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Spring Season is also the Start of Grill Season

Happy Monday everyone! Thanks goodness, the weather is slowly getting friendlier! During Easter week  especially during  Easter  weekend, it was still snowing. I am glad  starting this week, the weather really gets better. I can already go outside without wearing a thick winter jacket and snow boots.  Yesterday, I was even wearing a t'shirt outside  while planting some flowers at  the backyard.

Indeed, spring Season is  here and it is also the  start of Grill season! It was a good decision buying some meats and vegetables for grilling when I went grocery shopping last Thursday. I bought some German sausages called bratwurst and some chicken and pork meat that were already marinated. I was really hoping for  a better weather last weekend and so thankful that it  really was  a nice  one.

The backyard is a perfect place for doing a barbeque or some grilling. It is not so small and not so big. Some spring flowers especially the tulips and hyacinths are flowering right now. Others are …

Seafood at Makino, Las Vegas

Visiting would mean entertainment, gaming, shopping and dining! You will surely love it there! It was my second time in Las Vegas and my second time in this buffet restaurant in Makino.  I guess they have a chain  of restaurants  not only in Vegas but also in other cities in the US. The one that we always visited in  Premium Outlet. One of my fave outlets in Las Vegas.

What I love in this buffet restaurant is that, they serve seafood  the most.  Shrimps, fish, crabs, clams and also meat are present in their menu. Salads, drinks and variety of  desserts  are also included. I  would like to go back there again  once I visit Vegas in the future.

Snack Time at Museo del Jamon in Madrid

It was quite a tiring day that time after a very long walk. I accompanied a friend who was looking for a Traductor, the Spanish word for translator in Madrid. She needed a legal translator for her paper works and documents which she needed for Canada. After that long day, we proceeded to Museo del Jamon in Madrid. I had seen around three of these in this city and I have been to two of its shops. In fact there are five Museo del Jamon (Ham Museum) in Spain's capital city.

The one we went to was in Alcala. You can have variety of sandwiches there depending on your taste and budget. For as low as 1.00 Euro on their sandwich and a cup of coffee for another euros, you are already full because their servings are really huge considering their cheap prices.

That long day walk we had was compensated after we had a snack in this!

The Museo del Jamon in Alcala Street, Madrid. I and my friend Peachy was there last March 27, 2012.

Taking Food Supplements

I was watching some news over the German television an hour ago. One of the featured news was the epidemic that is going on in Hamburg, Germany. If I am not mistaken, it is a kind of cholera disease because the symptoms are diarrhea and vomitting. I did not really hear it good because I was talking to hubby at the same time. What I heard clearly was, the bacteria came from animals like cows and maybe from some milk products and also from unwashed fruits and vegetables. I immediately asked hubby, what can we eat then? Does taking food supplements help? That's how the topic about it started.

Talking about food supplements, I know that there are already a lot in the market. If you want to buy HGH for example, be sure to read the reviews first and how it can help you. Some aspects such as Effectiveness, Safety of Ingredients, Ingredient Quality, Long Term Benefits need to be considered when buying the right food supplements. Ask the experts and professionals.

Strawberries Are Coming Soon!

The strawberries in our garden are slowly growing back again. This is the only advantage of this perennial plant because it keeps on coming back after winter season. We have some in our garden and hope to harvest some succulent ripe strawberries in June. I also planted some in flower pots like the one you see in the pictures here. I will also be replanting some because we are already starting our garden makeover. I hope that our strawberries still taste sweet. I simply love strawberries! I can't wait to see them bearing fruits again for my strawberry cake.

Good Sources of Vitamins

I believed most and maybe all of us have ideas about vitamins. I remember my Mother who was always telling me when I was still young, to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables because they are good sources of vitamins and minerals. That is really very true that the best vitamins can be obtained by including fruits and vegetables in our diet. My Mother for example was always telling me to eat squash vegetable because it is a good source of vitamin A and is really good for the eyes. Eating especially fresh fruits and vegetables is also very good for our health and body. I am not a nutritionist but basically I have knowledge about this thing. Good to know, that I have been including these foods in our menu. How about you? It's time to go down and eat some kiwis. Want some?

Beef Broccoli Recipe

It seems that I am talking about food again here. This is not really a good idea. Anyway, I just miss cooking this recipe and after a year of not preparing it, I cooked it again last week. I wish to read about lipozene reviews when I am talking about food.

