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Thursday, November 29, 2012

It's Snowing in Bavaria

Perfect timing! My car  has its  winter tires on now! This is one a must-to-do before snow comes. This morning when I woke-up and looked at the window, the surroundings are already white.  Snow is already here! It was a combination of snow and rain and really good for driving.

I should go for grocery shopping today but cancelled it  due to the bad weather. I  might go tomorrow. If it is not really very important, I always avoid driving and going elsewhere. Continuous snowing is not really good. Good things is, the roads and highways in Germany are being cleaned from time to time by government workers who are assigned in road repair and maintenance.

I guess this is the time to hibernate...Oh well, I still have a lot of things to do offline. I hope I can finish most of it tomorrow.  Besides, I need to put my Christmas decors on.

Snow in Bavaria, Germany.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Four Seasons In A Day

Four Seasons In A Day, this is how I call it when we have a crazy weather in a day....rain... sunshine...rain...shine..rain...shine...rain...shine....I can't exactly remember who many times it did happened today. I am very sure that it happened more than five times. This kind of weather in Germany sometimes drives me crazy. You can't do anything outside because it's wet and cold. The worst thing is, I get headache when the weather is like this. I even turned on the heater until now because it gets cold inside the house. The only creatures that are happy during this weather are the plants and flowers in our garden. I see them growing good everyday. Their blooms make my heart smiling. Despite this four seasons weather in a day, some creatures are happy. I guess I'm happy too! Have a lovely week ahead!

the flowers in our garden last summer 2010.

Monday, February 21, 2011

No More Snow Please

Honestly, I don't need snow anymore. The snow especially last December was already too much. I am just happy that the weather is getting better. I mean, not snowing anymore from the past weeks. Some places in Germany are still experiencing snow but not in our place.

Here is one of the images I took the other week.

I was driving back home when I took this image. I miss the warm weather now. We had sunshine when this photo was taken but the weather was still cold that time.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Excited for the Spring Time

We had a bit crazy weather today. Sometimes in the day, the sun shines, the rain pours and the sky turns from gray to clear and from clear to gray. In other parts of Bavaria, Germany there was rain and snow. I don't know but I guess this is a typical spring weather. I heard over the radio that spring will officially start in Bavaria this coming weekend. I am quite excited for the coming of spring time. I can finally go walking again because it is not so cold anymore. I believed that walking is a natural fat burner and is also good for our joints, muscles and body as a whole. I can't wait to see also the plants and the flowers in our garden to grow and bloom again. Spring is almost here! It is another beautiful season of the year!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Crazy Weather Again!!!

Good morning my friends!!! hope everyone is doing fine!!

I really hate to say this but I have to.. I just woke-up a little bit earlier (8am, this is early for me) today to do my weekly chores, go grocery shopping. Sad to say, when I looked up outside my window the snow keeps on falling down so hard..Until now it is coming worse..I hate to drive in this weather especially if the street is full of snow and still not clean- up..I just looked at my tag-boards and saw a lot of messages..

Thanks a lot for visiting my humble abode..I really appreciate it!! For those who requested to exchange links, I will try to add first those who added me already as soon as possible today..Really thank you guys for always visiting me here...I am really happy...I will try to visit you back as soon as possible today..

I just have some important things to do first then I will attend to all of you.

Anyway for those who voted for me in SalasWildthoughts..I really appreciate your help and support. Thank you very much. Win or not, all your support are really appreciated.

Wish you all a very nice day!! God bless us all!!

Snow is falling so hard now!!

I don't like this weather esp. if I drive!!..neighbor's house

this street now is already flooded with snow as the snow still keep on pouring hard till now

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Funny, Crazy Weather in Germany!!!

Could you imagine what weather we just have now???...I am surprised that it is snowing quick outside. Now comes the sunshine again. Last night was snowing. I thought we already have a spring time.. This morning as we woke up, the sun was shining very nice..Later around noon time, the sky went gray and dark..Now in the afternoon, the sun shines again...My gosh, it was just snowing..And now the snow was gone replaced by sunshine!!

