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Souvenirs from Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Vaduz is not really a big city  since Liechtenstein is also a small  country. Vaduz is the capital of the principality of Liechtenstein and the seat of the national parliament. I had a short sightseeing there last month. One of things I did was buying souvenirs. Since most of the souvenirs are expensive, I only ended up buying  some postcards, a shot glasses and fridge magnet.  Imagine a postcard cost 1.00 euro..huhu! That was really expensive.  I spend a total of 25.00 euros only for souvenirs.

I am happy that finally I visited Liechtenstein and its capital city.

Souvenirs from Toledo, Spain

Toledo, a historical town and the capital of the province of Toledo in Castile-La Mancha, Spain  is one of my favorite places  when we visited Spain in 2011. I fall in love with this place even the  first time I saw it. I simply love  its setting.

During our visit last winter 2011, I bought some souvenirs from Toledo. I got some postcards, fridge magnet, timballs, shot glasses and some ceramic decors. I am happy with the stuffs I bought from this town. I am also letting you know that Toledo is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. More updates to come about this beautiful town in  Spain.

Travel souvenirs

This is one thing I do everytime I travel. I always buy with me some travel souvenirs from magnet to postcards, travel books, shot glass and anything that I like. These stuffs remind me the different places I had been to. Here is an image I took from HofbrÀuhaus Souvenir shop in Munich, Germany.

taken last August 2010 during our visit to Munich, Germany