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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Simply Busy Day!!

I got quite very busy day today. During my tea time in the morning, the recruiter (this time the CEO of the agency called me) of the International American Company in Munich called me. She finds my resume qualified for the position of International Accountant but I have to improve the writing of my CV putting emphasis to Accounting duties.

As I have a lot of errands to do today like going to my doctor, go a little shopping and got to the furniture store to buy an office chair..I waited a bit in the clinic because there were some people who were there first...I went also to the biggest furniture shop in Parsbeg and bought my new office chair... I went home quite late in the afternoon already..I cooked quick..just thankful that I already sliced my ingredients for cooking the day before.

As my husband went home from work, we ate dinner. I wrote my new resume quickly and submitted it again to the Recruiter. I hope and pray this time, I can get the job opportunity. Only God's knows but I keep on praying.

Dear readers and those who requested for link addition..please some patience and I will attend to your request asap..Thank you for your understanding!!

I like the red chair but for 219Euro reg. 309Eu, it's too expensive..I bought the one that cost only 75% cheaper than sitting on it right now and it's also very comfortable compared to my old one..

that's me in the biggest furniture shop in town

do you like white colored sofa set??..not really my type but it looks nice and neat!!

I like better this set.. you don't see the exact texture and color combination
but this is really very nice!!
that's my family at the back...hehehe?????

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