This beef brocoli recipe w came from a very good friend of mine. I only made my own style. You can see in the image here that there are brocoli, carrots, green pepper and beef that are mixed all together. I just don't have enough time to write the complete recipe of this and how to prepare it. I will see if I can do it in my future post. Watch it out!

This is a good food because it has a lot of vegetables like carrots and brocoli which are high in fibers and vitamins. I love this food!

Chinese Buffet

I am talking something delicious tonight. For sure, if you love food especially Chinese delicacies, you might be drooling when seeing this food. I took this image when we ate in one of the Chinese buffet restaurant in Frankfurt. There are more than ten recipes on the table excluding salads and desserts. You might want to take Brazilian diet pill after eating buffet here. I don't really tried a lot of recipes but only concentrated on shrimps, fish and rice. After having two plates of it and some vegetable salad, I was already very full. I was also surprised because the prices are not so expensive. I am thinking of coming back here in my next visit.

It's Party Time

We did had a party again in a friend's house last Friday Oct. 29, 2010. It was Joy's advance birthday party and was held at Farah's home. It was another great time being with new friends. I believed everybody had fun during the party. The highlight of the party was the lunch time. It was a total blast celebrated until the evening.

Happy birthday Joy and wish you all the best. God bless you and your family!

Special thanks to Farah for the accommodation and to all good friends who brought with them some food and presents.

the yummy food during Joy's birthday party at Farah's

and the best one for me are the shrimps!

Cheese, Cheese and More Cheeses

Sometimes, I already forget English terms and grammar. This is the problem when I started to learn, speak and understand German language. But I am happy that I can already basically speak and understand German. I was asking awhile ago about the plural of cheese. It is cheeses, right? Oh yeah, I got it right! This is the reason why I am sharing cheese, cheese and more cheeses here!

This was taken during our trip in Amsterdam this year and a part of it was seeing a cheese factory and how this yummy cheeses are made.

The lady who was explaining how cheeses are made told us that some of these cheeses are already 20 years old. The first thing I asked her immediately was; Can we still eat those old centuries cheeses? The answer is a big NO! That's all for my travel experience from Amsterdam for now!

Apple and Banana for Dinner

Fruits and vegetables are always good food especially if you want to lose some weight. I can`t believed that I only ate apple and banana for dinner tonight. For a week now, I am trying myself not to tempt to eat a lot of food especially in the evening. It might be a good way of slowly getting rid of my excess pounds. Sometimes, I am thinking about Diet pills that work fast. I guess, there are diet supplements that also work good. You can read a lot of information online to help you find out which ones are really effective. For now, I believed that eating more fruits and vegetables are good for the body because they are also rich with vitamins and minerals. I am happy to buy a lot of vegetables today as I went grocery shopping.

Let's Forget About Diet

Sorry guys, my picture is a bit messy. I was so hungry as I woke up and immediately prepared a so-called Chicken Cordon Bleu.Ruby's style....wink! I really don't have the exact ingredients, so I had it improvised with the ingredients we have. You can browse in the net for the exact recipe..but I tell you, the one I cooked today taste very husband told me that too! I even forgot my diet today and ate a lot..bad habit of me again! sorry but I love to cook and to eat.
Ruby's Chicken Cordon Bleu

A Friend's Birthday Party

Yesterday was my friend's birthday celebration. It was a great one with tons of delicious food. Everybody was happy during the gathering. For now, I am just sharing these food photos from the birthday party. I will be sharing more photos later once I ask permission from friends for their pictures to be featured in my sites.

Belated Happy birthday dear Richel. I wish you all the good things in life and more blessings and birthdays to come. Thanks for the friendship too! here are the pictures from yesterday!!

imagine a table full of food!!..actually there are two tables full of food!

the birthday cake of Richel..the other one was on the other table..
the colorful and full of vitamins eating these fruits!

New Year's Party Blast!!

I want to award this food as the most beautifully decorated one. A fruit salad prepared by Ritchel. I guess this is her specialty now!! It was really yummy that I took home a!!thanks for preparing it Ritc!!next time make it double..para mas marami ang BH...hehehe!!

