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A Very Sad True Story and a Prayer for My Friend

I was shocked today after I read the message in my friendster inbox. The message is from my sister's friend who is also my friend and like a little sister to me. The message which was sent yesterday says like this ;

Date: 09/29/2008 11:19 am
Subject: just to let u know...
hi ate rubz,
just to let u know ate grace passed away last aug. 9, 2008. nanaginip man gudkosaiya last night telling me for not informing u. sorry po!


I just read it today and I didn't realized that tears were already fulling from my eyes after reading it. My chest is even harden until now after I read again another message coming from her sister, the reasons why she passed. I just can't imagine and ask why???? My friend's name is Grace. She had been a very good friend of mine in College days. I am also very close to her family back in Midsayap. She was my former classmate and I really treasured the friendship we had. Grace is really one in a million!! This post i…

Blog Stats ..Google PR Update

I guess Big G updated blogsites PR again. It is quite frustrating but this blog turn its Page rank from 2 to 0..Now so good but that happens sometimes. I am also giving you a little update about the statistics of this blog.

Google PR: 0
Alexa: 501,932
technorati: 448 (this is quite strange because before this was 666, then turned to more that 500 and then now..see that)
Yahoo backlinks: 21,167 (base on My pagerank)
Google backlinks: 232

I guess that's all the important Blogstats I can shre to you!! have a great Monday!!

Furnitures and More

I went last Saturday with a friend to one of biggest furniture store which is around one and half hours drive. I was looking for some sort of any furniture. Actually, I really don't know exactly what to buy but I found some very good deals of furniture. I ended up buying a side drawer. I love its style and color. We also found a lot of furniture with different designs, colors, styles and prices too. I was fascinated with the modern furniture and some contemporary styles also. We might be planning to buy some furniture once my husband will be done with the whole renovation of our small house. Hopefully in a year or two.

Nowadays you can already find a lot of house furniture and fixture in the internet. There are a lot of online furniture stores where you can find the right furniture that fit for your taste and need. Germans are known for its durable and stable products and workmanship. It is actually known around the world. When you say "Made in Germany"…

Fun in Oktobefest in Munich, Germany

inside one of the beer tents in Oktoberfest..there are a lot of beer tents here!! I already forgot where is this exactly because we went to a lot of beer tents experience!! thanks to dear hubby for the photos!!
I was finally in Oktoberfest for the first time. I hope to share more experience I had there..but now I just don't have enough time.. I have to prepare for my stuffs in going to Prague tomorrow and need to go to sleep early..Just visit my other sites for more photos and updates!!

have a great weekend to all!! take care everyone!! see yah on Sunday!!

wanna buy some!! hmmm...delicious lebkuchen herzen...Lebkuchen is a Bavarian specialty.....some sort of a husband normally bake this during Christmas it ..yummmy!!
inside the famous Hofbrauhaus in Munich, Germany.... after eating lunch never forget to strike a pose with the musicians...see that big trumpet!!! mag bayuok tingali ko ug akoy muhuyop ana!!! wink!!

Beautiful Face

My husband noticed last time that I had a lot of big pimples again in my face. I was also mad about it because these pimples was bleeding sometimes. I guess the bad word acne is attacking me again. I immediately put some acne treatment. Now it is very better but there are still some left in my face. Acne, the enemy of young people especially the women looks very bad on the face. Take a look at Acne Cures Revealed. They have some good acne products there. Feel happy with that beautiful face!!

My Lunch in the Oktoberfest in Munich

Did you see that food above?..Oh well that was my lunch yesterday in the famous and historical Hofbrauhaus in Munich. It is called Puten Snitzel with Noodle with tomato sauce. My husband ordered his own food too. But where are our appetizers?? Honestly I forgot to order it because I was really very hungry at that time. I believed taking lunch around 3PM is already very late. What do you think? The most important thing, I had my lunch in this famous restaurant and beer house in Munich. I had a lot of fun yesterday in the Oktoberfest. For more updates, please visit my other sites..I will be posting more photos there!! have a great evening to all!!

the menu book of the famous Hofbrauhaus in Munich..

Success..Success and More Success

I would like to say that I am successful in my own way. I might not be materially or financially successful but I have other success story to tell. If you might be reading my other sites, you might be able to know what kind of success do I have. But I guess it really does not matter to you since you really don't know me personally. So let me just tell you another success story.

Have you heard about Nouveau Riche Scam? It is my first time to hear about it anyway. But Nouveau Riche is not a new word to me anymore. Again if you might be reading my posts you will also know what really Nouveau Riche is. Actually it is a French which means "New Rich". It simply referred to people who came from poverty and became rich.

