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Joined Postcard Enthusiasts Group in Facebook

I am a  travel blogger and I do surely love collecting postcards from all the places I visited.  I also joined some groups of postcrossers   in facebook. Members are  located worldwide. I would love o exchange postcards with any of them soon. For this reason, I am trying to search for cheap postcard printing where I can print all the photos I made from my travels.I guess printing my own postcards is cheaper.

The other week, I also sent some postcards to blogger friends. I hope they can receive it soon. Last week, I also receive from a blogger friend a postcard from the Philippines. I was so happy when I read  her messages on the postcard.

With these group of Postcard  Enthusiasts in facebook, I hope to send and receive postcards soon.

Postcard from Hofbräuhaus Munich

Have you been to Munich? If you are planning to visit Bavaria's capital city in the future, I would suggest you to visit Hofbräuhaus. It is a brewery in Munich, Germany owned by the Bavarian state government. Better go inside and if possible try Bavarian cuisine and of course its own brewed beer.

I have been to this famous brewery and restaurant twice and if I still have the chance in the future, I would surely go back again. Most of the times, it is full of guests and visitors inside. You can be very lucky if you will get a table immediately. During Oktoberfest, expect it to be fully crowded.

I will share some images I took from inside of Hofbräuhaus. I still have to find it in my files.

A postcard I bought during my second visit in Hofbräuhaus in Munich.