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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mailing and Packing Boxes

I accompanied a friend last week because she sent boxes to the US. The boxes were quite huge and heavy so I helped her carry it. At the post office, I saw this lady who was using a very colorful and eye-catching promotional tape measure. I guess she brought it in order to measure the size of her box  for her  to know how much she will be paying for it.  I also saw this young man who had difficulty in packing his big box. Actually,  the stuffs he had in the box was only half the  size of his box.  His friend was laughing at him because he don't know how he can close and tape the box.  I showed to him the tactic how he can pack his huge box. He was thankful after that.

Sometimes people are just making things so difficult when it is so easy to do it. Until next time  again!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Absence in the Blogosphere due to Migraine

Do you have a Migraine? if none, never ever dream from this kind of sickness. It is a terrible one, I tell you. I had again a Migraine last Thursday night until yesterday. I am feeling better last night. Thanks goodness! Now I am kickin' again in the blogosphere..not that much but I am happy to see you here again. Last Friday my migraine went worst because I vomited three times and I felt so tired the whole day. It was really terrible that I want to stay all the time in a dark room with my eyes closed and I don't want to hear any noise even talking to my husband. I want completely a noise-free and light-free environment.

When migraine attacks me, the pain is always in the left side of my head including my left eye. When it is very bad, I always feel that my left eye want to come out. Sometimes after I vomit, I felt better..sometimes not. When it is not too bad, I am only taking pain killers like Ibuprofen before it get worst. Sometimes it works sometimes not. When this happened, I am forced to take migraine tablets but sometimes it also doesn't work. The best remedy when I am totally run out of energy is to have an injection in our house doctor.

I can't give you an exact cause for a migraine, my doctor can't even explained it to me. I had already undergone CT scan twice and I am happy that they found nothing in it. Is it because of hormonal problems, changing of weather? I can tell you sometimes when I smell cigarette smokes, my migraine triggers or when I have my monthly visitor. To give you some information about migraine, I consulted my dear friend online, have fun reading! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

What is Migraine?

Migraine is a neurological syndrome characterized by altered bodily perceptions, headaches, and nausea. Physiologically, the migraine headache is a neurological condition more common to women than to men. Etymologically, the French word migraine derives from the Greek hemicrania (half skull) and the Old English megrim (severe headache).

The typical migraine headache is unilateral and pulsating, lasting from 4 to 72 hours; symptoms include nausea, vomiting, photophobia (increased sensitivity to bright light), and hyperacusis (increased sensitivity to noise); approximately one third of people who suffer migraine headache perceive an aura — visual, olfactory — announcing the headache.

(featuring Initial treatment is with analgesics for the head-ache, an anti-emetic for the nausea, and the avoidance of triggering conditions. The cause of migraine headache is unknown; the accepted theory is a disorder of the serotonergic control system, as PET scan has demonstrated the aura coincides with diffusion of cortical depression consequent to increased blood flow (up to 300% greater than baseline). There are migraine headache variants, some originate in the brainstemintercellular transport dysfunction of calcium and potassium ions) and some are genetically disposed. Studies of twins indicate a 60 to 65 per cent genetic influence upon their developing propensity to migraine headache. Moreover, fluctuating hormone levels indicate a migraine relation: 75 percent of adult patients are women, although migraine affects approximately equal numbers of prepubescent boys and girls; propensity to migraine headache is known to disappear during pregnancy.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Suffering in Silence

Happy Sunday! This did not happened today. I mean "my suffering in silence" happened last Wednesday as I had again a very bad migraine. It was so bad that I vomited and really felt very dizzy. I tried to relax in a dark room and want to to go to sleep to forget the pain but I just can't do it due to severe pain on the left side of my head. It was really very bad. I took some migraine pills but sometimes it has no effect anymore. Last year, I also had very bad migraine that my husband drove me to our house doctor to give some shot or injection. These were the worst migraine attack that I had. You can be very happy if you don't have like this. Never even dream to have it.

I did had some shoulder pains too last week and the past days got some slight headache. I don't exactly know if this is the effect of the changing of the weather now or maybe everytime I have my monthly visitor. You know what I mean ladies..Even now, I am having a slight headache but not so bad. I am hoping that this migraine will never attack me anymore..

