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Hairpieces for Hair Loss

Hair loss can be devastating. Whether you lose some or all of your hair, it can be hard to deal with the realities of a changed appearance. Adding in hairpieces and wearing wigs can boost your confidence and give you back the tresses you have always loved. There are hairpieces for all hair loss situations and finding one is a simple process.

Thinning Hair

If you have thinning hair, adding in hairpieces can give you fullness and body. These hairpieces come in a variety of textures, styles and colors. You can find curly hairpieces to add fullness at the crown of your head or long flowing locks to add length. Add in darker pieces to make your hair look even fuller. When it comes to thinning hair, extensions can do wonders for your look.

Summer Sale is Going On, the Perfect Time to Go Shopping!

When my friends in Australia are having winter season at the moment, we are currently enjoying  summer season.  It depends on what corner of the globe   you are now and I am glad that summer is still here.   Isn't it the best time of the year? You don't need to wear heavy winter clothes and other winter accessories but only light clothing.

Summer sale is also going on in our  area. It actually started last month and I know that I am already late in posting this. The girls quickly decided to go the the nearest shopping mall just to look around. Oh well, you know  how ladies are. If they find something nice and  affordable stuffs especially for those who are cheap shoppers like me,  who are only  buying now cheap  items specifically clothing  that are on sale, why not? Of  course, I am also looking for quality when buying an item. If price and quality are available and also considering the needs,  I always ended up shopping somethings.

We went to Donau Einkaufszentrum (literally…

Choosing Artistic Cosmetics and Makeup Accessories

Women who like to wear cosmetics often want their makeup to look flawless and beautiful. Because mass produced brushes and stencils often lack the quality that women want, they may want to invest in an airbrush makeup kit that lets them apply their cosmetics to their satisfaction. This kit also lets them avoid common makeup mistakes that could mar their appearances.

Women who are not used to applying foundation, for example, often risk ruining their appearances by not blending their colors well enough. They forget to blend their necks and jawlines, letting others know that these ladies are wearing foundations that perhaps are not best suited for their skin tones. However, with an airbrush, ladies can blend their colors better and avoid the obvious mistakes of having bare skin that is uncovered. Outsiders will not know that these women are wearing foundation.

The same kit can help women blend their eye shadow better. When women use small brushes, they sometimes risk their colors bleedi…

Perfect Dress On Your Memorable Wedding Day

Entering a new life called marriage can be a tough decision. There are so many things to plan and consider including the venue of the wedding, the people who will be invited, who will act as bridesmaids, printing of invitations, wedding memorabilia and most of all the wedding dress that the bride will be wearing.

Most of the times, the bride always decides what kind of wedding dress she will be wearing and that of the bridesmaids. She will surely look for ideas on how her dress will look like. She will consider the style, the texture, the color and the ceremonial importance of her wedding dress.

One of the advantages of today's brides is that they already have so many choices and options on what dresses to wear. Another advantage is, the presence of computer and internet simply makes everything very easy and convenient. For example at DressFirst, you can many ideas about wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and other accessories that you need in your special day. You can actually h…

My New Hiking Gadget

I went grocery shopping last week. This store where In always go to buy groceries has special items every week. In fact twice a week, every Monday and Thursday special products are offered from clothing to kitchen stuffs, garden tools and accessories, bedding and more. I did not found junonia plus size hiking pants but they have some hiking shoes and pants last week. I ended up buying a new hiking shoes because of its cheap price and quality. It is also very comfortable to my feet. I already tried wearing it last week and it is a good choice indeed.

When the weather gets better this week, I will surely go walking wearing my new  hiking shoes. I simply love it!

Visit to the ENT Doctor

I really don't have an appointment with the doctor last Monday. I just accompanied a friend and her daughter who had an appointment with ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) doctor, called in German language are HNO (Hals, Nase und Ohren) Arzt. My friend brought me with her to help her translate if ever she cannot understand any German words. That is the problem here in Germany because not all doctors can speak English. I had the same problem five years ago since I don't speak and understand German during those times.I really had a difficulty with communication.

That was a perfect timing last Monday and I am thankful that I accompanied my friend. Its been a long time since I wanted to visit the ENT doctor due to some problems with my left ear. Sometimes, I hear some annoying sounds inside it. The doctor checked it quickly and he said that there is this so-called negative pressure in my left ear. I don't have an appointment that time, so the doctor advised me to have an ap…

I Love My Dolce & Gabbana from KaDeWe

I really did not plan to go shopping when I had a trip to Berlin last month. Since I had the chance to go around KeDeWe, one of the famous department store in Berlin, I ended up shopping. Actually they had a winter sale that time and most of their branded items are on sale. I had a good deal with a Dolce & Gabbana bag. I love the bag because it is perfect for a traveler like me. I can put all the stuffs that I need when traveling. It cost me a little fortune but I am happy and contented with it.

the famous KaDeWe in Berlin. It stands for Kaufhaus des Westens, called in English as "Department Store of the West". I was there!

