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Home Decors and Lighting at Farrey

I'm in Vegas now!! While sitting on my Sister's laptop, I was browsing on a website about home decors and improvements. I am planning to buy some lights to be brought to Germany as remembrance. I just admired the houses we visited yesterday here in Las Vegas especially their lighting effects. My brother-in-law is a realty broker here. He got some clients yersterday who are planning to buy seven houses for all of her kids...huh!!! a lot of money!!

Back to lights...I visited was confused what to choose because of their hundreds of thousands of lightning fixtures, lamps and outdoor lighting in various designs and styles. They offer the lowest possible prices from well-known manufacturers. Having been in the business for 84 years, Farreys is a multi-million international company with various shops in the United States.

I love their simple but elegant style of sea gull lighting.Hopefully will be back this week in their page to take a more look of other st…

Interior Design & the photograph

I have to admit that I am a photo addict..My husband already know that. Wherever I go, I always have with me my pocket digicam. As of now, I might have already more than 10,000 pictures in my hard drive. I just love to take photos of anything that I see. I am not a professional photographer but only love to take pictures.

I also developed some photos and made it into scrapbook and photo albums. The best part I discover now is this site about interior design and the photograph. I find it a great one besides that it is very informative. At, I just discovered that photography can be associated with interior design. Really very interesting!!

We just built a house in the Philippines but it is still not fully furnished and still need some interior decorations and designs. If I were to ask having our home done, I would like to have the Unique Silver Finish. I just find it very pretty and attractive besides that I also love silver colour. With Silver Paper works landscapes, w…