Just visit my other homes for more updates..Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! take care everyone!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Good Start of the Month

Hello everyone! The first day of the month of March is almost over. how did you spend your day? I just stayed at home and did some household chores and talked to my family back home. I also had a nice conversation with a friend. I would say it is a good start of the month. I also talked to my husband about the planned trip to Paris by month-end. I am still waiting for the approval of my husband's vacation leave so that the trip to Paris, France will push through. I also can't wait to see my friend in Ramstein, a place near Kaiserslautern. From Kaiserslautern will be the starting place to hop in a bus to Paris..I am quite excited to see the "Romantic city" for the first time!

So guys, it is midnight least I had accomplished some simple things today which also made me happy and probably some friends and my family too!! I believed it is a good start of the month. I wish you all a nice week ahead..take care everyone..God bless us all!! will give you more updates next time!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

It is TGIF Again!

Thank God it's Friday!! For all those who don't need to work during the weekend, this is usually what they say!! It's TGIF! and I believed they are happy when Friday comes..but for me it really doesn't matter but of course I am happy too because my husband don't work this weekend!..

How was your day my friends? Hope all went fine! I am quite tired today in spite I really did not do a lot of things. I guess it is normal when sometimes we just feel like that. anyway, I have a lot of things to share and talk in my blogs but sometimes I just don't have enough time. At least I am sharing some ideas, thoughts, opinions and of course my personal experiences sometimes. I am just happy everytime I can do that. This is especially true if I can share some photos of my escapades. I hope you are enjoying it too. If I can't update this blog, just feel free to visit me in my other sites!! I will be very glad to see you there! have a great evening guys!! take care and have a great and blessed weekend!! Tschuss!! Machts gut!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Birthday Party

the gifts of Renate, my husband's cousin who had her 60th birthday yesterday Aug. 31, 2008....mind those birthday cards, they have something valuable in it!!
Happy Birthday Renate..wish you all the best in life and more birthdays to come!!

We attended yesterday the birthday of my husband's cousin in Nuernberg. That was a great day seeing again the relatives of my husband. We don't usually see each other unless there are parties or gatherings like birthday, wedding and the like.

I could still remember in January 2006 wherein I met the first time most of the the relatives of my husband and I could not still speak German. Nobody talks to me except for some relatives who speaks English. Now they wondered that I already speak very good German....that's according to them..wink!!

I'm also happy about it. Since I studied German language last Nov. 2006 until April 2007, passed the exam and now have my German citizenship, I am already happy about it.

I just wish everybody a very nice day today since it is the first day of September!! hope this month will be a better start for everyone!! just keep praying and hoping for everything you ask for!!

bye for now!! please visit my other sites for more updates!! thanks in advance!!
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the table arrangement in Ramada Hotel in Nuernberg. that was quite great!!...I had a glass of Red wine yesterday!! what I love most are that orchid flowers on the middle of the tab;e..They are very beautiful!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

What happen to friendster

I just received a friend's request in friendster. If I already click the "add friend" notification email, you can't see anything when you are redirected to friendster's site!!! What's up friendster!!.. Just a few months ago, I was wondering because all of my public photos were gone..well, it is already back now... I don't know exactly what's happening to friendster all the time...are they just updating their system??? or what!!

Anyway, even that happened sometimes, I still want to thank friendster for meeting my friends, classmates, relatives and even my family through it...In short, through friendster I can connect with them and see their photos and also meet new friends!! Still an appreciation to friendster!!

have a great weekend in advance...I just have to do a lot of things today...see yah later!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Sunday

bridge over peaceful water in Hohenfels

Not that much things happened today. I already woke-up around 12 noon ..drunk my cup of green tea..and cooked some food for lunch. the afternoon I went walking with my husband..we talked some things especially during our last vacation in the Philippines. He also love it there and might want to retire over there. I still don't know what will happen in the future but always hoping and praying for the best. Germany is also a very nice and beautiful place but only very cold in the winter time. we see what's gonna happen..My Sunday is a very nice one as usual!! hope you have the same!!!

the very beautiful nature and scenery in our Gemeinde (municipality)..
this is where we usually go walking..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Most Important Law in Germany

I just want to share one of the most important Law in Germany. I believed this is good to share especially to those persons who live in Germany whether you are a German citizen or not. In my own opinion, as long as you live in this country, you must also respect and follow the German Laws especially the basic ones.

