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Win a Bazillion Credits Plus One

Hi guys, I am finally back here. How is it going? First of all I want to apologize to all EC droppers that I really can't reciprocate your drops because until now all I can see are black boxes. I already tried my best to take a look at it but still the same story. I am not a computer expert and can't really find it out what's wrong. I already tried to clear my cache and cookies per advice from Entrecard experts but still it won't work. Again my apology!

Now the main part of the game. The Entrecard Win a Bazillion Credits Plus One. I really want to win the most points of course which is 25,000 EC points. This is amazing!! hope to really win it since this is the first EC contest I joined!! More power to Entrecard and all the sponsors of the contest!!

SPONSORS (In order of mostest credits. Natch!)

Games, Downloads, Walkthroughs - 25,000ec

Google Stalking - 20,001ec

Fragile Heart - 20,000ec

Atlanta Realtors - 10,000ec

The Beauty Denominator - 5,000ec

Norwegian Pro…