Let's go back to Nouveau Riche Scam topic. I believed that scam about Nouveau Riche are not true. In fact, there are a lot of people who became successful and shared their story on how they achieved their dreams and goals.

Do you consid…

Online Shop for LED Lights!!

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Family Contact

Our little paradise in the Philippines...really miss it and my family too!!!

I am happy to hear about my family today..Thanks to the power of internet that we can talk freely to our family back home...Special thanks to yahoo's special services the yahoo messenger...I only talked with my sisters and brother in Cebu City. I hope to call my beloved parents this week too in the province of Cebu....and yes..I truly miss home!! hope to spend a vacation there as soon as possible!!! good night...have to sign of now!!

I'm So Happy!!

Just letting you know that I am very happy and thankful today!!! Please visit my other sites for more updates!!! See you tomorrow guys!! need to sign off now!! take care everyone!!

Want Some Funny Tshirts

I just remembered my two months vacation in the United States especially spending most of my time in Las Vegas. That was last May and June of this year. I can't forgot the fun and memories I had in that city. One day my sister showed me a red t'shirt that was given by her friend. The red tshirt had a printing in front that says "All Men Are Idiot, I Married Their King". What a funny Tshirt!!! Actually that lady who gave that tshirt to my sister was divorced once and wanted to divorce again her second husband. I guess that's the reason why she bought that tshirt. My sister's husband in Las Vegas wanted to throw away that funny Tshirt for reasons I don't exactly know. Is there something hidden on the funny words there??? That's why my bro-in-law wanted to throw it away??? In fact I told my sister not to throw it away. That's one of my favorite color which is red and the texture of the cloth is really of good quality. I want t…

What A Tiring Day!!

How are you guys and all friends out there!! I slept so bad last night. I guess its because of some back pain again...What's happening to me if not Migraine, I am being attack by back pains...Autumn time is almost coming. Yesterday afternoon as I went walking with my husband, some leaves of the trees are already turning to yellow. Our wild grapes in our garden are even getting red now.. The weather is getting cold now..I keep on sneezing at the moment and I just felt so tired the whole day. I went a bit grocery shopping. I also went with a friend to Moebelhof, a furniture store that also sells home decors and accessories. I told myself, I won't go shopping anymore...but since I saw items on sale again...hmm.spent again some euros!! I guess it's not too bad since I really had a good deal!!

I hope that the sun will still shine in the next days...i guess it is recharging me when I always see sunshine..or only a sign that i miss home!!! I believed so!! have a great …

Wordless Wednesday- Camel

photo taken by Euroangel during the Tillyfest in Breitenbrunn

I Need A Pill

I was really feeling bad again today. I had again my migraine attack. I am not really happy because instead of doing a lot of household chores and some blogging, I stayed in bed almost the whole day. Thanks to the Migraine pill, I took I am feeling very better now. How about talking about diet pills!! Do you need one to take away those extra pounds you have. This might be the solution to your overweight problems. Just be sure you are taking the right one that is tested and proven. Diet Pills are everywhere and I hope that you will find the right one..Try to click!!

See you tomorrow again!! take care everyone!!

Not A So Good day Having Migraine

I am fighting today with my migraine. I just lay down in bed the whole day. I want to do a lot of things but couldn't do it. The weather is changing very fast in our place in Germany. It is getting cold again especially in the state of Bavaria. No wonder because autumn time is almost coming. I don't exactly know if my migraine is caused by the fast changing weather. I guess so!! The whole day I was suffering with migraine. I could feel the pain only on the left side of my head. My left eye wanted to get out from where it is. I can't open my eyes because if I do so, I feel like vomiting. Oh yes, I vomit three times today due to severe pain. I thought the first time I vomited the pain will be gone like what happened during my previous attacks but it didn't. After the third time I vomited, I felt very hungry because what I ate during lunch time were all gone. I told my husband tonight to cook a noodle soup for me. I really don't feel like eating…

Beautiful Sunday Visiting Tillyfest in Breitenbrunn

showing how the people dressed and lived during the older times..this is how the Tillyfest is all about....remembering the older times!!

photo by Euroangel
participants of the Tillyfest in Breitenbrunn, Germany

I already woke-up so late today..Imagine waking up 11:30 AM. It is Sunday anyway and that's how we spend our weekend, sleeping to the max. Actually I can't sleep good last night. I spent reading a travel book until 3:00 AM and that's the reason why I woke-up so late. I immediately warmed-up the Schweinebraten (baked pork) I made yesterday. I put my home-made sauce in the baked pork and it really taste so good. It is one of my favorite German food. After we ate our lunch at 1:30 PM, we immediately got ready and headed to Breitenbrunn to witness the Tillyfest. The parade started at 2:00 P.M. and it started already as we arrived there. It is the first time, I watched the parade in this celebration which is always held here in Breitenbrunn every Septemb…

It's raining Again!!

