personal story which I am going to share today. When I worked before in one of the biggest bank in the Philippines, some of my colleagues would ask me if I need a whitening for my skin. I just smiled and always told them, "I love my complexion and brown is beautiful". Most of Filipino women always wanted to have a fair complexion. Unlike with the women here in Europe especially in Germany, they always wanted to have a brown or tan complexion. Some are even buying the best tanning lotions or they go to the so-called Sun Studio to make their skin darker. During summer time, I even see some neighbors lying under the heat of the sun just to get a tan skin. Sometimes, I am afraid of them getting a skin cancer because too much heat of the ultra-violet rays coming from the sun. Now that I am in Europe, I enjoyed much my skin color because a lot of Europeans dream to have this natural skin complexion.

Visiting Rome, Italy

I believed I am lucky enough to visit the domicile of the head of the Catholic Church. Visiting Vatican City especially Saint Peter's Cathedral is a great moment for me. It was truly a memory that I can keep forever. I am very thankful that I was given the chance to visit this beautiful city. It was a dream put into reality and it is just unbelievable. Here is an image of me and my friend during our visit last month of August, 2010.

taken in St. Peter's Square in Vatican City, Rome, Italy.

Vitamins Are Good

I am not an expert about this topic but I know some about it. Back during school days, we were taught that fruits and vegetables are one of the best sources of vitamins and minerals. For example vitamins A, B, C, D, E and some other more are needed by our body to help us stay fit and healthy. There are also minerals like calcium and magnesium which are needed by our muscles and bones for proper functioning and maybe to help prevent some diseases and malfunction. For women’s multi vitamin needs, you can find a lot of information online or you can ask your doctor about it. There are also these so-called dietary supplements which often contain vitamins to ensure that we take adequate amounts of nutrients needed by the body on a daily basis. Lastly, it is better to consult the doctor first before taking any sort of dietary supplements. The best thing to do, always include fruits and vegetables in your daily intakes. I am doing the same now.

White Beach in Panglao Island, Visayas, Philippines

This is one of the islands that I love in the Philippines. I had been to Panglao Island twice already and if given the chance in the future, I still want to go back there. Panglao is an island located in Central Visayas. It is located southwest of the island of Bohol and east of Cebu. It is considered to be one of the top tourist destination in the Philippines. It is famous for its beautiful dive spots and its coral reefs.

The first time I visited Panglao island was in 2006. Last February of this year, we went back there again. Here is an image I took during my second visit. This is the beautiful while beach of Bohol Beach Club. This is such a priceless view!

Panglao has a terrain that range from plain, hilly to mountainous. Panglao is made of Maribojoc Limestone, the youngest of the limestone units found in the western area of Bohol. The limestone composition halted the development of an airport as coralline limestone is soluble which causes formation of caves and sinkholes.…

Apple and Banana for Dinner

Fruits and vegetables are always good food especially if you want to lose some weight. I can`t believed that I only ate apple and banana for dinner tonight. For a week now, I am trying myself not to tempt to eat a lot of food especially in the evening. It might be a good way of slowly getting rid of my excess pounds. Sometimes, I am thinking about Diet pills that work fast. I guess, there are diet supplements that also work good. You can read a lot of information online to help you find out which ones are really effective. For now, I believed that eating more fruits and vegetables are good for the body because they are also rich with vitamins and minerals. I am happy to buy a lot of vegetables today as I went grocery shopping.

Hello Chicken!

I seldom see live chicken in Germany. Of course, I see a lot of chicken meat in the Metzgerei or butcher shops. Unlike in the Philippines, where my parents live, my father has a lot of chickens in the backyard. As we attended a friend´s birthday party last month, I saw that they have a lot of chicken. I already know before that they have chicken but I never see one. This time, I already saw a lot and I was amazed how big they are. Since I always have my pocket camera with me, I immediately took some pictures. Here is one of them.
My friend said that they don´t butcher their chicken. They only use their eggs for cooking. When they are dead, they just bury them.

Americans Discovering Cheap Alternative Treatments

The United States is known for it's high technology health care, but many people are now being turned off by that and seeking a more ancient approach. When new treatments come with large costs that can't be paid with a simple short term payday loan, and instead require that you get a second mortgage, it's time to seek alternatives. In fact, many Americans are finding that other countries can offer them some treatments that seem to work well for them, even if the FDA won't endorse them as being official medical treatments.