As I made my German Oath of Citizenship, I was given a Book entitled "Grundgesetz für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland". This means in English "The Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany".
I am specifically sharing below Basic Right which is stated in page 111 of this Book.

The first basic law of Germany is this;


Artikel 1

(1) Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar. Sie zu achten und zu schützen ist Verpflichtung aller staatlichen Gewalt.

Below is the translation of this right in English;

I. Basic Rights

Article 1 [Human dignity]

(1) Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all state authority.

I believed this law is very clear stating that we must respect the honour and dignity of a person. Not doing so will violate the above basic law. I believed, it is not only Germany who have this kind of law but all countries around the world who believed in the rights and protection of its people. Even Philippines have the same basic law.

For those who cannot stop their tongues in telling other people's life and affair especially by not telling the truth and does damages the personality of a certain person, You don't have the right to do that especially if you really don't know that person. "makakarma din kayo or baka dumating na nga ang karma sa inyo". You don't have the right to destroy other people's life.

So please "LEARN TO HOLD YOUR TONGUE ABOUT THE LIFE AND AFFAIR OF OTHERS UNLESS YOUR DUTY OBLIGE YOU TO SPEAK". Pero kung magtsitsismis ka naman , please naman yung totoo at purong katotohanan... Huwag yung kasinungalingan!!!

By legal means, the law will oblige you to speak for the Truth. So just be ready to depend for the Truth and don't tell lies!! Truth hurts but it is the only means to set us free. I am not afraid to tell the Truth and I will defend for it especially if my own honour and reputation is at risk. "Hindi ko talaga yan mapapalampas"

"THE BEST DEFENSE IS SIMPLY TRUTH"....I remember this saying that I copied now from one of my friend's website...sorry friend but I need this saying now..leave a message in your tag board to ask for permission!!! thanks!!

I hope what I share here now will serve as a lesson to all especially to those people who don't can hold their tongues. "Kung wala man kayong masabing maganda, itikom na lang ninyo ang mga bunganga nyo lalo't ang sinasabi nyo ay pawang kasinungalingan lang!!!! Pahabol pa, bago kayo magsalita ng kung ano-ano sa ibang tao, tingnan nyo muna ang sarili nyo!!! Perpekto ba kayo????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

have a nice evening to all!!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Some More days in Las Vegas

Time just passed by so quick. Today is already the first of July. It's the middle of the year.. I am almost two motnhs in Las Vegas. I will be back to Germany in a couple of days. For sure, I will miss Vegas and all the beautiful and unforgettable things and experiences that happened to me here. I will never forget all of them.
Las Vegas is really fabulous.. full of fun and excitement!!truly a city of games and entertainment!!

I would like to especially thanks all the people who are with me during my stay here in Las Vegas...Special thanks to the following;

** my beloved sister Raquel and her hubby- thanks a lot for the accommodations and for touring me in Las Vegas....also for the shopping escapades and everything...hehehe...I really have a great time with you!! I will surely miss you all guys!!

** to my dear cousin Ann and her hubby and the whole family-- thanks also for the accommodation and the trip to Disneyland, California and Universal Studio, Hollywood, LA and other places more....For all the fun and escapades that we also had, I really enjoyed all of them..especially for all the Filipino food that you always cooked...special thanks to your hubby and his yummy and delicious food!! Only in Las Vegas!
I will also surely miss the GIGs in your former band...I really have fun watching you singing, dancing and performing esp. in Ballys Hotel!! such a great talent (that runs in our blood..hahaha...joke!!)....

Jonathan and Music Magic band performing at Ballys Hotel and Casino

of course, I enjoyed dancing too with newly met friends, Portia, Grace, Johnny, the lovely Connie and hubby Ernie, the very friendly Ladies in Ballys like Shannon and Mara, Alex who always sings my favorite 'I will Survive' and the whole Jonathan and Music Magic band members like Larry (their very good lead guitarist and also vocalist,) Darryl (the super dooper drummer), Alex's beloved who is the keyboard, Ann (my cousin who is the lead vocalist), of course the Man behind the band, Jonathan and the other two guys whom I forget the name...sorry... your all great guys!! keep up the good work!! also keep the music playing!!

