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Gold Coins and Jewelry Exchanges

People are always looking for unique jewelry designs that truly stand out from the rest. Gold coins could be integrated into interesting jewelry combinations that are sure to attract plenty of positive attention and remarks. A coin could be integrated into a pendant, cufflink or earrings. Sterling silver jewelry makes an excellent contrast to high quality gold coins with ratings such as 14K and above.

Gold coins could also be exchanged at great prices in numismatic shops. The value of a coin is based on a few simple factors. The year of mint determines the historical value of a gold coin. Additionally, the specific edition may also have an impact on the price of a coin. Some coins were circulated in very limited numbers during time periods that may have involved wars and political instability in the United States.

Precious Stones

I guess this is one of the favorite topics of women. When talking about precious stones, also called as gemstones like the diamond, the ruby, emerald or sapphire, I believed that most women always wanted to have it. Have you heard about tanzanite rings? Tanzanite is also considered as a precious stone. It is a blue/purple variety of the mineral zoisite which was discovered in the Mererani Hills of Northern Tanzania in 1967, according to wikipedia. This week, I also watched over a German television about a gemstone called Alexandrite. It is also a very expensive precious stone but I believed diamond is more expensive.

I guess these gemstones are also a good form of investment. Agree with me ladies?