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Guilty Again, My 1021 Post

Wow I can't imagine that this is already my number 1,021 post in this blog. I am quite proud about it. I was surprised after seeing it in my dashboard. I started this blog in November 2007 and yes since that time I tried my best to keep posting articles on this blog. On the other hand, I found myself guilty again this afternoon. You know why? because I ate a lot again. I am quite afraid that I can't reduce the excess weight I have. Would you think that quick weight loss or any diet supplement can help me with it? I hope I can find a better way for a good diet plan. I also need to discipline myself about good eating habit. I am starting all over again. What a bad habit of me!

Let's Go Shopping

Every weekend, we receive flyers and catalogues about different grocery products that are on special sale for the next week. I find this very good because I can write down grocery items that we need and are cheaper compared to its regular price. This is also one way of saving money when going for grocery shopping. Why I will buy expensive items when there are ones on sale.

Shopping tip for today; list all the grocery items you need for the week. When possible try to look on flyers if those items are on sale. For sure you will save some bucks.

Here is a sample of this flyer.
I don't know what came to my mine but I just took an image of this flyer.


Good morning! Yes, it is morning now! I did not noticed the passing of time. That is probably the reason why I am getting very tired and sleepy now. I am simply exhausted after having a very long trip today after visiting as friend. I just remember that I saw a lotion in my friend's bathroom that says, "cocoa butter and stretch marks". It further says that it help slowly remove stretch marks after giving birth. One reason why we also visited a friend this weekend, it's because she is pregnant now and I am very happy for her! More updates to come later! It seems that I am having again a busy week! Have a wonderful week ahead! Goodnight folks!

Blue Sky, The Tower and the Tulips

I wish to have this weather again this week. It has been raining again the past days. It is also currently raining outside. I miss the sunshine and the blue sky. I hope to have to soon!

Here is an image with the Blue Sky, The Tower and the Tulips from our garden. I took this image last month.

Crack on my Windshield

I finally brought my car to the Auto repair shop last Monday owned by hubby's twin sister. I had a crack on my car's windshield since last year and finally had the chance to have it repaired this week. We are very happy to know that we will not be paying any amount for the repair because we have a comprehensive insurance for my car. The money that we thought we will be paying for the repair might be used in other things like buying a pronexin this time for my sister. I am happy to pick-up again my car this afternoon when hubby will be home from his work to drive me to the car shop. That is the advantage of having a car insurance because you don't have to worry too much when emergencies like this will happen.

My World in Birmingham, England

I am quite late again with this meme. but I would always say, "better late than never". It seems that I am having a busy life always both online and offline. This picture was taken near the fountain located in front of Birmingham's Council House. This is also called in particular in Victoria Square. have fun watching the picture here!

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What a Girl Wants

Is the title of my post here also a title of a song? I can't exactly remember it right now. My question is, what does a girl really wants? I believed some would say wealth, fame and beautiful face and body. Am I right folks? If you have to ask me, I would answer health, happiness and peace of mind. These are always my priorities. Lastly, for you girls who have problems about acne, you can try using the best acne face wash. I believed you and me always wanted to have beautiful faces all the time! Thus, having face maintenance is quite important. Am I right again? I hope yes! I am taking a short break for now. It seems that a little sunshine is outside right now. Have a great day!

Yellow Narcissus in Our Garden

I don't have the desire to go online and do blogging for some days. I am feeling always tired due to some work at home and doing some errands. I am quite having a headache at this moment. That is also the reason why I am quite late with my memes. I apologize for that. I am finally sharing these beautiful Narcissus from our garden. They are gone now but I am happy that I kept some pictures from them. I took this image last month. Did you see some red lights from my car and the red tulips too? Have a great day to all!
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Comments in Facebook

This is quite personal but I just want to share it with you. How are you doing folks? I hope all is just fine with you. Last Sunday I posted in facebook some latest pictures of our sightseeing last weekend. I received comments from my friends telling me that I look bigger now. I felt awkward but it is really true. I guess it is time to look for diet supplements that work. I even go walking yesterday to slowly take away my excess weight. I also did not eat heavy dinner tonight but only eaten an avocado fruit. Sad to say a moment ago, I felt hungry already and start munching chips. It is not really a good idea. I hope to get rid of that bad habit soon. Goodnight folks! more updates in my other blogs.