Perfect Gift Ideas for Women

Women always love something unique and lovable especially during special occasion. Whether it is a wedding anniversary, birthday, Mother's day, Valentine's Day, Christmas day or simply because you want to give something as thanksgiving to your wife, girlfriend or best friend, there are always perfect gifts to give them. You can also find plentiful gift guides online for you to determine what is the most appropriate and delightful presents you can give.

Here are some of the wonderful gift ideas you can give to women;


I believed I can't deny this, that most women love Jewellery as gift especially during special occasion. Women out there, raise your hand if you don't agree with me! I heard this a lot of times from my fellow women friends that they always wanted something that will last for years and even for a lifetime. In short, Jewellery is one of the best gift to give to women.

Perfumes and Fragrances

I once attended a party and I asked so…

Precious Stones

I guess this is one of the favorite topics of women. When talking about precious stones, also called as gemstones like the diamond, the ruby, emerald or sapphire, I believed that most women always wanted to have it. Have you heard about tanzanite rings? Tanzanite is also considered as a precious stone. It is a blue/purple variety of the mineral zoisite which was discovered in the Mererani Hills of Northern Tanzania in 1967, according to wikipedia. This week, I also watched over a German television about a gemstone called Alexandrite. It is also a very expensive precious stone but I believed diamond is more expensive.

I guess these gemstones are also a good form of investment. Agree with me ladies?

Pustules on my Chin

One, two, three and four, these are exactly the pustules that I saw last night on my chin. I guess, I am eating again too much oily foods the past days. This is the result when I eat fatty foods. Now, I am having acne on chin. I immediately applied some acne cream last night. This cream was prescribed by my dermatologists since 2004 when I had a worst attack of this skin problem. Until now, you can still see evidences left by those acne. I still have some scars left on my face. That is also the reason why I am still continuing the use of a cream that removes scars. Again, another prescribed cream from my dermatologists. I am thankful that the scars are slowly gone now. If you are having acne problems right now, don't hesitate to visit your skin doctor for proper medication.

I am finally bidding goodbye online. I have to go to sleep now. There are still chores and errands that I need to do early tomorrow. Have a lovely week to all!

Girls Talk

Good afternoon folks! How is your weekend? I should be nowhere today but I just felt so tired. I also have a lot of things to do online and offline. I did not even had the chance to go walking with hubby this afternoon because I need to finish some tasks.

So what's up with the girls' talk? I had the chance to see some friends this week and as usual there are always a lot of topics we talked about. From cooking to gardening, travel and I believed women's most favorite like shopping and beauty topics. Speaking of beauty subject, I am planning to color my hair for a new look and hair style. One friend mentioned that it seems I need a shampoo for thinning hair because I have a sort of thick hair. I guess it is not a bad idea. She also said that she know how to apply colors on the hair. That is quite a good idea. I don't need to go to a beauty shop. It also means saving some bucks. I already bought a hair color a month ago but I just don't have t…

Brown is Beautiful!

This is a personal story which I am going to share today. When I worked before in one of the biggest bank in the Philippines, some of my colleagues would ask me if I need a whitening for my skin. I just smiled and always told them, "I love my complexion and brown is beautiful". Most of Filipino women always wanted to have a fair complexion. Unlike with the women here in Europe especially in Germany, they always wanted to have a brown or tan complexion. Some are even buying the best tanning lotions or they go to the so-called Sun Studio to make their skin darker. During summer time, I even see some neighbors lying under the heat of the sun just to get a tan skin. Sometimes, I am afraid of them getting a skin cancer because too much heat of the ultra-violet rays coming from the sun. Now that I am in Europe, I enjoyed much my skin color because a lot of Europeans dream to have this natural skin complexion.

What is Xeroderma?

I am quite confused about the difference between eczema and xeroderma. My question is; Is eczema a form of xeroderma? I know somebody who has a problem about xeroderma. I don't know but everytime I see her, her skin is always dry from arm to feet and even her scalp is also very dry. In fact she has also a dandruff. I am wondering if she is using a lotion or moisturizer to get rid of dry skin problem also known as xeroderma. I know she has the money to buy a lotion but it seems that she is too frugal to spent for her personal needs.