How's your day guys!! hope its fine!! It's raining again in our place today. The weather is getting cold again..My friend just called me. I have to get ready to go to Nuernberg. I have been looking for "daing" or "bulad", as in dried fish and bagoong too since last month..The Asia store in Regensburg don't have good ones...Hopefully I can have it today in the Asia Store in Nuernberg.....
I might have again a little shopping escapade there....

Enjoy your weekend!! bye bye...see you later folks!!

Upgrading MY PC

I have sometimes a problem with my computer. Sometimes it is just processing so slow even my local area connection speed is already 100 Mbps. I don't know exactly what is the problem..or maybe my computer is already old. It might also be that my computer memory is almost full. I don't know but my sister who is an IT specialist told me that my computer memory might be full which results to slow speed. She mentioned to buy memory for my computer. Buy are selling memory for computer. I will see if I can get one.. I guess $40.00 till $100.00 is not too bad compared to buying a new PC..What do you think?? see you tomorrow again!! Have a stress-free weekend!!

What Happened to My Technorati

I just noticed yesterday that my technorati authority went down. I don't know exactly what happened. As far as I can remember in the month of May, my technorati authority was 666. Last month, it went down to 565. Yesterday it became 463. Do you have any idea?? As far as I know, the more you keep posting articles in your site, you will increase your technorati authority but why mine keeps on decreasing. I hope to found out next time why this is happening. Anyway, I better share about fat burner reviews. Any idea what is the best fat burner?? I just read the best fat burners at Do you need more informations, then browse their site!! have fun!!

Remembering the Pain in 9/11

Do you remember what happened this day seven years ago in America. I could still remember when I watched in the TV and listen to the news on the 9/11 attacks. One of the most tragic happenings in the world history. Just tonight, I am watching while writing this post a documentary film about the 9/11 attacks. You can't really believe how and why it happened?? What mystery how these attacks were planned?? What are really the motives?? Who really planned for these attacks?? Is it the terrorist or just some individuals who are after for the money??

There are lots of opinions, theories, hypothesis and even conclusions that these horrible attacks were planned before. With regards to my own opinion; Are the 9/11 attacks due to some political and money motives??

I can only say, there are no secrets that can't be revealed..Truth will come out in due time!! I hope and pray that the poor victims will find justice and may they rest in peace!! Let's keep hopi…

Wordless Wednesday

from a forwarded email
happy Wednesday!!

Stay at Home and have fun!!

AS I was in Las Vegas last May and June of this year, I also visited lots of Casinos there. I am even playing it just for fun. Sometimes I lose sometimes I win..I guess that's really gambling unless maybe you have the luck then you might win big prices. In fact, one lady won last time in Ballys Hotel and Casino, I always go in this hotel because my cousin is also performing there as singer.

Now, I am back in Europe and in my place there are no casinos. I am even thinking to play Online Casinos but I don't have credit card to pay for it. USA online casinos such as USA Players Welcome offers list of Top casinos where you can play online casino. They accept US players from any state in America. If you want to have fun at home, visit their site now!! Enjoy playing!! I wish you too a great day today!!

Feeling Bored at Home?

I never feel bored at home. There are just lots of things to do like cleaning, gardening, internet surfing, blogging and many many more!! Sorry I just can't enumerate everything here..How about you??Do you feel bored at home?? How about playing Casinos?? I know lots of people love to play casino. Now is the time that you can entertain yourself if you are lazy to go out and have fun!! Online casinos are now available in internet. In fact Free Casinos will provide you free listings of all casinos online. They even give you the ones that give the best pay-out, free bonuses and even free casino guide!!

Choose any Casino game online at Free Casinos!!! Don't forget to bookmark their site for easy tracking!! have fun and Good luck!! wait a minute...I miss playing casino too!! just remembering the vacation I had in Las Vegas last time!!

I'm Feeling Bad Today

It's not really a good Sunday for me today. I woke-up with a very bad headache and also got some stomach cramps...well I am having now my monthly visitor that's why all these pains are coming out. As I stand up to go to the bathroom, I fall down because of dizziness. Until now I am still feeling a bit dizzy but not so bad like this morning. I even lose my appetite to eat. As I felt better this afternoon I ate some Snitzel. Snitzel is a German food which is a sort of breaded meat like the Americans.