I will be missing all of you once I will be back to Europe!!
Hope to see you next time!!

it's me at Forum Shops in Caesars Palace!! nice shopping here!!
i love this place here!! and now i'm broke..hahaha!!

the beautiful fountain inside Forum Shops!!

I will give you more updates in my other blogs/sites (just look at my side bars), once I will be backed to Germany next week..

To all blogger friends who added me already, I will attend to all of you when I come back to Europe!! thanks for always visiting me here and leaving your footprints, even though I don't have time to visit you!! I really appreciate your time and touched me guys!! keep up the good work!! you're really great!!

see yah!! hope today is a beginning of a great month for everyone!! take care!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Finally Arrived in Las Vegas

Yesterday was my flight from Munich, Germany going to Las Vegas. The day before, that was Friday of course we went to Hohenfel's German American Feast. We had a great evening while seeing some friends there. We went home around 10:00 pm already. As Saturday will be my trip and we have to wake up so early, I tried to go to bed as early as 11:00pm but I couldn't. I just don't know if its because of excitement or maybe because, I was used to go to sleep so late always.

Me and my husband, woke up around 3am yesterday. We drove to Munich around 5:00am to make it sure that we will make it on time for check-in....and we are really very early because my flight was delayed for almost 2 hours...instead of leaving 10:05, Delta airlines leave almost about 12:00 noon time..huh!! so long hours of waiting...there were funny things that happened yesterday..hope to share it with you next time..

Since I have a stop-over at Atlanta International Airport, I have to wait again for almost 4:00 hours there. The trip from Munich to Atlanta was more than 10 hours....I got some muscle pains now because of too much sitting.

Boeing 767 was a huge plane and we really have a pleasant trip. The only bad thing was there was no meal from Atlanta to Las Vegas, so I took my snack in a fastfood in Atlanta Airport..

The trip from Atlanta o Las Vegas was around 4 hours which was not too bad. at that time, I was really feeling so tired. My sister and her husband picked me up in las Vegas Airport. They drove me quick around the city. I was really amazed by the lights on the streets. We headed to Ceasar's Palace and I took my dinner there.

I want to post some pix here but when I click to add pix, its not going..I have to ask my sister later how it works in their laptop...strange!!

I am just very thankful that I had a very nice', safe and sound journey..Thanks to God!!

so to all my friends!! keep reading..i'll update you more next time!!..i just stayed in my sister's house today to have some relaxation!!
bye bye!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Storm Emma:... a Catastophe

Germany and some parts of Europe was hit by Storm Emma for the past days..In Germany it lasted around four days starting Friday with strong wind, rain, thunderstorm and lightnings. Last Saturday was really very bad. As we woke up, you can hear the sound of strong wind and rain outside with the roar of thunder!! really scary!!

I heard in the news that storm Emma brought millions of damages around Germany. Some buildings were destroyed, cars have accident, trees fell down, a lot of areas were flooded and more damages. That was really a catastrophe.

Yesterday, you also don't understand the weather..It was raining, after some time, the sun came out again, then getting cloudy again... such a crazy weather!!! Who is responsible for this anyway?? is it a natural phenomenon???or man has also something to do with it?? It's up to you to judge!!

Today the weather is getting nice again. I woke up and the raise of the sun went in through the blinds of our window. What such a nice day!! I hope that it will remain for the rest of the day!! as of now, I can see again some part of the sky getting clouded..but what can I do??? but to wait again what's going on for the rest of the day!!

Just keep in mind as my husband always told me that, "After the rain and storm, comes always the sunshine".. It always give me hope hearing this!!! I hope for you too!!!

Wish you luck for today!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Searching for Easy Mortgage Quotes???

I have been working before for almost nine years in one of the Top 3 financial institution back in the Philippines. Being rotated to the different positions of the bank, I was also assigned as Loan and Discount Clerk. Not quite an easy job but I like it due to a lot of challenges and diversity in the job. This simply means that I also processed paper works regarding loans. In short, Mortgage is not a new word to me. With regards to this, I also have some knowledge of what are possibly the current market trends regarding loans and Mortgage.

You might already heard about Mortgages or even got one but don't know exactly the meaning of it. A mortgage is a method of using property weather real or personal to use as security for the performance of an obligation, usually the payment of a debt. It is also commonly used to refer to the debt secured by the Mortgage.