What a funny, crazy weather we have in Germany esp. in the state of Bavaria. Is this something to do with what man do to the environment?? Now the sky turned clear blue again..That's why I mentioned before never trust the weather in Germany..As now the sun slowly disappear again!!! really crazy!! Sometimes we even have the 4 seasons in a day...spring, summer, autumn, and winter...what else do you want???

I believed this is the cause of my migraine??? What do you think experts?? Please give me your opinion!! appreciate it!!! Take care everyone!!

as I am ending writing this blog, the sun goes out again!!!! wheeeewwww!! what a crazy day!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What A Crazy Weather!!

Did I mentioned yesterday about the storm in Germany for the past days..right?? and I also said that I will wait what's going on for the rest of the day?? well, yesterday we had again a crazy weather. In the morning sunshine was there. As I went shopping in Burglengenfeld in the afternoon, I was caught by snow. Then comes the rain later. What a crazy weather. We even have 3 seasons in a day sometimes; sunny, rainy and snow time..

Just an honest advice to everybody who want to come to Germany especially in the state of Bavaria, just don't trust the weather. Always bring with you umbrellas and rain coats and even sweaters when the weather sometimes becomes cold esp. in the night.

And what I got now from yesterday's crazy weather??? got some colds and a bit headache. The weather forecast also said that some parts of Germany will be snowing this week. Even the weather last night went down to -7 degree centigrade..really freezing cold!!

Today comes the sunshine again..hope the weather will be the same the rest of the day so I can go a bit walking if I am feeling better..

have a nice day to all of you!!! thanks for always visiting me here!!!

clearer view of the castle in Burglengenfeld..

view from afar..Burglengenfeld castle..very dark sky..It was already raining
as I took this photo.

where I parked my car during grocery this time it was already snowing..sorry just don't have a good camera to catch the dropping of snow.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Storm Emma:... a Catastophe

Germany and some parts of Europe was hit by Storm Emma for the past days..In Germany it lasted around four days starting Friday with strong wind, rain, thunderstorm and lightnings. Last Saturday was really very bad. As we woke up, you can hear the sound of strong wind and rain outside with the roar of thunder!! really scary!!

I heard in the news that storm Emma brought millions of damages around Germany. Some buildings were destroyed, cars have accident, trees fell down, a lot of areas were flooded and more damages. That was really a catastrophe.

Yesterday, you also don't understand the weather..It was raining, after some time, the sun came out again, then getting cloudy again... such a crazy weather!!! Who is responsible for this anyway?? is it a natural phenomenon???or man has also something to do with it?? It's up to you to judge!!

Today the weather is getting nice again. I woke up and the raise of the sun went in through the blinds of our window. What such a nice day!! I hope that it will remain for the rest of the day!! as of now, I can see again some part of the sky getting clouded..but what can I do??? but to wait again what's going on for the rest of the day!!

Just keep in mind as my husband always told me that, "After the rain and storm, comes always the sunshine".. It always give me hope hearing this!!! I hope for you too!!!

Wish you luck for today!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Black-Out Saturday!!

As we woke up today in the morning, the weather outside was very bad. The wind was blowing so strong. It was raining so hard and you can also hear the the thunder and the lightning. We were having thunderstorms today. Some minutes later, the power was gone. It was a total black-out. It just happened that my husband already plugged his coffee machine and it was already done before the total black-out. I usually don't drink coffee but this time I have no choice. I always drink green tea in the morning with 2 slices of toasted bread with butter. That's all my breakfast.

What you can do when there is no electricity?? well I guess nothing esp. with machines that work with power. dang!! one bad thing is that, I can't access my internet and telephone either..can't wash in the washing machine, can't cook, can't watch TV, can't hear the radio ...totally nothing !!

What I did after breakfast was watch my photo albums and scrapbooks and arrange some important papers.. I just opened my internet now because as the power came back, I immediately cooked. We ate then lunch including dinner already at it is almost 4pm after I cooked.

As far as I can remember, this is already the second time that I experience total black-out in our place. Today, it lasted almost 5 hours..not a very good start of the Month..but then sometimes it happened. As I am writing this blog, it is still gray and cold outside with's getting almost dark...

I just hope that everyone still enjoy the weekend!! No matter what....rain or shine!!! It is still a beautiful day!!! Have Fun!!

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