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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

PT Appointment

I had a Physical Therapy appointment today. I just like my P'Therapist because she made a very good massage. I got before back pains but since I was having massage and fango, I am feeling very better now. My back pains don't keep on coming back just like before. Oh yeah..guess this is what I got working so hard here in Europe..So now I just stayed at home doing blogging and meeting friends online..hehehe!!

I was before in different PT's but I was not contented and satisfied the way they made the massage. Finally I found the right clinic or Reha as called in German and I am very satisfied with their service.

As I was today in my appointment, it was snowing very hard. I even got some photos which I took as I was in the second floor of the clinic. Hopefully will post it tomorrow once I download it.

Got to sign-off now as I was also not feeling so good having some headache...guess migraine too!! Hope to visit fellow friends bloggers tomorrow when I have time as I also have a lot of errands to do even got another appointment for my gycologist.

Finally thanks guys for keep on visiting me here...will visit you once I got time..Thanks a lot!!!

Wish everyone a nice day in US and evening in Europe!!!God bless us all!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Doctor's Appointment!!

I almost forgot to call about my husband doctor's appointment's good that I remember it before I go to shopping today!! My husband had a bike accident last year and broke his ankle and had operation. Until now he is still having some therapy. He always complains for the pain in his foot but he have to go to work!! such a pity for my Mann!!

The receptionist in the PT clinic is a very nice lady.. I also did not know that she already reserved for me an appointment for a Massage therapy!! I'm happy to know about it!! I just need a manual therapy for my aching back and shoulders!!

thanks to this very accommodating receptionist!!

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