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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Black Women are also Beautiful!

“Sponsored post. All opinions are mine.”
I can't imagine that weekend is almost ending! And yes, it is the last weekend of the January. I am actually getting excited as days pass-by. Any way guys, I hope you are having a wonderful start of the year 2018. So far, I am doing good. The past weeks have been very busy for me and I am thankful that I am back here,  giving you some updates.

Last week at work, my supervisor have been telling stories about his life. He is about to retire. I guess, a year more and he is good to enjoy life to the fullest with no worries at all. He mentioned that he was twice married to black women. The first wife was a black lady but the marriage did not worked-out due to work issues. He was assigned abroad and the wife don't want to go with him. The first marriage only lasted for over a year. Sad to hear about that but sometimes, it can happen  to anyone.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Foot Care and Shoes

Shoes. Everyone has them. Only a few, however, realize their importance. Once considered a luxury, they're now known to be a necessity. Not only do shoes provide their wearers with personality, style, comfort, and functionality, they also protect people's precious feet. Without that protection, our tootsies would be a painful mess. After all, how many people over the age of 20 can comfortably go barefoot all the time without foot problems later on?

  Aldo has a massive selection of shoes for men and women, so you can take care of your feet and look amazing while doing it. We agree that Aldo is one of the best places to shop for your footwear needs.

  But before footwear can look good and function well, our feet must be in good shape. The average person walks around 110,000 miles in a lifetime, so foot care is crucial. To achieve this type of health requires a number of practices.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Groupon Goods Are Awesome Cheap!

I have been compensated for this post with either a sample product and/or payment. All opinions are mine.

Hello folks! I am back from outer space! Oh well, not really! How are you doing  out there? I hope everyone is great with perfect health  and body! I wish to give you more updates  but for the past days there are a lot of home chores that  I need to finish before going back to work. I keep on hoping and praying for my full recovery and glad to know about what the doctor said yesterday.  Hopefully in a week, I can already go back to my normal routine like going to work. I just miss  my colleagues and the fun that I have with them everyday. So please Lord, heal me fully so soon!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Great Discounts Shopping for Home Decors With Groupon Coupons!

I  have been compensated for this post with either a sample product and/or payment. All opinions are mine.

Hello November! How are you guys? How was the Halloween celebration? I hope you had an enjoyable one. Wow, it seems that time is running so fast now. We are already in the second to the last month of 2016. In less than 60 days, Christmas will be here and I bet some of you are already starting to shop for holiday presents especially to your family, loveones, friends or even co-workers. If I am not mistaken, many are getting excited for the holiday season. Right folks?

Don't you know that there is a shopping site where you can save lots of money while doing online shopping? Whether you are searching for electronics, home decors, garden tools, women's accessories, children's apparel, men's clothing, travel gadgets, vacation packages or any of those products and services you need at home, Groupon can help you save money with their so-called Groupon Coupons.

As for me, I am actually searching for home decors. I found Bebe a perfect place to shop for all my home needs. I am currently building my second home and if this will be finished, I surely need some decorations to enhance the beauty of my abode. The good thing  when I will shop at Groupon, I can avail of the various discounts they offer from promo codes, coupon codes, special sales like Black Friday Sales, free shipping and more. I can also check Personal Creations for personalized items like gifts, discounts for email sign-up, and more promos and sales.

There is no other way to avail of great discounts but to shop and save at Groupon. I am loving this site more. Thank you for all the great deals!

If you want to save some bucks while shopping especially for the coming  holiday season, feel free to check Groupon!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cheap Shopping for Electronics at Groupon

 I have been compensated of this post with either a sample product and/or payment. All opinions are mine.

The sun is shining brightly outside. It is such a beautiful day! It seems like a perfect day to go somewhere, maybe window shopping or strolling with friends in the city. I even got an invitation from a friend today to have lunch with her. Sad to say, I cannot go  since I am not really feeling well for almost a week now. I hope and pray that I will be feeling perfectly good again and back to my normal health.

