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The Challenge of Finding the Right Remodeling Contractor

The hardest part about doing a home remodel is not actually the remodeling work itself. Most homeowners would agree that the biggest challenge is getting a contractor who is reliable, competent, and who has a good reputation to do the job. Putting in new cabinets, removing a wall, or changing the tile in a bathroom, is child’s play when compared to finding a good contractor who can do the job well from the beginning to the end.

Unfortunately, there are enough stories out there about contractor disasters to fill up a library. Many of these revolve around contractors who started the job, but never finished it. These contractors may say that they need up to three times the amount of money they originally bid for the job in order to complete it properly.

Of course, even with the best contractor, doing a home renovation will involve stress, expense, and unwanted surprises. Yet, the right contractor can minimize the challenges involved, and increase the success of any job.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Installing Pre-hung Doors

If you’re building or renovating a home, installing your own doors is a great way to save a little money. Many builders and homeowners prefer pre-hung doors because they are convenient and fairly easy to install. Unlike a slab door, a pre-hung door is already attached to the frame. All you need is a rough opening to install it in, a few tools, and a little bit of know-how. Although slab doors are a little less expensive to purchase up-front, pre-hung doors can save you time and effort during the installation process. Following these steps will help ensure that you install your pre-hung doors correctly:
Gather Your Tools Pre-hung doors can be quite heavy, so you should recruit at least one other person to help you install them. Before you begin, gather up the following tools: tape measure, finish nails, shims, hammer, nail punch, utility knife, circular saw (or jigsaw), level, and screwdrivers. You may not need the circular saw, but it will come in handy if you need to trim your doorja…

Laying It Down: Wood Floors

If it seems as if installing hardwood floors is something that should be left to the pros, you might be right. If you want to include complicated angles or a herringbone pattern, hiring installers could be your best bet. However, if you are doing a straightforward layout with interlocking planks, perhaps you could conquer the task yourself. Here’s everything you need to know before you get started on the project.

Gone are the days of the narrow oak plants you used to see in turn-of-the-century homes. These days, wider planks and larger pieces of wood in general are the norm. Fewer seams in a living space make the room seem bigger, it seems, so that’s the way manufacturers are leaning. Another trend in natural wood floors is unfinished planks; that is, wood that is sanded and waxed but not shined to the high gloss of finished floors. Even painted planks or unusual wood colors such as grey have risen in popularity in recent years.

The Three Elements of a Good Contractor

If you are considering renovating any part of your home, the first step to getting a project started is to find the renovation contractor you will be working with. How do you go about finding the right contractor for the project? You will have to do your research and make sure that you understand the bidding process. Here are three elements of a good contractor that you should always look for.

Licensing and References
Before you contact any contractor for a bid on your renovation project, it is extremely important to understand the licensing requirements in the area where you live. Then you will be able to check any potential contractors to see if they meet all of the local requirements to do the work your are requesting.

Along with licensing, you should also try to get a couple of references from people who have used them on their own renovation projects. This will give you a first-hand experience on how a typical project will go from start to finish.

Getting a Detailed Bid 
Bids can …

How to Pick the Right Railing for Your Exterior

When most people think of railings, they assume that they are for the interior of a house or building. However, railings are commonly installed on the exterior of houses and other landscapes to add beauty and detail to these areas. Since there are so many options in terms ofhandrails, ranging from aluminum, iron, and steel, it can be difficult to pick the right railing. Fortunately, the following guide will help you make the right decision.

Choose the Right Finish

Arguably the most important decision you will make when you are installing a railing outdoors is the type of material. Most people like to use durable finishes. These include the following:
AluminumSteelIron Although wood is less expensive, it can deteriorate faster. It also does not hold up as well during harsh weather conditions. For this reason, it is often best to extend the life of your railing by picking a finish that lasts.

Select Something That Coordinates With the Interior

When you are deciding between finishes and sty…

Planning for Home Improvement This Year

Living in a little cozy home simply and happily, what else can you ask for? It might not be the dream home of everybody but we are glad that we have a home that we can call our home. The greatest things is, we are no longer paying for home mortgage and we are really grateful for it. It is our dream to be debt-free when we retire in the future.

This is quite an old home,  where we are currently living. This is the reason why we are trying to renovate and improve it from time to time, especially when finances are available.  During the past years, we already did some renovations and improvements and like what I mentioned, that is when money is available.