If you still want to know more about mortgage you can visit In this site you can learn a lot about mortgages...just like for instance the following;

* What are the kinds or types of mortgages.
* How is interest being computed on the type of a certain mortgage.
* They provide a Mortgage Enquiry for easy computation quotations of your mortgage amount.
* They also have for you current news in relation to financial and economic informations to know what are the current trends regarding Mortgage.

So why made yourself so difficult trying to find about Mortgage when you can have it so easy at They search the whole mortgage market so you can only sit back and relax!!!
Visit their page now for more information!!! Don't forget to get some quotes!!!.

Political Involvement in Germany!!

I finally went voting for the first time in Germany....yes, that was yesterday..It is such a great feeling when you are exercising one of your right and freedom as a citizen to a country where you belong.!! The voting just went smoothly yesterday.

I'm just sad to know that my candidates did not made it to the top..but at least I voted the candidates whom I believed to be the right person for the position. ..just pity that they did not win!! To know more infos about the voting difference between Germany and Philippines, please visit here..

Hope you have a pleasant day today!!!

Friday, February 29, 2008

It's all about Blogging!!

Hallo Leute (a German word which mean Hello people)!!! How it is going!! Time is really running so fast!! today is already the end of the month..Tomorrow is another month!! wow, I can't believed that this blog is already three months old. I enrolled this last November 29, 2007. I wrote my first blog last Nov. 30, '07.

I can still say, Life is a process of learning so is blogging. I admit I still need to learn about the crazy blogging world..yah, it's crazy but it's a lot of fun. Besides that I also met here a lot of wonderful and nice people.

Blogging is my life in cyberspace where I can write anything, about my ideas, thoughts, opinions, insights, outlook and even my own personal experiences. Besides that I really don't have a lot of friends here in Germany, only a few to mention.. so computer and internet and this so called blogging is now a part of my world and daily life. It is one of my bestfriend.

I just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to all people who discover and invented this kind of technology. Thank you very much! I remember in my WWW addict, I wrote something like this; just browse and you will find...anything that matters in this vast Universe is at your you believe in this guys?? I mean with this, is that any infos you need to know or simply anything you want to know in this universe, you can already search for it in the internet...No doubt, I can say, it is my cyber friend!!!

After this blog I also authored some more other blogs..just a total of 8 blogs.. These are the ones that made my days so busy!! a few to mention are the following blogs I authored; so please visit them if you have the chance and time.

WWW addict
* in this blog you can find some informations of just about anything.

My Daily Nourishment
* you can find here bible messages, inspirational quotes and sayings, stories and a lot more..this site serves as my inspirational site when I am down, feeling sad, or just simply be happy!!

Euroangel Graffiti
* this is my photoblog that includes anything that catches my camera. I love to take pictures of anything that I find interesting and nice.

My Euro Travel and Adventure
* my newest blog which is still under construction..this includes the different places I had been too esp. in Europe and probably around the world when given the time and resources. This blog will also provide tips about travelling, some histories of different places, culture and tradition and a lot more about travel and sightseeings.

Simply the Best
* don't forget to mention my Simply the Best..this is a general blog about anything in this world..

I will mention next time here my other blogs once, it is already in a good look besides that they are also under construction..

So guys, please join me in my journey in this blogging world..this blogs also serve as my daily diary of all the things that happens to me everyday!!

Lastly, I would like to extend my grateful thanks to all my dear readers, visitors, commentators, online friends, fellow bloggers and all friends around who always visit me here and join my journey..

Vielen Dank!! Maraming Salamat Po!! Gracias!! Daghang Salamat!! Madamo nga Salamat Gid!! Thank you very much!! Merci!! Gracies!! Arigato.....well if you want to look for Thank you in different languages just visit here.

take care guys!! Wish you in advance a very nice weekend!!!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Water

This story shed my tears...I seldom cry but this one just shed my tears..
it is quite a long story, but really very touching...Please read it too..
I wish everyone a nice weekend!!!!God bless us all!!

It was one of the hottest days of the dry season. We had
not seen rain in almost a month. The crops were dying.
Cows had stopped giving milk. The creeks and streams were
long gone back into the earth. It was a dry season that
would bankrupt several farmers before it was through.