 Good thing  to know, life is never boring now especially with the advent of modern technology like computers and internet. One thing you can do is browse online and go shopping. This is what I am doing the past days, window shopping at home. I actually need a new laptop. My favorite laptop broke down anymore when I updated it to Windows 10. According to my colleague, it is not really advisable to do an update or upgrade to your laptop. Whatever system it came, let it be. I regret it when I updated it, when in fact, it is still working good.

Anyway, I am still thankful because there are a lot of online shopping stores that offers huge discounts on many products. I also found out that Groupon Goods are simply awesome! While searching for a laptop in their site, I found out that most or maybe all of their products in this electronic category  offer huge discounts.  That would mean a lot of savings for a  cheap shopper like me. Their laptop deals are enormous that I am now  confuse of what laptop to buy. lol..  I still have time to decide. The good thing is, I can shop at the comfort of my home and even have a lot of choices at Groupon.

I am loving this site especially that you don't need to pay for a  membership which means additional savings for our wallet.  Fellow shopaholic, what are you waiting for! Enjoy shopping to us!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Enjoying Your Passion for All Things Boating

When boating is your life, you may want to surround yourself with items that remind you of your time out on the water. You can decorate your home or office with marina-related objects when you shop now online. The online store has a variety of boating decorations that can be put in any room of your home. These items can also also be used to decorate your boat if you prefer. To get an idea of what boating decorations await you on the Internet, you can browse the website at your leisure and find wall hangings, clocks, and more for sale.

While the items could be used in your home, they also serve a practical purpose in keeping you safe on your boat. For example, a proficient sailor must know the temperature and wind direction at all times. You may be unable to rely on your electronic devices like your cell phone and tablet for these readings. You can keep watch of these measurements the old-fashioned way by installing a thermostat and a wing gauge on your boat.

You also want to know what direction you are headed at all times. While you may have sophisticated equipment on board for this purpose, you never know when this equipment will fail. Rather than risk an electrical failure or the weather knocking your directional readings out of whack, you can always tell in what direction you are headed with a compass that you can buy online.

These items can come in handy on your boat. However, they also serve just as well in your home or office. They also recall your passion for boating and heading out onto the water. Along with selecting boat-related decorations, you can also find other boating supplies that you will need for your next excursion. If you want to stay replenished and hydrated while boating, you may invest in some of the snacks, beverages, and supplements found on the website. These food choices allow you to enjoy a flavorful snack until you arrive back at shore. You can also keep your boat in good condition with squeegees, wax, and other maintenance items that will remove debris and keep your boat shiny.

You also want to safeguard your passengers and you at all times. You can find life jackets, fire extinguishers, flares, and more by shopping on this website that is dedicated to boating.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Saving Money While Shopping Online in Southeast Asia

I guess, everybody loves to shop. Whether you are going to the mall or do an online shopping, which I believed brings more convenience and less effort, you can always save money especially when you do the latter. Thanks to our modern technology like computer and internet, life has been so easy now particularly when you love to shop online. To all my friends in Southeast Asia, feel free to check this shopping website called iprice. Check these reasons out!

Saving Money While Doing Online Shopping

Finally, there is iprice who can serve online shoppers in Southeast Asia. At iprice, you can save money when your shop online due to the many deals and promotions they offer from coupons to vouchers or any  items that are  put on discounts. You can save money up  to 80% depending on the items you buy. They also have a list of featured stores that offer goods and products on special discounts and promotions.

Shopping at the Comfort of Your Home

Finally, thru online shopping you can already avoid the stress and hassles of driving to the malls or any shopping outlets. No more catching the bus or train because you can already shop at the comfort of your home. Thanks to computers, smartphones and internet connection, indeed our lives has been so convenient and more comfortable now.

Variety of Products to Choose From

At iprice, you can simply browse the categories for any product you wanted. Whether you are looking for pair of sandals, an external hard drive, shoes, bags, garden tools, home decor, digital camera, all you need to do is browse each category and you can find the item or product you needed. This online shopping site called iprice is simply a one stop shopping destination to any customer, young and old.