This year, we are planning to do a finishing outside of the house. After that, we will also paint it all around.  Since it will be a DIY or  "Do It Yourself"  project, I believed this will help us save some money especially for the labor cost.  We are already scouting for the color of the paint and hopefully,  we will finally…

Our Double Purpose Garage- The Making

It was quite a tough project. We have been planning it since 2005 and finally last 2011 we started this project. I can't imagine the hard work exerted by hubby during the making of our double purpose patio/garage. It is almost 60 square meters and it cost some fortune, but we are happy that it is finally done now.
 The most difficult part of the making was the removal of the previous patio, the digging of the soil and the laying of the foundation. Since our old patio has thick concrete flooring and it is not level to our home floor plan, we actually hired a company for the excavation and waterproofing process. If you are living in Canada, you can hire waterproofing ottawa to do this services for you. I believed they can truly help you with any home and garden projects. 

Since hubby is also a mason and knows a lot about home repairs and improvement, he did most of the jobs during the building of our patio/garage.  During his off days from work, he spent his  time  doing this…

The making of Our Multi-purpose Garage

It was a lot of  hard work and patience as we built this  project. It is quite a huge area of almost 60 square meters. It is not only use as garage for our two cars but also a patio where you can sit back and relax during summer days. It is where we also held  gatherings, parties and celebrations. During winter time, we don't need to worry anymore because our cars are already under the roof and are now protected from snow.

I could still remember when we started digging the ground because we have to level it with the street. We hired a company who has a skip business to dig, store  and put away all the soils and stones in the area where the multi-purpose garage is located now.

 It was like building a house where you need to dig the foundations. You will surely need a skip to dump all the waste, soils and other materials.

We are very happy and contented with this project of ours.  There is only one more thing  we need to do. This year, we need to put  some sorts of clear  siding…

Next Home Project is Renovating Our Kitchen

After I am done with my online tasks this afternoon and after packing my luggage for my next trip, I also want to start getting some of the stuffs that we don't need for our kitchen. Yes, we will be renovating our kitchen starting this month. We are thankful that the weather is getting better now so that hubby can start with the renovation. We already ordered our new kitchen and for sure, we also need some things when doing it. We also checked the hinges for our kitchen cabinets, ensuring that they are all of good quality.

Since it is a full kitchen renovation, it means that we will also change the flooring from wood to tiles. The old kitchen set will also be dismantled and the new one will be installed once everything are ready. I can't wait for it to be done before my "Big Day" this summer time. I am quite excited for our new kitchen soon!

Beach House-The Making

We never expected that we can built a house along the beach. The project started some time in 2004 and little by little, it is standing now some meters away from the sea.


As far as I can remember, there was really no right plan for that beach house. I was not there when it was started. I just told my Uncle who is a carpenter that I wanted to build a small house with two bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room. That is enough for us to stay especially when we go for a vacation in the Philippines. I never expected that the house was built double-size as really planned. That was also the reason it took us some time to finish it. At least, we don't have a loan or credit for this project.

the ceiling in the living room...the hardwood door with some carvings. most of the windows are sliding.

Since the house is located along the beach, I always wanted sash windows for it especially the ones facing the sea. Since I was not there again during the in…

Got A Delivery

I was in the computer room this afternoon when somebody knocked so loudly at our door. That is the disadvantage of not having a doorbell but I like it better that way. I went downstairs and a man was standing in front of our door. He said, "You have a delivery". I forgot that hubby told me last Saturday that the thick hollow blocks for our terrace will be delivered this afternoon. I don't have any idea how much it cost because it was also not stated on the delivery statement. We got 240 hollow blocks delivery today. I tried to carry one but it was too heavy for me. They are lying now outside. I hope our little home improvement project will be done soon.

Home Improvements

HB was asking the past days me if somebody called from the hardware store. He is expecting for the delivery of the new windows that we ordered around three weeks ago. I told him that I don't received any calls except from callers who are trying to sell products through telephone. After the window project, the next one to be repaired is our bathroom toilet in the second floor. I would like to suggest to HB to try to have some ideas about American Standard toilets. We might let our house for rent to American soldiers or civilians who will be stationed in the US base near our place. That is also the time when we already decide to live in the Philippines in some years to come. There are still a lot of things to be repaired in our house. At least, we have a house that we call our own home. I am quite contented with it. Goodnight folks!

I Finally Booked My Ticket For Home Vacation

It's been almost three years that I did not go home to the Philippines. Last Monday, I finally booked my ticket and I am quite excited about it. This time is quite a long vacation. I can't imagine going home for almost three months. I guess this will be a lot of fun. I am planning to do a lot of things in our house like more improvements. I am also planning to make a another kitchen made of glass tile. I can see if I can make another terrace facing to the sea. I am also planning to make a garden with landscape and plant a lot of flowers. I also need to do some fencing in front of the house. I hope I can have the chance for sightseeing around the islands in Philippines. In God's will, I will be flying on the last week of November this year! Wish me a safe and sound trip!
I miss this place called Home! There is no other place who can replace this thing called Home! I guess I'm quite confusing but I am just happy right now! wink!

