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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Passau, A European City

Passau, Passau! I am trying to remember how many times did I already visited this city. I got it now! I was there for the fourth time last summer 2010. I also had the chance to always pass this city for a lot of times. Passau is truly a European city and I always  love visiting  it.

It is famous for the name,  "The Three River City" or known as  "Dreifl├╝ssestadt" because the Danube is joined at Passau by the Inn from the south and the Ilz from the north. What I love most in this city is its  Cathedral known as  the St. Stephen's Dom. I love its architecture especially its interior.

Just sharing these snapshots I took   during my last visit in August 2010.

I wish everyone a great month of August 2012! Cheers!

The interior of St. Stephen's Cathedral in Passau.

The tower of the Rathaus or City Hall of Passau.
Europastadt Passau which means Europe City Passau. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Beautiful Church in Freystadt, Bavaria

I was browsing some images this morning and found some photos during our day sightseeing in Freystadt. This town is located in the district of Neumarkt near the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal in Bavaria, Germany. It was one weekend last 2010 when we decided to drive around and visit places nearby.

the beautiful dome of the Mariahilfkirche in Freystadt.

One of the sights we visited in Freystadt was its beautiful church. It is named Mariahilfkirche, called in English as Our Lady of Perpetual Help. We decided to go inside the church and lit some candles. I also took some images from inside which you see below. I was amazed by the carvings and architecture of this building. Some parts of it especially the altar are painted with gold and silver. I am not quite sure if the statues inside were also decorated with Rainbow Obsidian Beads because they also look beautiful.

This Pilgrimage church has High Barouqe architecture. Located nearby is a Franciscan Monastery. I wish to find more information about this church to share in my blogs.

view of the Mariahilfkirche in the west side.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Visit to Landshut, Germany

I am trying to remember the exact date when we visited Landshut. While browsing my images and looking for the date when it was taken, I found out that we visited this city last July 4, 2009. It was a wonderful trip we had because we were able to witness its famous festival called the Landshuter Hochzeit or Landshut Wedding. This festival only takes place every four years. It means that the next festival will take place on July 2013.

Landshut, a city in the state of Bavaria is located in the south-east of Germany, belonging to both Eastern and Southern Bavaria. It is situated on the banks of Isar River. This city is famous for its Gothic architecture located in its historic city center. Most of it were not destroyed during the World War II attacks.

I want to visit again the next Landshuter Hochzeit festival in 2013.

you can participants of the Landshut Wedding wearing Medieval costumes.

the Church of Saint Martin featuring the world's tallest brick tower.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Visit in Neumarkt, Bavaria

Hello folks! It seems that I was away for some days here. I had a Europe tour with a friend and now we are finally backed home but the tour is still not over. We still have around five days for sightseeing in some nearby cities in Bavaria, Germany. I am sharing an image of the first town where my friend and I had a sightseeing last August 9, 2010. This was in Neumarkt, a district in the Upper Palatinate of Bavaria. You can see the town hall and the church in the image I took below. More updates to come soon!
The white building is the town hall of Neumarkt, Bavaria

Friday, April 30, 2010

Beautiful Blue Sky in Velburg

Good morning folks! It's TGIF again! What a wonderful day again we are having right now. April is almost ending. I just hope that you had a great month of April. I can say that this month is just so perfect after all the blessings that we received. We are so thankful about it. Thank you dear God! Since May is coming soon, I just wish you all another great start of the month.

It's time to share the beautiful blue sky in Velburg. We always this Church every time we visit this town. Have a wonderful day and a lovely weekend ahead!
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Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday Saying and the Sky at St. Ullrich Church in Hohenfels

"When God’s children pass under the shadow of the cross of Calvary, they know that through that shadow lies their passage to the great white throne. For them Gethsemane is as paradise. God fills it with sacred presences; its solemn silence is broken by the music of tender promises, its awful darkness softened and brightened by the sunlight of Heavenly faces and the music of angel wings."

Frederic William Farrar
The Easter Egg decoration at St. Ullrich Church in Hohenfels, Germany. I took this picture last Tuesday.

PhotobucketWordless Wednesday
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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Church in Munich, Germany

I am trying to find out what is the exact name of this Church in Munich which we passed-by last June 2007. I guess I can't find it right now. I have been googling it but still of no success. I appreciate any idea what is exactly the name of this Church in Munich. Thanks in advance. Happy weekend!
Scenic SundayPhotobucket
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