Mission Vision of iprice

These group of young professionals from tech geeks to fashionistas and entrepreneurs simply want to create the most delightful online shopping experience for their customers. Their mission aims to create an e-commerce or shopping website that will help customers find all the goods and products they need in one shopping destination, in an intuitive and visual fashion.

The Markets

If you are from any of these countries in Southeast Asia like Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam,  it is  time for you to shop and save at the comfort of your home! Enjoy shopping and don't forget to sign-up in their newsletter to be updated with their daily deals and offers. Cheers!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Present a Professional Image at Work

The way you dress each day sends a message about your professionally – make sure that the message you are sending is the one you want. Are you choosing those pieces that will represent you and your goals most effectively? You can present a professional image every day affordably when you take advantage of tactics such as purchasing cheap dress shirts online.

Gathering the Wardrobe Essentials

As you review your options the night before, or even if you are rummaging around at the last minute, put some effort into creating outfits that are appropriate for your business setting. Of course, you’ll need to begin this process as you purchase items for your wardrobe. Putting together a business/workplace wardrobe can be more affordable with these tips:

Monday, July 7, 2014

Let Some Country Into Your Wardrobe With Western Style Belts

A staple of any wardrobe is a sturdy, stylish, and fun belt. While belts are designed with the purpose of keeping jeans where they are meant to sit, they have come to be a much more diverse aspect of fashion, and sometimes are not quite used for their intended purpose at all. Western belts are particularly distinctive and add a bit of country flair to any outfit, from the chic to the casual.  

Styles of Western Belt

Although many people would instantly recognize a western style belt the moment they saw it, they might not realize just what about the belt makes it “western.” There are in fact, many unique elements that are particular to western clothing, and belts can display one or more of them at a time. Some of the hallmarks of these belts include:
  • Full leather construction with stamped patterns
  • Colorful embroidery or beadwork
  • Large, Concho style buckles
  • Rhinestones patterns or metal studs
  • Carved leather designs
Creating an Outfit With the Belt as the Center

 Although accessories are small aspects of an outfit in terms of size, they make a big impression. Adding the right shoes, handbag, and of course belt to a person’s daily fashion choice completes their look. With the right selection of western belts, help a look to pop for any occasion. For example:
  • Formal – Black and silver are part of a common formal color palette, and a beautifully crafted western belt can make a simple black dress a country gown. Pair this look with large, chandelier earring or plenty of sparkling jewelry to emphasize the face and neck.
  • Work attire – A solid selection of dressy belts is the perfect way to compliment almost any work wardrobe. A blouse and simple skirt plus a brown belt with plenty of bling adds a simple kind of country charm to a work outfit, as long as the company dress code is semi-casual.
  • Casual wear – There is no better combination than a great fitting pair of jeans and a favorite western belt. A simple stamped pattern is discrete and playful at the same time so that an everyday look gets a little something special too.
  • Special occasion – Dressing for a party or night on the town is a ritual many women would love to shorten, which is why having some great belts is essential. Add a fancy belt to a boring outfit for a great look on the fly, or add a little extra pizzazz to a new dress or romper with a stylish western belt.
For the highest quality belts, look online for products that are truly Western made by American craftsmen.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Perfect Dress On Your Memorable Wedding Day

Entering a new life called marriage can be a tough decision. There are so many things to plan and consider including the venue of the wedding, the people who will be invited, who will act as bridesmaids, printing of invitations, wedding memorabilia and most of all the wedding dress that the bride will be wearing.

Most of the times, the bride always decides what kind of wedding dress she will be wearing and that of the bridesmaids. She will surely look for ideas on how her dress will look like. She will consider the style, the texture, the color and the ceremonial importance of her wedding dress.

One of the advantages of today's brides is that they already have so many choices and options on what dresses to wear. Another advantage is, the presence of computer and internet simply makes everything very easy and convenient. For example at DressFirst, you can many ideas about wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and other accessories that you need in your special day. You can actually have myriads of choices in this site.

