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What's Up

Good evening folks! It seems that I am always busy most of the time. Yes, I am! and truly very very busy. I had quite a scary experience some minutes ago. I guess scary is not really the adjective for it. I was just nervous after knowing that I can't already view one of my sites. I felt so uneasy because I thought, I already lost that site of mine. Good to know that after a thorough investigation, it is still available. It was a false alarm. I wish to share the whole story in my other blog tomorrow. I am quite tired and sleepy now after having a long day and night. Goodnight Europe!

Back-up for My Files

Good evening guys! October is almost ending. I hope that you had a great October month. I guess not for me because I am having some problems with my computer right now. It is just processing very very slow. I also noticed that it is getting loud now. I am afraid that one day, I will just open it and it won't work anymore. I need to have online backup for my files before it happen. This can be very scary if I lost my important files in my computer. Oh gosh! It took me around thirty minutes to write this very short entry. Normally I am done in three minutes but now almost half an hour. This is so annoying! Sorry guys! Just a reminder, don't forget to back-up your files before your computer crashes. I am starting it right now. Anyway, I just want to end up by saying that it took me 36 minutes to write this post.

What Really happened Last Thursday

Another morning is almost breaking! How was your weekend guys? I hope you had a great one! So far weekend for me was very better and quite relaxing! and what really happened last Thursday? I had a terrible migraine attack again! It started around early afternoon. It became worst around late afternoon that I vomited a lot and lost most of my energy. I took some pain relievers but it didn't help. I just felt so very very tired that time. Around in the evening last Thursday, after some sleep I felt better again. I was so hungry after vomiting in the afternoon. I told my husband to drive me in the nearest fast food restaurant because I want to taste and eat some food. We drove to Parsberg then. I was praying that the pain will subside and totally gone when I wake up the next day.

Friday morning, around seven, I felt very bad again. My head was so heavy and pounding with pain. I said to myself, this is not good anymore. I guess I need an injection that time. Our …

Absence in the Blogosphere due to Migraine

Do you have a Migraine? if none, never ever dream from this kind of sickness. It is a terrible one, I tell you. I had again a Migraine last Thursday night until yesterday. I am feeling better last night. Thanks goodness! Now I am kickin' again in the blogosphere..not that much but I am happy to see you here again. Last Friday my migraine went worst because I vomited three times and I felt so tired the whole day. It was really terrible that I want to stay all the time in a dark room with my eyes closed and I don't want to hear any noise even talking to my husband. I want completely a noise-free and light-free environment.

When migraine attacks me, the pain is always in the left side of my head including my left eye. When it is very bad, I always feel that my left eye want to come out. Sometimes after I vomit, I felt better..sometimes not. When it is not too bad, I am only taking pain killers like Ibuprofen before it get worst. Sometimes it works sometimes not. When thi…

Exchange Link Infos

I guess this is the time to clear-up this issue. To all blogger and friends especially to those who want to exchange links with me, I really appreciate if we can exchange links with each other because we all know that it is also for our own good.

I just have some clarifications about this matter. I really have a difficulty of managing my blogrolls now. As you know I have a lot of sites and I really don't have all the time to check one by one if you really added my sites to your blogroll. Just last month, I found out that there are some bloggers who added my links. I really appreciate it. Thank you very much for your time and effort. They requested me to add them also. I reciprocated to their request and added them too. I am taking a note now who are really adding me and what sites of mine do you want to add or just added.

What happened as I visited their sites again, all my links in their sites were gone. I know that there are some bloggers who lost their blogroll due to changing of…

I am Suing a Friend?

Weekend is almost over now. I called home to greet my Father in his birthday yesterday. I tried to call home yesterday but my parents went grocery shopping. I don't have the chance to call back again yesterday but was happy and contented to know that they had a small but great party.

Talking about my title, I was suing a friend! That happened last year in July. I still could not forget that day as I knew that a friend whom you already consider your family was trying to destroy your dignity and talking false stories about you. I was truly upset about it. I already consulted our lawyer about it but finally changed my mind.

Why I changed my mind?..First reason, if I pursue the case, I knew that they don't have the money to pay to hire for a lawyer...not bad for us because we are paying lawyer insurance. Secondly, I still pity her and her family despite of what she did to me, pity to her being lack of sense and education. Being tactless and liar , I guess that …

How are you guys!!

How are you doing guys? Time passes by so quickly. I forgot to greet you about the second Ber month. It's the first week of October now. I know a lot of people are excited for the coming of Christmas time. I also believed that some are also starting to pack and wrap their presents for Christmas gifts for their love ones and friends. I am sending again a balikbayan box this month to my family back home. To all my friends out there, I know I don't talk too much to you anymore because I am just too busy with my little home business (monkey business kuno..wink!!). ..I even don't have the time to do blog hopping..I hope I can do it next time. Sometimes I am visiting some blogs too but I can't visit all..So please accept my apology..

