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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm so Happy today!!!!

I woke up so early this morning. I usually wake up late, since 7:00 am here in Germany is still dark especially during winter time. Besides that, I always go to sleep late already. Not that because, I stay too long in the computer but sometimes doing somethings like scrapbooking or just simply reading or watching TV.

Around 8:15 this morning, the telephone rang. I heard a very familiar voice. That was the official from the Landratsamt or Embassy here in our province. She said that my "Einbuergerungsurkunde (German citizenship certificate) is already there. I was really surprised. She ask me, when can I have time to get the certificate. Having been surprised, I told her that I will pick it up the next day. Then, we said goodbye.

I realized that the next day, I have to do some cooking since my friend will be visiting me. So immediately, I dialled the Official's number that I want to pick it up today before noon time. I am also really planning to buy some stuff/gifts for Christmas. I am just very lucky that she is very accommodating, friendly and really nice.

So I have to get hurry, since I have to drive around 45 minutes in going there. I was really very excited and was really very happy. Finally, I made it. I am just very thankful for these Government officials who helped me during the paper works. I am finally a European citizen now. This is my greatest gift in this Christmas season.

Lastly, I am very thankful to God who always knows what's best for me and the one who plans for my life. I also want to express my gratitude for ever loving and supportive husband. The only thing, I can say is that, although I am a German citizen now, I am and will always be proud that I am still a Filipino.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I'm a European citizen now!!!

I'm just happy since I already have an approved German citizenship. After a lot of paper works that I processed for the citizenship, it is finally over now. But guess what??? the Regierungsamt or Government body here in Bavaria will not give me a German certificate, ID or passport unless I have a certification from the Philippine Embassy that I surrendered my Philippine passport. In Germany, dual citizenship is not allowed by law. Sad to say, that I have to surrender my original Filipino citizenship. But I am telling you guys, I am still a true Filipino. I can't deny that.

The Philippine embassy also confiscated my cancelled passport. I requested for it, but they did not give it back to me. I need to make an appointment to the Landratsamt ( District administration office) for the ceremony or giving of my German certificate. After that, I can then apply for a German ID, then a German passport. Finally in the coming weeks, I am a certified German citizen. Of course, I am still proud being a Filipino. I will tell you next time.....why I did this????Keep in touch!!!

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