When you know exactly the type of gown that is perfect for your taste and style, one of the great place to shop is through the internet. Shopping online for your occasional gown is indeed very easy nowadays. You can choose your style, color and can even customized your wedding gown.

The site I mentioned above also offer various dresses for special occasions. For example their choices of evening dresses 2013, party dresses, shoes, wedding gowns and all the accessories you need for any special occasion can simply be found in their site.

More on that, you can surely find dresses that will surely fits your style and budget. What else are you looking for? Start to search now for your perfect dress on  your memorable wedding day.   I know for sure, you wanted to look beautiful and natural on your special day!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Friend's Daughter Going to A Ballet Class

I believed this is one thing parents are so proud of, when their children have some talents and they want to improve it. I remember a good friend who sent  her daughter to a ballet class. That was so many years ago. I guess, 8 years ago. For parents who are looking for ballet clothing or to those who are planning to give presents to their kids or friend's daughters, you can find  ballet recital gifts here. This is one thing that is of advantage to everyone. You can already find and shop online with all the things you need.

I hope I can meet my friend again before they will leave Europe. Have a nice week  folks!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shopping For Travel Gadgets

I guess somebody is travelling again. The past two weeks seemed to be very busy for me. I met new friends who are friends of my friends. Isn't it complicated? I hope not. They are currently having a vacation in Europe. This is also the reason why I keep on travelling the past two weeks because I am their travel escort. I am quite familiar with some cities in Europe and I am  showing some  to them. I am happy travelling with them because  I always have fun. Besides I love it too. Our next destination next week will be Budapest, Hungary. It will be my second visit to this city.

Anyway, back to the main topic. Travelling can sometimes be very expensive. As a frequent traveller, I always need gadgets that I use everytime I travel. The latest one that I bought was a Leather Messenger Bag and a camera bag. I found some cheap ones when I was browsing online last month. Upon seeing it, I immediately ordered it.

Most of the times, travelling can be very easy and comfortable if you are using the right travel gadgets. I always use Cross Body Bags everytime I travel. With these kind of bags, my hands are always free and I can use it in taking pictures. I also find it safer compared to ordinary handbags.

There are still a lot of travel gadgets I need. I still have some good walking shoes but when I will see cheaper ones, I still want to buy a pair or two. I am also looking for Messenger Bags For Women. I want a bigger one where my DSLR camera fits. I am just waiting until the one I saw online will be on sale. Other travel gadgets that I need is a spare battery for my cameras.

I am very thankful that with the use of computer and internet, we can already shop at the comfort of our home. No need to spend gasoline and drive on the traffic. This also means, no more hassles and stress while driving.

If you are searching for travel gadgets, there are lot of shopping sites to look for it. Have fun shopping!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Presents for Baby Christening

There are just a lot of births in our area last year. Three of my friends gave birth. One was already christened last December 2011 but we were not there because we were in a trip to Spain. One is already planning for baby christening. This is also the reason why I am looking for a baby gift basket from I found nice stuffs there which are perfect as presents for baptism. I will buy some once I will be backed home next month. I guess the parents planned to have the baptism sometimes in May this year. I am quite excited about it. Looking for baby presents? There are a lot online and sometimes you are lucky to find cheap ones. Have fun shopping!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Waiting for my Travel Books

While browsing the internet yesterday, I finally found the travel book that I wanted. I browsed first in but the book that I want is not available. I love to read travel books. Everytime I visit a certain place, I see to it that I also buy a travel guide book from that place. I borrowed this book entitled 501 Must-Visit Destinations. Since I love to travel, I find this book helpful because it shares a lot of interesting places to see around the world. I made a mistake of the first order. Instead of buying the book I mentioned above, I also ordered 501 Must-Visit Cities. I ended up ordering another one, the 501 Must-Visit Destinations.

I am quite excited to read about these two books. Hopefully tomorrow, my orders will come. The good thing is, charge no shipping within Germany. I ´save some bucks from it.

