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Computer Security

I have  a blogger friend whose site was hacked last week. Sometimes, thing like this can be very scary. You spend time and do hard effort in your blog and it will just  disappear in the web. Good to know that her webmaster was able to fix it. She was so happy after that.

If you own a computer, you must see to it that have an anti-virus installed in it. The ESET Endpoint Security information for example are providing software security solutions for your computers. Hubby's laptop for example has three anti-virus programs installed in it. The disadvantage is, it is slowly processing now. We are trying to decide which anti-virus to retain in it. I already have an idea.

Upgrading MY PC

I have sometimes a problem with my computer. Sometimes it is just processing so slow even my local area connection speed is already 100 Mbps. I don't know exactly what is the problem..or maybe my computer is already old. It might also be that my computer memory is almost full. I don't know but my sister who is an IT specialist told me that my computer memory might be full which results to slow speed. She mentioned to buy memory for my computer. Buy are selling memory for computer. I will see if I can get one.. I guess $40.00 till $100.00 is not too bad compared to buying a new PC..What do you think?? see you tomorrow again!! Have a stress-free weekend!!

Windows XP going off market in June

I just happened to read this today in yahoo tech news. I just want to share it with you especially to those who use Windows XP..well that's what I am also using now until I will buy a new PC next time. here is the news!!
Windows XP going off market in June: What it means
Mon Apr 14, 2008 5:28PM EDT
Microsoft originally announced over a year ago that Windows XP would be going off the market in January 2008. XP was later given a brief stay of execution, to June 30, 2008. That deadline is fast approaching, which has led to much panicking from people who aren't quite sure what XP's "going off market" means, exactly.
People are still as confused as ever. So let's take a stab at clarifying, once again, what's going to happen by answering some frequently asked questions about XP's imminent disappearance.
Will Windows XP really no longer be on sale after June 30? Sorry for the double negative, but no. All this means is that Microsoft will stop selling the OS.…