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Cheap Phone Cards and Calling Cards

I always call back home to the Philippines at least once a week for almost 5 years now. I am presently living in Germany. Calling from Germany to the Philippines is quite expensive. We always have high telephone bills every month. I even remember the first time I arrived here in Germany way back in 2003 and called back home for 1 hour and we were billed so high !! Can you imagine paying 60Euros for 1 hour calling to the Philippines??? My gosh, that is around four thousand pesos.. A lot of money..huh??

Of course, nobody wants to pay high telephone bills. Everybody want to save money, unless maybe if you are a millionaire and spending money might not be a pain in the pocket. I also have a sister in USA who might also want to save some bucks for telephone bills.

Nowadays prepaid phone cards are already very common and great means to keep in touch with our love ones who are thousand miles away from us. While browsing the net, I stumbled at THERICHCOM.COM. It is an online shop that sells pre…