Every day, my husband and his brothers would go about the
arduous process of trying to get water to the fields. Lately
this process had involved taking a truck to the local water
rendering plant and filling it up with water. But severe
rationing had cut everyone off. If we didn't see some rain
soon...we would lose everything.

It was on this day that I learned the true lesson of sharing
and witnessed the only miracle I have seen with my own eyes.
I was in the kitchen making lunch for my husband and his
brothers when I saw my six-year-old son, Billy, walking
toward the woods. He wasn't walking with the usual carefree
abandon of a youth but with a serious purpose. I could only see
his back. He was obviously walking with a great effort
...trying to be as still as possible.

Minutes after he disappeared into the woods, he came running
out again, toward the house. I went back to making sandwiches,
thinking that whatever task he had been doing was completed.
Moments later, however, he was once again walking in that
slow purposeful stride toward the woods.

This activity went on for an hour: walk carefully to the woods,
run back to the house. Finally, I couldn't take it any longer,
and I crept out of the house and followed him on his journey
(being very careful not to be he was obviously doing
important work and didn't need his Mommy checking up on him).

He was cupping both hands in front of him as he walked, being
very careful not to spill the water he held in them...maybe two
or three tablespoons were held in his tiny hands.

I sneaked close as he went into the woods. Branches and thorns
slapped his little face, but he did not try to avoid them.
He had a much higher purpose. As I leaned in to spy on him, I
saw the most amazing site. Several large deer loomed in front
of him.

Billy walked right up to them. I almost screamed for him to get
away. A huge buck with elaborate antlers was dangerously close.
But the buck did not threaten him...he didn't even move as Billy
knelt down. And I saw a tiny fawn lying on the ground,
obviously suffering from dehydration and heat exhaustion, lift
its head with great effort to lap up the water cupped in my
beautiful boy's hands.

When the water was gone, Billy jumped up to run back to the
house and I hid behind a tree. I followed him back to the house
to a spigot that we had shut off the water to.

Billy opened it all the way up and a small trickle began to
creep out. He knelt there, letting the drip slowly fill up his
makeshift "cup," as the sun beat down on his little back.

And it became clear to me. The trouble he had gotten into for
playing with the hose the week before. The lecture he had
received about the importance of not wasting water. The reason
he didn't ask me to help him.

It took almost twenty minutes for the drops to fill his hands.
When he stood up and began the trek back, I was there in front
of him. His little eyes just filled with tears.
"I'm not wasting," was all he said.

As he began his walk, I joined him...with a small pot of water
from the kitchen. I let him tend to the fawn. I stayed away.
It was his job.

I stood on the edge of the woods watching the most beautiful
heart I have ever known working so hard to save another life.
As the tears that rolled down my face began to hit the ground,
they were suddenly joined by other drops...and more drops...and

I looked up at the sky. It was as if God, Himself, was weeping
with pride.

Some will probably say that this was all just a huge
coincidence. That miracles don't really exist. That it was
bound to rain sometime. And I can't argue with that.
............I'm not going to try.

All I can say is that the rain that came that day saved our
farm...just like the actions of one little boy saved another.

This is not one of those crazy chain letters...if you don't
forward it to anyone, nothing bad will happen to you.
If you choose to forward it, you won't receive any riches in the

I don't know if anyone will read this...but I had to send it
out. To honor the memory of my beautiful Billy, who was taken
from me much too soon.... But not before showing me the true
face of God, in a little sunburned body.

~Author Unknown~

Monday, February 18, 2008

Who is in Control??

a very long time forwarded email last 2005 by a friend..
hope we also got a lesson from this story..very touching!!


A man from Norfolk, VA called a local radio station to
share this on Sept 11th, 2001. His Name was Robert
Matthews. These are his words:

"A few weeks before Sept. 11th, my wife and I found
out we were going to have our first child. She
planned a trip out to California to visit her sister.
On our way to the airport, we prayed that God would
grant my wife a safe trip and be with her.
Shortly after I said 'amen,' we both heard a loud pop
and the car shook violently. We had blown out a tire.
I replaced the tire as quickly as I could, but we
still missed her flight. Both very upset, we drove home.

I received a call from my father who was retired NYFD.
He asked what my wife's flight number was, but I
explained that we missed the flight. My father
informed me that her flight was the one that crashed
into the southern tower. I was too shocked to speak.
My father also had more news for me; he was going to
help. 'This is not something I can just sit by for; I
have to do something.'