My Sister's Home Theater Seating

I was surprised by my sister's home theater seating in Las Vegas. It is huge and with motion recliner features. I was more surprised when she told me how much it cost. Three thousand dollars as in $3,000.00!!! What!! I told her that with this money you can already have a small business back home. Today I found out in Star Gate Cinema that they have very cheap home theater seating. For as low as $1,500.00, you can already have a nice and comfortable ones. I guess my sister also needs home theater sconces to make their living room more attractive and beautiful. I even helped her last time in decorating it a bit. I hope that my sister will be a wise buyer and consumer with all the crisis happening around. Good night to all!! see you again tomorrow!!

Some House Improvements

Long time no see from this site of mine..Sorry guys, I am just soooo busy. Sometimes I don't know what to do first. There are just a lot of things to do now especially some household chores everyday. In short I am just very busy both in my online and offline line. And yes, I call myself sometimes "a busy body". As I was cleaning the other room that was emptied two weeks ago, I found out that some wood flooring are getting bad. I mentioned it to my husband so that he can repair it once he got time. I also suggested if we can have hard woods there next time. The idea and products at Build Direct is just so amazing that I am hoping our new floor in our sleeping room will also be changed to hard wood. We only got some laminated woods and I believed true hard woods are always the best. It would be some great house improvements we can do from time to time.

Beautiful Decorative Tiles at Jerusalem Pottery

When it comes to house improvements and decorations, I believed that almost women are really very choosy and classy. Of course, women always wanted to have a beautiful and fantastic home designs. I belong to the group then.

We have a newly built house near the beach in the Philippines. It is still not fully furnished. I still want it to improve the next time, I will be coming home. Of course, I need some ideas with regards to improvements and decorations. I preferably want to have Decorative tile in our kitchen and other parts of the house.

At Jerusalem Pottery, I just found very unique and amazing decorative tiles like Tile murals
. Its very beautiful design amazed me. I would also like to have an attractive Backsplash tile in our bathroom.

For those who want to have their own unique and personalized design of decorative tiles, I recommend that you click now!!

Home Sweet Home especially if you have all the things you always wanted in your home!!

Home Decors and Lighting at Farrey

I'm in Vegas now!! While sitting on my Sister's laptop, I was browsing on a website about home decors and improvements. I am planning to buy some lights to be brought to Germany as remembrance. I just admired the houses we visited yesterday here in Las Vegas especially their lighting effects. My brother-in-law is a realty broker here. He got some clients yersterday who are planning to buy seven houses for all of her kids...huh!!! a lot of money!!

Back to lights...I visited was confused what to choose because of their hundreds of thousands of lightning fixtures, lamps and outdoor lighting in various designs and styles. They offer the lowest possible prices from well-known manufacturers. Having been in the business for 84 years, Farreys is a multi-million international company with various shops in the United States.

I love their simple but elegant style of sea gull lighting.Hopefully will be back this week in their page to take a more look of other st…

Interior Design & the photograph

I have to admit that I am a photo addict..My husband already know that. Wherever I go, I always have with me my pocket digicam. As of now, I might have already more than 10,000 pictures in my hard drive. I just love to take photos of anything that I see. I am not a professional photographer but only love to take pictures.

I also developed some photos and made it into scrapbook and photo albums. The best part I discover now is this site about interior design and the photograph. I find it a great one besides that it is very informative. At, I just discovered that photography can be associated with interior design. Really very interesting!!

We just built a house in the Philippines but it is still not fully furnished and still need some interior decorations and designs. If I were to ask having our home done, I would like to have the Unique Silver Finish. I just find it very pretty and attractive besides that I also love silver colour. With Silver Paper works landscapes, w…

Home Improvement

We always do home improvements at home. Last year, my husband fixed our corridor. He replaced it now with tiles since he build a new fireplace. I don't like that much the design of the fireplace he made. Hopefully after this winter time here in our place, he might want to fix it again.

I just saw the fireplace photo at I like the style they made in there and I just find it so interesting. It is my first time to see a fireplace that is made with copper sheets metal. Ours is made of bricks and stone which is quite conventional.

I would like to suggest to my husband to try to reface our fireplace with copper sheets. I also love its color which is orange-gold. I'm excited to see our new fireplace once my husband will reface it!!!