Tulips from Our Garden and The Castle Tower

What a busy day we had today. I helped hubby again installed three windows today. It is quite dusty because we have to dismantle the old windows to put the new ones. Week by week we are doing it until it is finish. I asked hubby how old those windows are. He said that it is already in the house since he bought the house sometime in the '80s. I was kidding him that maybe it is already a century old. Anyway, I am sharing somes tulips from our little Keukenhof garden and the castle tower that is located just adjacent to our garden. An honor to live near the castle ruins. Have a lovely weekend to all!Feel free to visit and join these wonderful memes; Skywatch Friday,Looking at The Sky Friday, Scenic Sunday and Wordless Wednesday. Thanks to the Authors of these sites for sharing these wonderful memes in the blogosphere.

River of America in Disneyland, California

Midnight is almost here again! I just watched a TV program with hubby an hour ago. I am also quite sleepy now. Before I sign-off let me share first this remembrance photo I took during our cruise in River of America in Disneyland, California. This was taken during our visit last June 2008. I had a lot of fun and memories with my sister, relative and friends here. Thanks guys for all your visit and comments in my blogs. I will see you tomorrow again! take care folks!
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Tulips and the 150th Fire Brigade Anniversary in Neumarkt

Hello everyone! Weekend is almost over in Europe again! I hope you are having a great one. I always try to have a wonderful weekend with my hubby. Despite of the busy schedule of my husband we still find time to be together and go out to see places and festivals to have fun. This weekend is another great one. Without further adieu, here are the photos for my favorite memes.

The first one was taken from our garden today. Some tulips are still alive until now but a lot were already gone. The second image was taken during the 150th Anniversary of Feuerwehr or Fire Brigade in Neumarkt, a district in Upper Palatinate, Bavaria, Germany. That was a great celebration with a very festive parade this afternoon. I guess that is all for now. Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.
tulips from our garden. I took this photo today.

parade during the 150th Anniversary of Fire Brigade in Neumarkt.
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Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany

A little bit gray sky but the weather can't stop the people from celebrating the biggest festival in the world, the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. This photo was taken during our second visit to this fair last October 2009. This is a dream came true for me and I believed that I am lucky to witness it. Amazing German celebration!
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Sad News from HB's Relative

Good morning folks! It seems that the sky is still crying right now. I decided not to work in our garden today because of the rainy weather. I need sunshine now because it is getting cold again since the past two weeks. Back to my main topic. About a week ago, hubby received a call from one of his relatives telling him that another relative is not getting good right now. The doctor said that they can't do anything anymore with his sickness. I am not so sure if it is like a mesothelioma prognosis but since we are living in an industrial country, sickness like this cannot be avoided. The doctor said that only miracle can save my husband's relative. The cancerous cells are already scattered around his body. I asked HB what kind of cancer does his relative has but he also don't know the real story. Things like this is really very difficult to accept especially to the immediate family of the victim. Hubby said that he is on his 50's and he is really a very …

Tulips for Mothers Day

Congratulations to all Mothers! This post is especially for you! I hope that you are having a great celebration of Mothers Day! Once again I would like to say thank you to my dear Mother for being the greatest Mother of all! God bless all of you! Here are some tulips fresh from our garden!

Happy Mothers Day!
these are the tulip flowers from our garden. I took this pictures yesterday. Oh how I love these flowers too!
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Good One for Hubby

Hubby went last month to the doctor because he was complaining for the pain on his knee. The doctor wrote a prescription and I went immediately to the drug store. I was shock because the 20 tablet pack cost around 45.00 Euros. It is very expensive. I thought the health insurance will pay for it but they won't due to some reasons. I ask the pharmacist if the medicine has some side effects. She explains it to me and I decided not to buy it because of a lot of side effects and second it is very expensive. I also ask her what can be the alternative for my husband to take to get rid of his pain on the knee. The pharmacist said that hubby can take vitamins especially magnesium. He can also take multi-vitamins when he want. To make the story short, we ended up buying a bottle of magnesium vitamin for hubby to take. He said that he is feeling very better now with his knee compared to last month. I guess it is time for me to take vitamins also. How about you?

Congratulation to all Mothers!

Motherhood is priced
Of God, at price no man may dare
To lessen or misunderstand.