I also would like to express my gratitude to friends who help me especially in giving me infos about blogging. I really appreciate it!! I am happy to know some people in the blogosphere who are really helping with all their hear…

What A Tiring Day!!

How are you guys and all friends out there!! I slept so bad last night. I guess its because of some back pain again...What's happening to me if not Migraine, I am being attack by back pains...Autumn time is almost coming. Yesterday afternoon as I went walking with my husband, some leaves of the trees are already turning to yellow. Our wild grapes in our garden are even getting red now.. The weather is getting cold now..I keep on sneezing at the moment and I just felt so tired the whole day. I went a bit grocery shopping. I also went with a friend to Moebelhof, a furniture store that also sells home decors and accessories. I told myself, I won't go shopping anymore...but since I saw items on sale again...hmm.spent again some euros!! I guess it's not too bad since I really had a good deal!!

I hope that the sun will still shine in the next days...i guess it is recharging me when I always see sunshine..or only a sign that i miss home!!! I believed so!! have a great …

Not A So Good day Having Migraine

I am fighting today with my migraine. I just lay down in bed the whole day. I want to do a lot of things but couldn't do it. The weather is changing very fast in our place in Germany. It is getting cold again especially in the state of Bavaria. No wonder because autumn time is almost coming. I don't exactly know if my migraine is caused by the fast changing weather. I guess so!! The whole day I was suffering with migraine. I could feel the pain only on the left side of my head. My left eye wanted to get out from where it is. I can't open my eyes because if I do so, I feel like vomiting. Oh yes, I vomit three times today due to severe pain. I thought the first time I vomited the pain will be gone like what happened during my previous attacks but it didn't. After the third time I vomited, I felt very hungry because what I ate during lunch time were all gone. I told my husband tonight to cook a noodle soup for me. I really don't feel like eating…

What happen to friendster

I just received a friend's request in friendster. If I already click the "add friend" notification email, you can't see anything when you are redirected to friendster's site!!! What's up friendster!!.. Just a few months ago, I was wondering because all of my public photos were gone..well, it is already back now... I don't know exactly what's happening to friendster all the time...are they just updating their system??? or what!!

Anyway, even that happened sometimes, I still want to thank friendster for meeting my friends, classmates, relatives and even my family through it...In short, through friendster I can connect with them and see their photos and also meet new friends!! Still an appreciation to friendster!!

have a great weekend in advance...I just have to do a lot of things today...see yah later!!

Backpain Again!!

It's almost midnight now. I want to sleep early tonight but I can't. I got back pains again. I just took a warm bath..stayed in the bathtub for almost an hour. ..Now I feel better as I'm writing this post. The pain is still there but very better as before. I had this pain almost three years now. I had already undergone lots of therapy here in Germany but it's still keep on coming back. I even had x-rays at my back and shoulder before and as far as I can remember also undergone MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) in 2006. But the the doctors still did not find anything.

I am just thankful that I don't work anymore because I think this pain only started as I worked as Retail Supervisor before. That was quite a tough and heavy job. I am just thankful if the pain don't attack me. Sometimes I can't even sleep good at night because of the pain. That was so bad before especially if I have to wake up early and go to work. The worst thing is duri…

Wordless Wednesday: Old Friends' Photo

As far as I can remember, I am not really posting photos of friends in my blogs unless I ask for permission. I am just sharing this photo to remember the first friends I met in Germany since July 2003, the month I arrived in Germany. I asked one of my friend named Liway to post this pix as evidence that I knew and met her first in 2003.

Some other people out there are claiming, I guess to some friends she met online and people she just met in Germany for weeks or months that she was the one who introduced me and Liway first. That is a big lie!!! That person came here in 2004. Liway even attended my wedding in 2003. I don't even know if she recognize the face of Liway in this group picture of my first friends in Germany or else she is having amnesia.

This photo was taken in October 2003 in one of my friend's house in Regensburg.
Please visit my other sites as I will be posting some old photos too!!
have a great Wednesday to all!!!

What Happened to Blogger??

I was just trying to upload some photos today in my other blogs but once I am done uploading I can't see any photos in my post??? Any ideas what happened??or does anybody have the same problem!!!

I will try to go to bed early tonight because I have a dentist appointment tomorrow in the morning!!! have a great evening!!

Most Important Law in Germany

I just want to share one of the most important Law in Germany. I believed this is good to share especially to those persons who live in Germany whether you are a German citizen or not. In my own opinion, as long as you live in this country, you must also respect and follow the German Laws especially the basic ones.

As I made my German Oath of Citizenship, I was given a Book entitled "Grundgesetz für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland". This means in English "The Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany".
I am specifically sharing below Basic Right which is stated in page 111 of this Book.

