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Great Discounts Shopping for Home Decors With Groupon Coupons!

I  have been compensated for this post with either a sample product and/or payment. All opinions are mine.

Hello November! How are you guys? How was the Halloween celebration? I hope you had an enjoyable one. Wow, it seems that time is running so fast now. We are already in the second to the last month of 2016. In less than 60 days, Christmas will be here and I bet some of you are already starting to shop for holiday presents especially to your family, loveones, friends or even co-workers. If I am not mistaken, many are getting excited for the holiday season. Right folks?

Don't you know that there is a shopping site where you can save lots of money while doing online shopping? Whether you are searching for electronics, home decors, garden tools, women's accessories, children's apparel, men's clothing, travel gadgets, vacation packages or any of those products and services you need at home, Groupon can help you save money with their so-called Groupon Coupons.

As for me,…

Furnace Maintenance Especially During Winter

I just look at our window and found out that snow flakes are currently falling from the sky. This is the sign that winter is finally here! If you are having winter season in your area, for sure your heaters or furnaces are currently turned-on now  or else you will be freezing due to cold temperature inside your home.

Winter is the time of the year when the temperature gets really very cold. This is also the time of the year when our heaters are on. Whether you are using a fireplace, wood pellets stove, oil  heater, gas heater or electric heater, all of these furnaces require maintenance from time to time.

 In countries like Canada and the United States, there are companies who offers services like furnace cleaning and maintaining. For example if you are living in Calgary, furnace cleaners calgary are willing to offer their help and services in order for your furnaces to work the whole winter season.

We have to admit that we need their services especially in this cold winter season.…

Pests in Our Home and Garden

This is not really a funny topic about pests in our home and garden. Are you having the same problem like ours? This is especially true especially if these pests are inside our homes. More on that, there are people who are afraid of pests such as flies, rats, ants, bees, snails, slugs, centipedes and the like.

This afternoon,  when I was working in our garden, I was so mad because there are a lot of slugs eating the leaves and flowers of my plants. I believed you are very familiar about this kind of pest which is a shell-less terrestrial gastropod mollusk. I already saw different kinds and colors of slugs in our garden.

It's Coffee Talk This Time

Have you seen any of the Nespresso commercials of George Clooney? I love watching these so called "What Else" advertisements on Nespresso. This is how the commercial goes,   Mr. Clooney  went inside the Nespresso shop. That time,  two lovely ladies where also sitting inside talking about coffee and espresso and describing it as dark, intense, balance, delicate, rich, very rich, smooth, mysterious, strong character,  deep and sensual and most of all delicious after taste. Sounds good indeed! George Clooney was listening to them during this commercial and later came closer to them and asked "Which one of that espresso? mine? I guess that is how he said it and probably he is thinking that the ladies are also describing about a certain man in their conversation. That was really a good one!

I just find the commercial romantic and quite interesting. I also love the music played entitled "the Boutique". I believed "What Else" is the first Nespresso com…

Can't Wait for Spring Time!

Winter go away! I don't really hate winter but I can't  wait for spring to come! There are a lot of plans this winter season and one of it is to travel. I am thinking of making it different this time, maybe to go camping. This is also the reason why I need Camping Equipment . I still don't have one and I want to buy some when the plan of camping somewhere will materialize. For now, I am hoping for better weather and  when the weather gets friendlier,  it is the sign that spring is coming soon!

Tips on Buying Designer Rings

Valentines Day is over but I still have some friends who are talking about their presents  from the last celebration.  I saw some of my friends in facebook who are still posting their gifts. One had a burberry scarf from her hubby. The other received roses and  chocolates from her boyfriend. Loui Vuitton bag was given to another  friend. Those are truly  great surprises!

One friend was surprised when she was given a diamond ring from her hubby last Valentines Day.  She was so thankful about it but she asked her husband,  if he still got  the receipt of her ring. She told the husband that she want  to return the diamond ring because she wanted a higher carat of it. We were laughing when she was telling  this story to us during a bus trip last week.  Lucky ladies who received valentines presents last week!

Ladies out there who love jewelry, here are some tips I can share when you are buying designer rings. You can also click here if you are planning to buy these beautiful Verragio ring.…

Time To Clean-Up

Happy New Year again!  Holiday season is over! I hope everyone had a great one. Yes, I did and  I am thankful about it.

Now is the time to slowly clean-up for  our Christmas decors.  I have a lot to  clean-up and I hope to finish it  all this coming week. I need to put everything  in their old containers and boxes. I cannot use rope and stanchion in binding the boxes since it has another purpose.

There are also another things that I need to clean-up in the house. Our guest room need  one. I have all the stuffs lying there especially the ones  that will be placed in my balikbayan box.  This is also another thing that I need to finish this week.

Cleaning up is always part of our daily lives but sometimes we are just too busy not to finish everything especially when there are more important chores or tasks to do.

Are you done with clean-up?  Not me! Have a wonderful week ahead!

My Sort of Entertainment and Relaxation

Everyone needs to unwind and relax from time to time. This is true especially if you work 8 hours or more in a day and 5-days a week. To forget your daily work routine, some might be going for a weekend trip, a night in a bar talking with friends while sitting on  comfortable  bar stools. Some would love to simply stay at home and watch Television or spend the weekend with the whole family. Others might go for a dine-out. Whatever it is, all of us simply need a form of relaxation and entertainment.

If you have to ask me what I do during my free time? I also have a sort of entertainment and relaxation. I don't have a full time job but being a blogger and freelancer, I also need a time to deviate myself away in front of my computer and from  daily household chores. Anyway, I love sitting on my swiveled chair while in front of my pc while browsing online.

Last Saturday, my friend called me if I want to go with her in a bar restaurant. Actually she has been inviting me since two week…