Special thanks to my friend Jo for lending me the 501 Must-Visit Destinations. It just inspire me to travel more when finances are available.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Electronics Shopping

I have been shopping online for electronics and gadget since last week. Until now, I can't still decide if I am buying it or not. Hubby was also complaining about our LCD tv. It is not functioning well. He found in the weekly ads this afternoon lcd samsung tvs that are on sale. He also can't decide of buying a new one. We have more priorities about our incoming project. I hope we can start it very soon when the plan is approve. I also hope to decide next week about the gadget that I am planning to order online. I just need it very badly especially for our trip next month. Wish me luck!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Is Almost Here

Good evening guys! It seems that I was not able to give you some updates on this blog for some time now. I am quite busy with a lot of things. Besides that Christmas is almost here, there are also a lot of things to do in the house. Another problem, there is no internet connection in my Mother's province. I am at the internet cafe writing this update.

It seems that Christmas is almost here. Are you ready for the holiday countdown? Are you ready to give your presence to your love ones and friends? If not how about considering Bass Pro Gift Card. Sometimes we are confused what to give as presence. One of the best idea is to give them gift cards. If you still don't have any idea where to get it, you are very welcome to visit Gift Card Mall. You can find all kinds of gift card ideas for all occasions in this site.

Since Christmas is almost here, don't forget to visit Gift Card Mall and also browse Bass Pro Shops to find the perfect gift cards for your family, love ones and friends. I am happy to spend Christmas with my family this time. Take care guys. I wish to give you more updates when time is possible. Have a great weekend too!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Planning to Buy Some Gadgets

I love electronic and gadgets. I love cameras and computers. I just ordered a lens camera this week and still waiting for it to be delivered. I just talked to dear sister in Las Vegas to also buy me a new laptop on Thanksgiving day next week. My friend said that there are a lot of sale items during Thanksgiving celebration in the US. I was even window shopping for flat screen tvs last week. We will see if we can buy a new tv early next year. For now, I just need more finances for my long vacation back home. I am almost flying home. Second, I might be flying to the United States again next year after my vacation back home. Probably, I will just stay in Europe for two weeks and fly to America to attend an important occasion. Have a great day guys! more updates in my other blogs!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good Site for Firefighters

I remember visiting the trade show in Kelheim last month. There were a lot of businesses who participated and introduced their products to the public. The fire department also participated as you can see in the picture I have here. They also presented some equipments they use when fire fighting. I am just curious how much a fire and rescue equipment cost. I mean the gadgets and equipment use by firefighters. Thanks to this site called Comtrex who provide information about it. The site is very easy to navigate and it process very fast. The website is also professionally designed. I guess fire fighters and shoppers would love to visit site like this. Need something for communication and tactical equipments? Go to Comtrex!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Footwear Shopping

August is almost ending. It also means that summer is almost ending in Europe. The Ber months are also almost here. I can't wait to go for vacation to my home country and see my family, relatives and friends once again. I am also looking for more sandals which I can use during the warm weather in the Philippines. I also love the Naot shoes and sandals which I just saw online. I believed these sandals are durable ones because it is made of leather. There is a very nice style that I like most, the Naot Carmen Brass/Platinum leather. I will see if my sister in the United States can buy some for me since she will also go home for vacation. I always love footwear shopping. I will see if Footwearetc. delivers in Europe countries. Have a great evening and a wonderful week ahead.

Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Shopping Time!

I did went shopping yesterday in Regensburg for some things I need in our kitchen. I am looking for some special items like digital cameras, ipods and laptop but most shops there are closed since it was Sunday. I guess shopping online is of great advantage because you can do it anytime at home as long as you have computer and internet connection. I even got interested on satellite radios because I found very cheap ones tonight. I am just not sure if this site ship to Europe. I want to find it out later. I have to bid goodnight for now. I just feel so sleepy right now. I wish everyone a very wonderful week ahead! take care guys!

Black Women are also Beautiful!

“Sponsored post. All opinions are mine.” I can't imagine that weekend is almost ending! And yes, it is the last weekend of the Janu...