The first basic law of Germany is this;


Artikel 1

(1) Die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar. Sie zu achten und zu schützen ist Verpflichtung aller staatlichen Gewalt.

Below is the translation of this right in English;
I. Basic Rights Article 1 [Human dignity] (1) Human dignity shall be inviolable. To respect and protect it shall be the duty of all…

No More Stopping!!

When I sit down in my PC, it seems that I am already glued to it..well I guess not only glued but it's getting stronger anymore...I would say epoxy..hahaha!!!..I won't stand up unless I need to go to the restroom and know what I mean..Sometimes got some eye pains and back pains due to long sitting in front of the PC...just like now...not a good idea doing this everyday!!

But now, I really need to stand's lunch time and my stomach is complaining now.. I just ate one bread and drank one cup of green tea during breakfast!!

see you later my dear friends!! don't forget to visit my other sites for more updates...

No More MC Donald's-Very Bad Experience

I just want to share this very bad experience we had in MC Donalds last night here in Las Vegas. well to be specific that was past midnight, around dawn today already. I know that MC Donalds is a very reputable and trustful company around the world. You can find it everywhere. I know that it is a very good company.

This experience we had last night or this dawn time with my sister and bro-in-law was just very disappointing. I supposed and would like to say "NEVER AGAIN AT MC DONALDS". I also know how employees in mc donalds are trained to provide excellent and fast service to customers. But last night, I would say, it is a nightmare experience with mc donalds. really very disappointing and frustrating experience.

Well, I am just sharing this experience to burst-out and pour-out my feelings. I was just very disappointed and also my younger sister and brother in law. I believed sharing personal experiences is not bad especially if you are telling "THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT …

Busy!! Busy!! Busy!!

I am just so busy the past days until now!! A lot of things just need to be done!! some are done some are not!! hopefully before I leave going to USA, I will finish almost everything!! I also started packing for my things that I need during the trip..

I am just so lazy to do a lot of things today because I have my monthly visitor and my stomach aches..Too bad esp. when I woke this morning, it was really very painful!! now I felt very better!! I just updated my blogs, wrote some post..till now..wink!!

I hope I can visit all of you soon esp. to those who leave comments and messages!! Thanks a lot for your time in visiting me here!!

I wish everyone a great weekend!!

Doctor's Appointment in Germany..

I had an appointment today with my Frauenartz or Gynecologist. Last Friday, I just called to have an appointment for today. The secretary of the OB Gyne told me that I can have the appointment middle of next month because it is already fully book for this month. I told her that the OB GYne told me that if ever I have some complaints or pain, I can come anytime. After hearing this, she then gave me an appointment for today.

I woke up a bit earlier today because I have to go for grocery shopping too. My appointment was 1pm so after I went shopping around 12 noon time, I drove there immediately. The place was around 45 km drive from our home. So from Parsberg to Laaber, I drove thru the Autobahn or Motorway from 130 to 150km/h..well tha't's only how I drive to be in the safe side..There I can drive faster compared to driving in the Landstrasse or backroad..

And you know what happen, the Receptionist told me that my appointment is 1:30pm and I arrived there around 12:30pm..She also …

Spring Cleaning!!

what a Day!! how are you doing guys!! I am fine!!

I spent my whole day cleaning..but still did not finish it!! At least I already started cleaning..
My Pinay neighbor came to the house this morning. As she came in a lot of papers for recycling were scattered on the floor..that was really a big mess!!

Hopefully in the next days, I can slowly finish the spring cleaning. I just want to do it before I will fly away to a far country..I'm still waiting for some confirmations until now from my sister who will pay for my trip...hehehe..Thanks sis!! so nice of you!!

TGIF again!! Thanks God it's Friday!!..but for me everyday is a day worth thanking for!!
Wish everyone a very enjoyable weekend!! God bless us all!!

I love Google

I just simply love Google..I call it even the Big G..I always use Google Services like Google Search and a lot more. I don't have anything to ask for about the excellent services they provide to customers like me.

I am even thankful that this blog, Simply The Best has a Google PR3. I believed, I deserved it too since I really worked hard for this blog. This blog was made possible thru my hard work and dedication coupled with my friends, co-bloggers, visitors and readers who give me all the support, inspirations and everything.

Thank you very much for all your support!! Everything is appreciated...

Anyway this blog is again nominated for Filipino Blog of the Week from 101-103.... So please I am again asking for your support and favor. If you think that this blog deserve for this award. Please cast you vote at SalasWildthougths CLICK FOR MY NAME STARLIGHTEXPRESS- #4 ON THE LIST FOR FILIPINO BLOG OF THE WEEK# 103...

I appreciate your time and effort!! Thanks a lot!!