Guten Abend!! a German word which means "good evening". I hope you had a great welcome for the New year! Yes we do! especially that tons of food were prepared again last New Year Day's party. Good friends gathered together to celebrate and to welcome 2009. As usual, Filipino, American and German friends were present during the wonderful and lovely party. What do you think if you see these delicious and superb food!! American specialties as well as Filipino and German delicacies were cooked and prepared to welcome the bountiful and prosperous New Year! Thanks to great friends who were present during the celebration. Special thanks to Ritchel and hubby for hosting again the party. An…

Good Appetite

Sunday is almost ending guys! I hope that you have a great one before it ends. See that delicious food here. I cooked it last time after I tasted it from a friend in London. I just experiment it but the outcome was really good. What is the result of this food? I already gained 13 kilos more compared to my previous weight five years ago. I love to cook this is also the reasons why I gained too much weight. I know it is not good. But what you can do with a cold weather here in Europe wherein you always have the appetite to eat. I always tell myself to go on diet but everytime I think of eating, I already forget about it. Is there still a time for me to lose weight? I saw a diet supplement in the internet called Lipovox. With the ingredients that it is made of, I guess it is not bad. I will see if I can have it.

Five years of Togetherness

Five years being married!! Time is really running quickly. Imagine I am already married to my ex boyfriend? It is because he is my husband now! that's why I call him my ex boyfriend. I could still remember the first time I stepped in Germany, that was July 8, 2003. After all the papers were process, we got married on October 21, 2008. My first marriage and hoping to be the last in my life!! in God's will!! what else I am looking for!! I have a very wonderful, kind and very understanding husband. I really did not remember that we had a bad and big argument for 5 years of being together. I am happy with my married life..Life might not be perfect but at least, we succeeded in being together for 5 years.. and we both believed that we can do it until the end..It is just a matter of give and take..a matter of mutuality, love, understanding and respect. and I believed you will succeed in your married life too!!
After my husband' work, we decided to go out for dinner…

My Lunch in the Oktoberfest in Munich

Did you see that food above?..Oh well that was my lunch yesterday in the famous and historical Hofbrauhaus in Munich. It is called Puten Snitzel with Noodle with tomato sauce. My husband ordered his own food too. But where are our appetizers?? Honestly I forgot to order it because I was really very hungry at that time. I believed taking lunch around 3PM is already very late. What do you think? The most important thing, I had my lunch in this famous restaurant and beer house in Munich. I had a lot of fun yesterday in the Oktoberfest. For more updates, please visit my other sites..I will be posting more photos there!! have a great evening to all!!

the menu book of the famous Hofbrauhaus in Munich..

The Best Site for Me!

I just found this great site which I think is really good for me!! I love to cook and want to discover new recipes. I usually cook some Filipino food, Chinese, German, American and some other recipes. With My Recipes, I can already subscribe for free newsletters and even discover new recipes! That is a great site for adding to my menu list!! I just admire the authors of this site who shares ideas about cooking. Not only that they also share healthy tips and healthy diets that are very important to our daily Nutritional needs!! Visit their site now and add some recipes to your list!!

I want Schweinebraten

I got crazy last Saturday..It's almost three months that I haven't eat Schweinebraten, my favourite Germany food. It is called in English Bake Pork. When I make Schweinebraten, I usually use Schweinebauch or Pork belly in English.

I told my husband to buy some meat for me..but he said we got some meat in the freezer..I'm just lazy to dig our freezer..I insisted to him if he won't find one inside the freezer, he need to buy a fresh meat..

I finall eaten what I favourite Schweinebraten!! It disturbs my diet again!!! whatever!! see yah!!

Party for Maria!!

We got a baby shower party for Maria today...guess also my Despedida in going to the States....5 sleeps more and it will be my flight already..will have a vacation there for two months or more maybe...not so sure..I will see what happen there!! As there will be a lot of things that will be happening and sometimes we really don't can forecast them...unless maybe you are a fortune teller???huh??

Back to the party...we got a good afternoon...Filipino party will never be successful without lot of food...aha!! Each and everyone cooked and brought their own menu!! here they are in the photos!! Thanks to Lily who organized the baby shower..Maria was very happy and I guess everybody who was there...not really that much people are there....

I am also happy to be there seeing friends like Maria, Lucil, Lily, Girlie and Emily..I just met the last two for some months and just seen them maybe 2-3 times..Maria is the first Filipina I met here in Germany..She's like a sister to me already…