~Helen Hunt Jackson

Have a wonderful celebration
of Mothers' Day.
This day is a special one for you!
God bless all Mothers around the world!
Special thanks to the great Mother of the world, our dear Mama Rosa! Thanks for everything! We love you and God bless you always!

Sis Has Skin Problem

Weekend is here again. We are currently having a chaos in the house. Hubby is starting to put our new windows. He is starting right now in our bedroom. Here I am sitting in front of my computer. He only called me when he needs help. Anyway, my other sister is still having problem with her face. Her acne is still not getting better. She needs the best acne treatment right now. She had been to a dermatologist in the Philippines but the creams and medicines that the skin doctor had prescribed to her is still not effective. I hope she can get rid of her acne problem soon. More updates in my other blogs. happy weekend everyone!

The Road Sign

I am quite tired today after having not quite a good sleep last night. I am having a pain in my shoulder again. I also woke-up so early this morning. Normally during weekend, I wake-up around 10:00 am because I stay awake the whole night watching TV or surfing in the net. I am just showing a road sign here as we are passing-by Sinsheim going to Kaiserlautern in Germany. More updates in my other blogs!
You also see the sign with the nearest gasoline station, restaurant and toilet for disable persons. THis was taken last year in March 2009.

Good News for My Friend

I received an unexpected call tonight while I was in the bathroom taking my shower. It was a call from a friend telling me that our other friend is pregnant. I called that friend of mine tonight to congratulate her but it seems that they are not at their house at the moment I am calling her. I am so happy for her. I will call her again tomorrow again. I guess it is time to slowly sign-off. Midnight is almost here and it seems that I don't have much time to read about hydroxycut review. I have to wake-up early tomorrow because I will be helping HB to install our new windows. Goodnight folks! happy weekend to all!

Looking at The Sky in Windsor Castle, England

How I wish that I can see again the sky in Windsor Castle in England. All I have now are memories and photographs that always reminds me about my three weeks vacation in England last 2008. It was truly full of excitement and adventure I had with friends whom I had visited there. Don't you know that Windsor Castle is the biggest occupied castle in the world? Yes, it is! Here is a picture I took during my visit last November 2008.
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Happy For A Friend

It's TGIF again! I hope you are having a great Friday! I just and some fun with my hubby some minutes ago telling him story about myself. I am also happy after hearing from a friend last month that she finally got married. I saw some wedding decorations during the nuptial ceremony in her FB profile. See how these social medias help us see our friends from around the world. To my friend Aileen B., I wish you a happy and wonderful start of new life. God bless you and your husband!

Hoover Dam in Nevada, USA

Good day folks! It seems that yesterday was April but we are all now in the month of May. It is currently raining in our place which make the weather a bit cold. My garden is happy again to have some fresh rainwater. I am not happy because the snails are also eating the leaves of my plants and flowers. I just can't stop them. I hope to go to the garden center this week to stop these snails.

Here are two pictures I took from Hoover Dam taken during my vacation to the United States two years ago. This is an amazing work of engineering and architecture! Respect to the engineers, workers, planners and supporters of this huge dam.
Hoover Dam, once known as Boulder Dam, is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between the U.S. states of Arizona and Nevada. When completed in 1936, it was both the world's largest hydroelectric power generating station and the world's largest concrete structure. It was surpassed in both these …

Bank Transaction

Hello everyone! How are you doing? I hope you are all doing good out there. I am fine despite of the rainy days we had the past days until now. I went to Parsberg for some important transactions. First, I went to the bank to pay some insurance bills and also pick-up some money for grocery shopping and for sending to the Philippines for the continuous house project we have right now. I felt sad because Euros has a very low conversion rate right now. That was quite a busy day yesterday which is also the reason why I was not able to stay online so long and search for good insurance quotes. HB is planning to get another private life insurance when he can find a cheap one. I hope he can find a good one again. Just like today, I am also happy because I accomplished some things even just simple ones. I believed that simple things are sometimes the ones that truly make us happy. Agree folks? I hope so!

Capodimonte Flowers and Tulips Too

Happy Monday everyone! I know I am quite late with some of my memes but I am still catching. I only want to share my capodimonte flowers but decided to also share some tulips. Weekend had been busy for us attending festivals nearby. It was a great one after seeing friends also. Here are my pictures for my memes below.
tulips from our garden..some are slowly dying now.

some of my capodimonte collections from Italy.

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