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Friday, January 20, 2012

The Hohensalzburg in Salzburg, Austria

This was my third visit in Salzburg, Austria but it was the first time for me to go to the castle. Hohensalzburg is a castle atop the Festungsberg mountain. Its name literally means "High Salzburg Fortress". If I have to translate Hohensalzburg one by one, it actually consist of three German words, Hohe means high, Salz is salt and Burg, a fortress.

There are a lot of sights to visit in Salzburg. Its Old Town for example is a must to see because it belong to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This city is also the birthplace of the famous musician and composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The view of Hohensalzburg at the Cathedral Square. This monument with a man on top of it was still not there during my first visit in 2008. I am not quite sure but I did not see this in my first visit. The construction of the fortress began in 1077 under Archbishop Gebhard von Helfenstein.

a souvenir shop in Salzburg, Austria. This was taken during my third visit last July 2011.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

View of Salzburg City from Hohensalzburg Castle

The best way of looking around Salzburg is to climb on Hohensalzburg castle. From there, you can have a breathtaking view especially of the Historic Center of the city of Salzburg which also belong to the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Last July 2011 was already my third visit to this Austrian city. I find it always interesting would love to come back again and again. I hope you are all having a wonderful start of 2012. Cheers!

view of the historic center of salzburg from one of the fortress' windows. It was during my third visit in Salzburg when I had the chance to go up to the castle.

Salzburg is on the banks of the Salzach River, at the northern boundary of the Alps. The mountains to Salzburg's south contrast with the rolling plains to the north. The closest alpine peak—the 1972 m Untersberg—is only a few kilometres from the city centre. The Altstadt, or "old town", is dominated by its baroque towers and churches and the massive Festung Hohensalzburg.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Remembering Windsor Castle in England

It was three years ago since I visited this medieval castle in the English country of Berkshire. Windsor Castle is noted for its architecture and the association with the British Royal family. This castle is considered to be the largest inhabited castle in the world since more than five hundred are living and working here. It is in essence a Georgian and Victorian design based on a medieval structure, with Gothic features reinvented in a modern style.

I remember during our visit, I told myself not to go inside because I will surely pay for an entrance. Upon seeing the castle November 2008, I decided to go and had a look of it. Sad to say, taking pictures inside the castle rooms is forbidden.

My visit to Windsor castle was so far one of the highlights during my three weeks vacation in England.

Windsor Castle during our visit last Nov. 2011

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hohensalzburg Castle in Salzburg, Austria

It was during my third visit in Salzburg, Austria when I had the chance to go inside the Hohensalzburg Castle. The Festung Hohensalzburg which literally means "High Salzburg Fortress" is located on top of the Festungsberg mountain. It is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe with a a length of 250 m (820 ft) and a width of 150 m (490 ft).

From the you can have breath-taking views of Salzburg and the Alps. Inside the fortress is a museum of medieval weapons, life on the fortress, and torture instruments. Since we don't have so much time to hike up to the Fortress, we took the funicular. A family ticket cost 24.30 Euros.

Festung Hohensalzburg during my third visit last July 2011.
Construction of the fortress began in 1077 under Archbishop Gebhard von Helfenstein.

panorama of Salzburg from the Hohensalzburg Castle..taken last July 2011.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Beautiful Sunday!

I am just thankful that I had a very wonderful weekend. Last Saturday, I had the chance to visit again for the third time the famous Neuschwanstein castle of King Ludwig II of Bavaria. Thanks to my friends for the invitation to go with them. Yesterday, I had a relaxing and nice day too. I had a walk with hubby in the winter wonderland. It was simply a beautiful Sunday. Thanks God for everything!

the tower of the Castle ruins in Hohenfels. It seems that the snow is slowly melting. I love the blue sky here. This was taken during our walk yesterday.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Wolfstein Castle in Neumarkt, Bavaria, Germany

My friend from the US is finally here. We picked her up at Nuremberg airport yesterday. Today, we just visited the old city in Neumarkt and the Wolfstein castle ruin. Here is an image of that castle. I can't stay too long now. We have to wake-up early later to go to Munich. I might give you some updates for a week or two. I will be out of the country again. More travel images next time in this blog and in my other sites. Have a great week to all!
taken during our visit today yesterday in Wolfstein Castle

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Castle Tower in Hohenfels and the Lovely Begonias

Weekend is almost over again! I hope you had a great one. Yes, I do and I am very thankful about it. I just watched the football game played between Germany and Australia. German won with a score of 4-0. That was truly a great winning especially for the German Football Team and the fans. I also had a great Sunday today after having a little sightseeing at the nearby town. There was an Altstadtsfest or Old City festival in Neumarkt, Germany and today is the last day. We also visited the rose garden in this district and it was very beautiful.

Here are my images for my memes. The first one is the tower of the castle ruins in Hohenfels. I went to the top of this hill last Wednesday and made some pictures of the surroundings. The second one are some begonia flowers. I wish you all a great week ahead. take care folks!
the plants and grasses are growing again at the castle ruins in Hohenfels. I took this picture during my visit to this castle last Wednesday.

below are some lovely begonias..I love these flowers too! This image was taken yesterday in a garden center in Regensburg last Friday.
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Friday, June 11, 2010

Skywatching in Kallmuenz Castle

It's TGIF again! Thanks God it's Friday! I know that a lot of workers who have off during weekends are happy again. They can have time with their family or friends during these days. They can go for a weekend trip maybe, go dining out or maybe grilling in the garden. Today was a perfect day for grilling but we have to take care of some things today.

