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I Miss The Sunset in South Cebu

This is one thing I miss when I am home in the Philippines. The beautiful sunset that I can watch from our terrace is truly a spectacular scene for me. Its beautiful setting over the horizon with its colorful rays that touch the blue sea is truly amazing! I feel like looking in a kaleidoscope when I a see a colorful pattern of the sunrays that goes down the horizon. Truly a phenomenon!

I hope to go home soon once again to  unwind, relax, recharge  and simply feel at home! There is really no place like home! Agree with me folks? Have a nice day!

The spectacular view from our home in Cebu City. I truly miss this phenomenon!

Cebu City's Skyline from Taoist Temple

If you are at Taoist Temple, you can have a very nice view of   Cebu City.  Dubbed as the "Queen City of the South" and also the second city in the Philippines after Manila, there are a lot  of  sights to see and to experience in this city.

Among the famous sights are the Santo Nino Basilica, Magellan's Cross, Fort San Pedro, Colon Street, Lapu-lapu Monument  and more.

This was taken during my last vacation in  Cebu last 2010. You can see the Waterfront hotel  with its three blue towers. The port of Cebu is also visible in this image.
Taoist Temple in Beverly Hills, Cebu City, Philippines. This was already my fourth visit in this famous sight in Cebu.

Kawasan falls in Badian, Cebu

If I have a choice where I have to stay this month, I would say in the Philippines! You know why, the weather is not cold because it is in the tropics, i miss the local foods there, there are celebrations that I want to attend like the Sinulog in Cebu or the Halad in Midsayap and yes I want to go to Kawasan Falls again.

Kawasan are a set of falls in the town of Badian in Cebu Province in the Philippines. I love to go trekking along the peaceful river going to Kawasan Falls. It is around 130 km southeast of Cebu City. I hope to visit this place again in my next vacation to the Philippines!

Kawasan during my third visit last January 2010.

Fort San Pedro, Cebu, Philippines

How I wish I am in the Philippines right now. The reason is, to escape the cold winter time in Europe. It was a wonderful time vacation I had last year in my home country. More on that, it was so far the longest vacation I had, almost three months in the Philippines.

Although I am busy with a project that time, I still managed to have little trips especially in Cebu Province. One of the sights we visited in Cebu City was Fort San Pedro. Called as Fuerza de San Pedro in Spanish, this structure was used a a military defense during the Spanish era in the Philippines. It is located in Plaza Indepedencia, in the Pier Area of Cebu City.

inside the compound of Fort San Pedro. taken during our visit last January 2010.

Fuerza San Pedro, the fort is described as built of stone mortar with a terraplein where guns are mounted. The fort contains the necessary buildings. The largest of these buildings was the "Cuerpo de Guardia" where the personnel that manned the fort lived.…

Sinulog Festival in Cebu, Philippines

I was able to witness this festival twice. The second time I was there was last January 2010. Sinulog is an annual festival held on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City, Philippines. The festival features a street parade with participants in bright coloured costumes dancing to the rhythm of drums, trumpets and native gongs.

I hope to see this again in my next visit to the Philippines. Here are some snapshots I took last year.

one of the contingents during the Sinulog contest held in Cebu Sports Complex.

the festival has been promoted as a tourist attraction, with a contest featuring contingents from various parts of the country.

The festival commemorates the Cebuano people's pagan origin, and their acceptance of Roman Catholicism.

Wish I'm Home

I always believed in the saying, "There is no place like home". A lot of people had been asking me if I want to go back again in my home country in the future. I already found my second home here in Europe but I always believed, that one day, I will find my way back home.

How I just wish that I am home this time...even just to give comfort especially to a loveone. Sometimes it is just difficult to be away from your loveones but there are always ways where you can meet again....and again!

One of the beautiful scenes I miss from my home country. There is where I used to sit especially in the afternoon watching the beauty as the sun goes down....what a priceless view of nature and I truly miss it!

Sinulog Festival in Cebu

The Sinulog festival in Cebu is a famous celebration in this city. It is an annual festival held every third Sunday of January. It has become a tourists magnet which attracts visitors from all parts of the Philippines and even from the whole world. The festival features a street parade with participants in bright colored costumes dancing to the rhythm of drums, trumpets and native gongs.

Here are some images taken during our visit last January 2010.

The Sinulog contest is always held in Cebu City Sports Complex

Since 1521, devotion to the Santo NiƱo has grown and has taken root in Philippine popular piety, particularly in the Visayas; pilgrims from different parts of Cebu and the rest of the Philippines make their yearly journey to the church to take part in the procession and festival. Starting in 1980, the Cebu City government organized the Sinulog Mardi Gras and eventually gave incentives to tribal dance groups. The first Sinulog parade was held in 1980, org…

View From Our Window

Hello peeps! I am here again to give you a little update. I am sharing an image taken during my vacation in my home country. This is the beautiful view from our window. HB said that he want to retire in this small paradise in the future.... in God's will. I also miss this scene. During my vacation this year, I always look at this window every time and wake up. During the afternoon, I also love to watch the sunset over the horizon. Such an amazing scenery!
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Home Sweet Home in Cebu, Philippines

I believed there is always no place like home. I found my second home in Germany but Philippines will always be my home. My family is currently living in the Province of Cebu in the Philippines. Cebu is also consists of different cities and islands. You can see a lot of intresting sights in Cebu City and other parts of the island. One of the best things I love here are the white beaches like in Malapascua or Bantayan island. Here are some images from our place somewhere in the south part of Cebu.

the terrace in our house facing the sea.