Skin problems like eczema can sometimes be very difficult. An immediate visit to the dermatologist to have a treatment of eczema is always recommended. Continue reading below for more information about Xeroderma.

Xeroderma, literally meaning "dry skin", is a condition involving the integumentary system, which in most cases can safely be treated with emollients and/or moisturizers. Xeroderma occurs most commonly on the scalp…

Time for Swimming

Good evening folks! It seems that another TGIF is coming. I am just done with watching TV in our room. If hubby did not tell me to turn it off, I might be watching TV until now. I don't want to watch TV alone in the living room. What the latest? The right summer time is here. It is time to go swimming in the pool. I am still waiting for a friend to call me so that we can go together. I guess my swimsuits don't fit me anymore. I need the best fatburners to lose excess pounds. I just did not notice that I gained some kilos again last winter time. I just knew it when I tried to fit some summer clothes the past two months. I felt bad again about myself. I am still trying to lose some excess fat. Enjoy your TGIF folks!

Women Need to Know This

I just read this morning in yahoo news that there is some sort of gene that keeps people stay and live for longer years. This is a study made by some scientists somewhere in the United States. I am looking for that article but it seems that I can't find it right now. To all fellow women and maybe men out there, I believed that the hot summer season is here. I would suggest that you better wear sun blocks everytime you go out from your house. Sunburns can lead to skin cancer as we all know. For those women who want to avoid fast aging signs like wrinkles especially on their face, I would suggest that you search about prototype 37c. It is said that this is a top product for wrinkle treatment. It is also said that it is better than botox. I am quite excited with this information. It means that I might prevent having wrinkles if I am already on my forty's or fifty'!


Good morning! Yes, it is morning now! I did not noticed the passing of time. That is probably the reason why I am getting very tired and sleepy now. I am simply exhausted after having a very long trip today after visiting as friend. I just remember that I saw a lotion in my friend's bathroom that says, "cocoa butter and stretch marks". It further says that it help slowly remove stretch marks after giving birth. One reason why we also visited a friend this weekend, it's because she is pregnant now and I am very happy for her! More updates to come later! It seems that I am having again a busy week! Have a wonderful week ahead! Goodnight folks!

What a Girl Wants

Is the title of my post here also a title of a song? I can't exactly remember it right now. My question is, what does a girl really wants? I believed some would say wealth, fame and beautiful face and body. Am I right folks? If you have to ask me, I would answer health, happiness and peace of mind. These are always my priorities. Lastly, for you girls who have problems about acne, you can try using the best acne face wash. I believed you and me always wanted to have beautiful faces all the time! Thus, having face maintenance is quite important. Am I right again? I hope yes! I am taking a short break for now. It seems that a little sunshine is outside right now. Have a great day!

I Am Pregnant

It's another TGIF again. I checked my facebook account this morning and was surprised with other friends post on my wall. Yesterday, I posted that I will be driving to the doctor. One friend commented and asked if I am pregnant. Yes or no? Not really it was a false alarm. I guess I still need to lose some pounds and might take the best weight loss supplements if any other things won't work out. How I also wish that I will get pregnant soon. That would be one of the greatest blessings in one's life especially for women who want to be a mother. On the other hand, I am also thinking that if I have a kid already, I can't no longer travel anytime and anywhere I want. Whatever comes on my way, I believed it is God's will and there is always a reason for it. Cheers and enjoy the coming weekend!

Got a Bad Stomach

I don't know what's happening to my stomach now. I am thinking what had I eaten at dinner time that I always need to go for a personal necessity. I guess you know what I mean. I remember some friends of mine who are drinking a sort of tea to help them go to the toilet. What is happening to me now is strange. I know I probably need diet supplements to lose some weight but not like this that I need to go five times to the toilet in five hours. I only ate a cookie and had two glasses of milk as dinner. I don't usually drink milk in the evening but I don't know what came to my mind that I drunk two glasses tonight. I am not so sure if it is exactly the cause of my LBM or "loose bowel movement". I hope this will get better soon. See you later guys! The night is getting shorter for me.

It's Time to Go Grocery Shopping!

It's another Monday! First of all I would like to greet all women out there for simply being a woman! Congratulations to all our achievements socially, economically and politically. Today is our day and whatever success we had done in our life, our family and for others, we have to celebrate it today and I hope everyday! Good luck to all of us!

Back to my main topic..I went grocery shopping today. The place where I always go shopping is around fifteen minutes drive from where we live. HB is happy now because I am already back from a long vacation in the Philippines. He don't need to spend extra time to go shopping especially after his work. I got all what we need for the whole week. The picture below is one of the shops where I buy groceries. I hope that you are having a good start of the week!
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