Before I forgot, let me ask you a question? have you tried receiving some calls from anonymous callers. Just this week, I got a call from a private number. She said if I want to enter into lottery because they are having a promo that time. I told her sorry I am not interested. She was angry after I told her that and hang-up the phone. What a rude telemarketer!! I was really upset. I just hope that there is a so-called reverse phone search service here in Germany, s…

Fight with MY Monthly Visitor!!

I always have a fight with my monthly visitor. If not having a migraine, I have a dysmennorhea or cramps. It is not really good. I hear some stories that if you give birth, it will be gone..well, I was never pregnant..In short, I still don't have child. If given that blessing, I will accept it..If not, I will still live my life happily. Short break, did you know that Manolo Blahniks is now available online at Marissa Collections?? Take a look because international shipping is also available!! I'm shopping again!! have a great weekend!! hope you enjoy life to the fullest too!!

High Prices..High Inflation rate

I went shopping for grocery today. I just noticed that prices are really getting high compared to last year. What's happening to the world now??? I guess economy all over the world is getting bad!! Everytime I also go shopping for grocery, I usually take a look on the gas prices. Today super unleaded cost 1.479 euros per liter. That's the one I am using for my car. As far as I can remember, 5 years ago , the price was only around .79 cents euros!!! This is almost double now!!! amazing high prices. ...In fact, the first week I arrived from the United States, gas prices went up until 1.529 euros per liter. That was in July.

and what happen to the salary???? I never heard that the salary get doubled or even have an increase of around 25% of the gross monthly salary!!! really amazing high prices of goods and commodities now!! very bad indication of inflation !! Europe is a very nice place but living here is quite expensive!!

That's only a little update for today!! ple…

Women Love Shopping

Do you agree with me that most women love shopping?? I did not say all but most!! Shopping can be a sickness but if you have the cash/money to buy, I guess it is okey. The problem is that when you don't have the cash and tend to pay it in credit..Not a good idea!! I bought last time a magnetic bracelet. I read an article last year that magnetic bracelets are helpful especially to some sickness like muscle pain, headaches, back pain, tendonitis and a lot more. As I saw some magnetic bracelet that are on sale I bought a lot and send it to my family in the Philippines. Why not give it a try!! Magnet Jewelry Store is the best place to look for it!!

Take care everyone!! Stay healthy and happy all the time!!

Beware of Internet Fraud and Scam mails

There are lots of scams in the internet today. Some of these scammers will send you mails which says that you win a lottery, or they are looking for the relatives of dead persons who leave millions of money, they will also simply say like the letter below or any other forms of frauds or scam mails. Please if you happened to receive such mails they are all fraud and they just want your money.

The email below which I received today is a scam. if you also receive such mails, please don't entertain them and immediately put it in you spam mails. I even don't know these persons and they call me dear!!!ngeekkk...nakakapanindig balahibo!!! kakadiri to the bones!!

Below is the body of the scam email..


Good Day My Dear

It is our pleasure to contact you for a business venture which i and my sister intend to establish in your country. Though we have not meet you before but we believed,one has to risk confiding in succeed sometimes in life.My name is…

Wordless Wednesday

Please visit my other WW post in my other blogs for more effects of this photo!! have a great day to all!!

I can Jump

I can jump high!!photo taken yesterday as I went walking with my husband in our beautiful town in Hohenfels..I love this place due to its scenery around. The hills and and the green surroundings add beauty too!! That's how I appreciate the beauty of nature!!

Have a great and blessed day to all!!

Birthday Party

the gifts of Renate, my husband's cousin who had her 60th birthday yesterday Aug. 31, 2008....mind those birthday cards, they have something valuable in it!!
Happy Birthday Renate..wish you all the best in life and more birthdays to come!!

We attended yesterday the birthday of my husband's cousin in Nuernberg. That was a great day seeing again the relatives of my husband. We don't usually see each other unless there are parties or gatherings like birthday, wedding and the like.

I could still remember in January 2006 wherein I met the first time most of the the relatives of my husband and I could not still speak German. Nobody talks to me except for some relatives who speaks English. Now they wondered that I already speak very good German....that's according to them..wink!!

I'm also happy about it. Since I studied German language last Nov. 2006 until April 2007, passed the exam and now have my German citizenship, I am already happy about it.

I just wish eve…