I was concerned for his safety, of course, but more
because he had never given his life to Christ. After
a brief debate, I knew his mind was made up. Before
he got off of the phone, he said, 'take good care of
my grandchild.' Those were the last words I ever heard
my father say; he died while helping in the rescue effort.

My joy that my prayer of safety for my wife had been
answered quickly became anger. I was angry at God, at
my father, and at myself. I had gone for nearly two years
blaming God for taking my father away. My son would never
know his grandfather, my father had never accepted Christ,
and I never got to say goodbye.

Then something happened. About two months ago, I was
sitting at home with my wife and my son, when there was
a knock on the door. I looked at my wife, but I could tell
she wasn't expecting anyone. I opened the door to a couple
with a small child. The man looked at me and asked if my
father's name was Jake Matthews. I told him it was. He
quickly grabbed my hand and said, 'I never got the chance
to meet your father, but it is an honor to meet his son.'

He explained to me that his wife had worked in the World
Trade Center and had been caught inside after the attack.
She was pregnant and had been caught under debris. He then
explained that my father had been the one to find his wife
and free her.

My eyes welled up with tears as I thought of my father
giving his life for people like this. He then said,
'there is something else you need to know.'His wife then
told me that as my father worked to free her, she talked
to him and lead him to Christ.

I began sobbing at the news. Now I know that when I
get to heaven, my father will be standing beside Jesus
to welcome me, and that this family would be able to
thank him themselves.

When their baby boy was born, they named him Jacob
Matthew in honor of the man who gave his life so
mother and baby could live."

This story should help us to realize two things:
First - that though it has been Four years since the
attacks, we should never let it become a mere tragic
memory. And second - but most important - God is always
in control. We may not see the reason behind things,
and we may never know this side of heaven, but God is
ALWAYS in control.

Please take time to share this amazing story with
those you love. You may never know the impact it may
have on someone. God doesn't call the qualified, He
qualifies the called.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


This post is the continuation of the post I had written last Saturday Feb. 09, entitled

Warning to All Pinays Who Want to Marry Foreigners.

If you read this post you might know then what I am talking to now. ....sorry just don't find time to write it immediately...So last Friday, we finally escaped or let say I helped Ana escape from her misery (is that really misery..just can't find the exact word now, but i guess so).....I already bought our train ticket to go to a certain place here in Bavaria, the state where I also presently live..

I also prepared a travelling bag full of clothes and the basic things she need like bath soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush and a lot more (thanks also to my pinay neighbor who contributed clothes) . She don't have anything with here that day except for a pack bag full of books which she use in the German language course. Her husband stayed at home all the time and if he will see her with a big bag, he might not able to escape. Besides that Ana, said that her husband really don't want to work now. He had his one toe operated last time so he can have a sick leave and don't can go to work. Her husband also told her that he really don't want to work and only want to stay at home watching TV while smoking and drinking.

Ana said that she have a wonderful mother-in-law, whom she help sometimes in the household chores like washing the clothes, grocery shopping and cleaning the house. The money that her Mother-in-law gave to her, she use it for buying bus ticket so she can go to the school. She said that her husband never gave her money. I even saw her wallet without any money except for family pictures.

During the plan escape, I met here in the school where she usually attended... Last Friday was also her last day in the German language course. I waited for her in the school office while she is bidding goodbye to her classmates. All of her classmates there are also foreigners just like her. Some even gave their phone numbers so when she need some help, they might help her too.

I also really appreciate her teachers (who were also my teachers before) who helped her. The secretary of the school also gave here some money aside from the small amount I gave her which she can really use because she even don't have a single centavo....what really a pitiful situation...

On our way to the train station, we were very careful that day because Ana said that her husband will go to the Post office and the post office is near the train station...we're playing like hide and seek because we had to stay to the place where it is not so visible to a lot of people.

Finally we arrived to the place where we also met another Filipina who will finally helped her with all what she need esp. the house where she will be staying temporarily. I thought, once I handed her to this Filipina, I am over since I also want to go walking around the city. But the other Filipina told me that I can go with her so I have an idea too, what's the next thing to happen...