Cebu (Cebuano:Sugbo) is a province in the Philippines, consisting of Cebu island and 167 surrounding islands. It is located to the east of Negros, to the west of Leyte and Bohol islands. Cebu is a long narrow island stretching 225 kilometers from north to south, surrounded by 167 neighbouring, smaller islands, which include Mactan, Bantayan, Malapascua, Olango and the Camotes Islands. Cebu has narrow coastlines, limestone plateaus and coastal p…

South Cebu Sky and Sea

It's TGIF again! I hope we will all be having a wonderful weekend. I am sharing a picture taken somewhere in South Cebu, Philippines. I love the blue sea and skies in this part of the island. Have a great day. It seems that King sun is shining right now!
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Fishermen Catching Fishes

What a wonderful day we had today! The sun was shining the whole day and the blue sky is very nice to stare at. It's like the blue sea you see below. Here is a picture of the fishermen catching fishes on the sea. This was taken in Cebu, Philippines.
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Let's Get Wet in Cebu Philippines

It's time to get wet now in Cebu, Philippines. The picture below was taken in Liloan, Cebu while we are waiting for the fast craft for island hopping to Dumaguete. This image was zoomed by my Sony digital camera. Might not be perfectly taken but at least I am having fun sharing this beautiful scenery from Cebu, Philippines. Let's get wet and have some fun!

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Let's Go Swimming in Cebu

This is quite funny guys. This happened during our vacation last 2006 in the Philippines. My sister and her two kids from Mindanao also visited us in Cebu that time. My nephew Ading, told us that he already want to go swimming in a big swimming pool. Imagine a huge swimming pool that you can see in the picture here! He was three years old that time and he really loves the water. Me and HB can't avoid to smile every time we remember Ading.

My father is also planning to make a pond in this place. I am not sure if he need a pond light if ever that project will materialize. There are still a lot of things to do in our house and I guess, the pond project will take place once the house is totally finished. I miss the blue sky, the blue sea and the sunshine in this part of the Philippines called Cebu. "There is still no place like home", as the saying goes!

WW: View from Our Window

I miss this place! This is what I always see every morning and the whole day when I was still here. My vacation is over and I have to go back to my second home in Europe. What left of me now are the images I took from this place. This is somewhere in the South of Cebu. HB said he want to retire here because for him like any European, this place is a paradise. What do you think? take care guys!

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Fireworks at Sinulog Festival in Cebu City, Philippines

The first day of March is almost over now. I hope that you are having a good one. Some might not have a good day, some might have a very inspiring day. The picture you see below was taken during the 2010 Sinulog Festival in Cebu City. I had witnessed this biggest celebration in Cebu twice in my life. I wish to share more pictures of Sinulog next time.
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Visit to Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu

Good morning folks! Wanna go a little sightseeing today. if you have not been to Kawasan falls in Badian, Cebu, Philippines, I guess it is time for you to see it even just in a picture. I already visited this place twice. The last time was last January 13, this month. It was my sister's birthday. That is the reason why I cannot forget that day. This beautiful place is one of the most visited sights in Cebu. There are a lot of foreigners who visit this place. Feel free to click the photo to enlarge. Have a lovely day!

Sinulog in Cebu Fireworks

I want to share a picture from Sinulog, the biggest religious festival in Cebu City, Philippines. It was truly amazing as we watch the Sinulog dance competition in Abellana complex last Sunday. Millions of visitors from all over Philippines and around the world had witnessed the said celebration. I just forgot to surf about xenadrine rfa x because the internet connection is very slow. Above is one of the pictures I took during the Sinulog festival. Sorry guys, I am just sad to know that there are a lot of pictures that were corrupted from my camera. I don't know exactly what's wrong. I guess it was attack by some sort of viruses. I wish to share more pictures next time.

Cebu City

We will be going back to Cebu City tomorrow. We are still in Makati right now. My sister already bought a ticket for the Sinulog celebration which will be held tomorrow. I am quite excited since this will be the first time that I will be in the Grandstand in Abellana to witness the said celebration. For now, I want to browse a review about phentermine diet pill. Do you have any idea if this is really an effective way of losing extra weight. I wish to lose around 15 kilos. I hope next time! See you Cebu and Sinulog tomorrow! Anyway the picture above was taken near South Bus terminal in Cebu City.

WW: Philippines, I'm Coming Soon!

Philippines, I am coming very soon! I am just sharing these photos before I sign-off tonight. I have to go to bed soon to wake up early tomorrow for my trip back home. I also would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to all blogger friends, visitors and viewers of my sites. I truly appreciate it guys. Blogging is never fun without your presence.

here are the photos taken from Philippines. The first one was taken in Malapascua Island during my visit last 2001 and the second one is our garden in my home sweet home! I am also praying for my safe and sound trip to my homeland. Have a great week guys. I will try to give you some updates from time to time. God bless and goodnight!

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