On our way home tonight, we passed-by this castle ruins in Kallmuenz, a small town in Regensburg, Germany. Isn't it a good thing remembering what the people had done during those times especially in building architecture like this? I am always fascinated and I truly found this architecture very impressing. Here is the picture I took from Kallmuenz Castle Ruins.
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Friday, May 7, 2010

Looking at The Sky in Windsor Castle, England

How I wish that I can see again the sky in Windsor Castle in England. All I have now are memories and photographs that always reminds me about my three weeks vacation in England last 2008. It was truly full of excitement and adventure I had with friends whom I had visited there. Don't you know that Windsor Castle is the biggest occupied castle in the world? Yes, it is! Here is a picture I took during my visit last November 2008.
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Sky Watching in Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany

It's time to share again images of amazing skies! This time I am sharing a sky watching picture from Nuremberg, a city in Bavaria, Germany. You see here the tower of Nuremberg Castle. This castle is considered to be one of the famous sights in this city. Never miss visiting this castle when you are in Nuremberg. I have been to this city for a lot of times already. This picture was taken during our visit last weekend April 17, 2010. It was again another memorable trip. Have a wonderful weekend ahead!
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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Parsberg Castle in Germany

Good evening folks! I am sharing a picture below taken as we passed-by Parsberg today to buy some things. The sky was quite dark. The clouds seems to be smiling and saying, "we're coming down later." Have a lovely weekend to all! time to slowly go to bed.
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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring is Finally Here

Another weekend is here! My sister that today is beginning of spring time in Dallas, Texas. I also heard this afternoon over a radio station here in Germany that today is the beginning of spring time. That is the reason why we headed to Burglengenfeld to buy some flowers and other stuffs for the house. I already started planting flowers this afternoon in our garden.

I am also sharing a picture of the Burglengenfeld Castle as we passed by this afternoon. You can only see the tower from this castle. What a gray sky we had but I am thankful that it is warmer now with a temperature of 16 degrees centigrade. I am so happy! Happy weekend to you too!

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Go Wordless inside Warwick Castle in England

This blog go semi-wordless today. Of course you are allowed to talk while touring inside Warwick Castle in Warwickshire, England. It seems that those people inside are mostly true but some were made of wax. You will know it once you make a visit inside the castle. Tschuss!

Wordless Wednesday
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Sunday, September 20, 2009

SS- Warwick Castle in England

I am joining this week's Scenic Sunday meme. This is one of the towers of Warwick Castle in England. I took this photo during our visit there last year. In fact I celebrated Halloween in Warwick Castle. That was fun and an awesome experience.

Scenic Sunday

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Weekend Escapades in Eremitage Palace in Bayreuth

Good evening everyone! I am quite tired now after having an escapade in Bayreuth here in Bavaria, Germany. We visited some gardens and palaces in this city. One of the palaces we visited is the Eremitage. My husband don't have the desire to visit the palace but after convincing him to drive for around 6 kilometers more from Bayreuth City Center, we finally went to the place. The palace is really worthy to visit. I love especially its royal garden.

I am sharing some photos for now since I already want to sign-off and take a rest. More photos and updates tomorrow in my other sites. Have a great evening and wish that you enjoy your weekend too!

taking a pose at the so-called Upper Grotto in Eremitage. This place was so amazing!

another part of the Palace in Eremitage and the fountain and garden in front..a nice place to relax and enjoy the scenery around.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weekend Escapades in Germany

What a wonderful day we had today! Thanks God for the chance to enjoy our day today and for giving us a safe trip. The weather was perfect for sightseeing around. We had been to different cities and towns here in Bavaria, Germany. We also visited some castles, churches, museums, resorts and other interesting places. Oh yes in one day, we were able to make it. Some places we visited are Kelheim, Riedenburg, Beilgries, Kratzmuehle and some other more.

I guess I am quite sleepy now. I will give you more updates tomorrow in my other blogs. I also hope that you had a great start of the month. I am very thankful to God that I am always blessed with good things in life despite of some trials and problems. Life is like that and we must have to be thankful that we are in this world. Take care everyone. Lastly I want to extend my thanks and gratitude to all blogger friends, visitors, viewers and readers for always visiting me in my sites. take care guys and enjoy your weekend!
these are some of the photos which are taken at Falkenhof Schloss Rosenburg. we had a great fun there watching amazing birds that are trained like eagles, falcons, owls and a lot more.
waving for happiness in fro nt of the castle..thanks also to my dear beloeved husband who is very kind, loving and supportive.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WW: Kallmuenz Castle Ruins

I am joining for today's Wordless Wednesday Tuesday edition! I am sharing a town named Kallmuenz which is near to us. You can also see in the background the Castle ruins and the tower of St. Michael Church. That smaller tower is from the old Municipal Building. have fun viewing the photos!

Feel free to visit WW site to join and to see more photos. Happy Wordless Wednesday everyday!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WW: Kallmuenz Castle Ruins in Germany

This is the Castle Ruins in Kallmuenz, Germany. I took this photo as we went walking here two weeks ago. A good place to relax and be with nature. Happy Wordless Wednesday!

copyright original photo taken by my Canon Powershot S5 IS camera.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Burgruine Hohenfels

Burgruine Hohenfels, The Castle remains of the so-called Schlossberg in Hohenfels. Hohenfels is a small town in Oberpfalz and is a big valley which simply means that it is surrounded by hills and mountains.. It is a very beautiful place especially during summer time when the surroundings are all green. I always love to take photos of this place especially during the different seasons of the year. I considered Hohenfels my second home being a German citizen now.

Feel free to visit my other sites for more photos of Hohenfels. I am featuring it in most of my sites!! have a great afternoon!!

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