That was really a good idea so I will also know where she will be staying..Until all the paper works were processed for the house where Ana will be temporarily staying, we also showed to her the grocery store where she can buy food and other stuffs she need. Yesterday, the other Filipina also helped her to process the different government offices who will help her situation besides that she also need a translator because she still don't speak good German and her English is also not so good.

I hope that yesterday was a successful day for them as they went to the different government offices. I knew there's a lot of paper works to do... but at least what is important now is that Ana is safe and her coming baby too...also wanted to contact her in the next few days..

It is just a very nice feeling when you help somebody esp. saving their lives....a help that don't expect for any return but simply want to help...a help that comes from the heart!!..what a wonderful feeling!! do you feel the same way???or do you help only somebody because you are expecting for a return..I hope not!!!

wish everyone a nice Monday!!! God bless us all!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Talking and Listening

This story from Kyregma just touched me. This is regarding talking and listening. This always happens in our daily life. We utter thousands of words everyday. Everyday we talk and talk, but my question is??Are we also listening???

I might not be a good listener but I tried my best to listen to somebody who is talking to me, especially if that somebody have some good thoughts, ideas, opinions or informations which I can be used. I admit, I also I argue especially if the things or matter which I believed and knew is true and reliable and worthy of arguing.

I can respect other persons' opinions, ideas or beliefs even if it doesn't confirm with what is right and correct. Besides that's how he/she believed in it. Honestly speaking, the only thing I don't like is when you are sharing or giving the right opinion or advise to a person esp. based on your experience and still that person argued and even don't believe on you. It's really quite frustrating especially if you hear the same story again and the person seems don't want to listen.

Some people can be good talkers but not good listeners. Some can be good listeners but not good talkers. Some can be both. Which one you belong too???

Here is the story below, hope we can get some lessons from it. I already have some. How about you???


He also told them, “Take care what you hear. The measure with which you measure will be measured out to you, and still more will be given to you...” – Mark 4:24

I have a friend named Danny. When he talks, people listen. Once he steps up to the podium, people are suddenly silent. He has this presence and personality that makes you want to hear what he’s going to say. He’s also very humble, and I believe He’s truly anointed. He’s a fantastic leader. I believed these were the reasons why people responded to him. But his theory was much simpler.

I told him once, “Bro, when you talk, people listen.” He answered, “I believe it’s because I also listen when people talk. It comes back to you.”

Basic principle. What you give, you receive in the same measure. What I realized then and there was that, too often, I myself do not give my full attention when someone is speaking. I was convicted, especially after recalling all the times when I felt people didn’t listen to me. And that’s happened a lot.

It’s the same with time and effort. What we put into our relationships is what we will receive. I’ve failed occasionally in this area as well. But I know that there’s always hope for improvement.

My resolution? Give more.

sharing by: George Gabriel

Are you getting little? How much do you give?

Lord, You gave all of Yourself. Help me to be more generous.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wake-Up Call

I always get-up in the morning by wake-up calls. Last Monday, I woke up by a friend's call... Tuesday by a telephone advertisement call.. Wednesday by my own alarm since I had an appointment with my dentist. Today, I woke-up by my friend from VHS Neumarkt who called me around 8:00 am.

I am very happy to wake-up everyday, facing my day to day tasks and activities. For all those who wake me up by their calls, thank you very much. I am thankful to God that I always wake up everyday, healthy and have the chance to face again the daily challenges in life.

Today's call was different because it is regarding a person who needs help very badly. My friend in VHS explain to me about it and I am also willing to help whatever help I can give. It is always a very wonderful feeling when you help someone especially help and support that comes from the heart without asking for any return. I also really admired the extra effort, help and support extended by VHS team to all Integrations Course participants.

I really appreciate the excellent jobs that the VHS Neumarkt are extending to the Integrations Course students or participants not only with helping them to learn German language, its culture and history but also any personal help they can offer.

I already witnessed and experienced the excellent service provided by VHS Neumarkt as I was also a participant before in the German Integrations Course.

I would advise Auslaenders or Foreigners who want to take the Integration Course to visit Volkhochschule (VHS) Neumarkt at Gartenstrasse 1, 92318 Neumarkt or contact them at tel.# 09181-25950 or write them at You can also visit their homepage here.

To all VHS Team especially to Ms. Claudia Z., Mr. Rainer H. and to my previous teachers...KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

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