Acupuncture works on the Chinese principle of an energy that runs through the body that can experience blockages, causing diseases. While Americans in the past thought that was weird, these days it's very popular. People in China have long used it to control pain, remove wrinkles, and even treat allergies. The effectiveness of the treatment is an individual perception, but everyone can easily tell that the cost is much less than conventi…

Using Business Loan Calculators

Are you looking for a new loan? Do you want to know if you could truly afford that loan? If you have answered yes to these two questions than think about finding a business loan calculator online. There are several types of these calculators online like the merchant advance calculator.

A merchant advance calculator is designed to work on merchant cash advances only. In other words, if you have decided your best course of action is to purchase a cash advance rather than a mainstream loan, you would need to use the merchant advance calculator. This calculator will ask how much you need and then calculator the daily percentage you would have to pay in order to repay the loan. Some of these calculators do not show the interest or fees you are charged for the loan. So, be sure to find one that offers all the information.

Other business loan calculators are strictly for mainstream loans like a bank loan. A bank loan has a few parts to it as well. You need to input the amount of the loan, cur…

Trying to Get Loss of Excess Weight

It has been two weeks now since I am trying my best not to eat too much. I am trying my best to lose some excess weight before winter comes. I was also trying to find good sites who shares the best possible and effective way on losing weight. Thanks to for some information shared in their websites. They also provide the list of the top 10 diet supplements that help you lose stomach fat faster. I still need to read the reviews of those products. This is the advantage of internet and computer because we can already browse everything on the net. Whether we want to find the best diet supplements, tips on how to lose weight effectively, health and beauty tips and most everything that we need to know, with the click of a mouse it is already very easy and convenient. What do you think guys? Enjoy your evening!

Yellow Narcissus and the Beautiful Quote

"Fierce drives the storm, but wind and waves
Within His hand are held,
And trusting His omnipotence
My fears are sweetly quelled."


these were the Narcissus that grew in our garden last spring time. I hope to see them again next year.

Sis Got a New Lexus

Good evening folks! It is TGIF again. Another weekend is coming soon. I believed this will be another great weekend for me. There are already plans for this weekend. Some friends are already excited about it. I'll tell you once it did happened already. Anyway, I was surprised as my sister posted an image in her Facebook album showing her new Lexus car. I hope she bought an affordable car insurance for her new car. I am happy for my sister because one of her dreams did came true. This year, they also transferred to a new house and now she has her new car, these are quite great accomplishments for her. I left some messages in her facebook profile telling her that I will ride in her new car once I visit Las Vegas next time. Have a lovely weekend to all! Have fun too!

Happy Birthday Mother Mary

Happy Birthday Mother Mary!
Thanks for all the inspirations
you had given into my life
and to all people around the world.


The name "Mary" comes from the Greek Μαρία, which is a shortened form of Μαριάμ. This is a transliteration of the Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic name Maryam. During the Middle Ages Hebrew vowel systems were formed and the Hebrew vowel "a" changed (regularly) to "i" in a closed unaccented syllable, so that by the time the Jews began to use vowel points, they wrote it as Miryam. Mary's most common titles include The Blessed Virgin Mary (also abbreviated to "BVM"), Our Lady (Notre Dame, Nuestra Señora, Nossa Senhora, Madonna), Mother of God, and the Queen of Heaven (Regina Caeli). See Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Mary is referred to by the Eastern Orthodox Church, Oriental Orthodoxy, the Anglican Church, and all Eastern Catholic Churches as Theotokos, a title recognized at the Third Ecumenical Council (held…

Best Financial Investment

Economic crisis is still going on around the world. After the collapsed of Lehmann brothers, it made a domino effect not only to a lot of financial institutions around the world but also to all forms of businesses and industries as well. Recession is everywhere and many became jobless. At this point of time, you must know where to invest you money. Tender money always fluctuate and most of the time depreciate while the price of gold is always appreciating. I also watched a news before in the Television telling that gold prices are always stable.

I also believed that investing on gold bars, gold spot, etc. is very much better than investing on securities or bonds. If ever you need more guides and ideas about this, you can also find a lot of information online on where to invest your money or maybe where to buy gold bullions as form of your investment. You can also consult the experts near you especially the investment bankers who can give you guid…

Goodbye August, Hello September!

September is finally here! August is over! thus, I am saying goodbye August and hello September. I hope that last month was a great one for you. If you have to ask me about it, I would say that it was truly one of the greatest month for me. I did accomplished some things again and I am quite contented with it. I am also hoping for a wonderful month of September. I hope you too. For now, I have nothing to ask for except for good health always for me, my family, relatives and friends. I am thankful to God that even we have a simple life, happiness and contentment are always there. Lastly, I also wish everyone a wonderful month of September. More blessings to come and good health always to all of us! Take care folks!