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Monday, March 29, 2010

I Love to Click My Camera

Another week is here! I just remember that this week is already the last week of March. Summer time is finally here in our place. It is not a very good idea because the weather is still not so friendly. It is raining right now and I don't have the chance to visit the castle ruins near our place. I want to to take some pictures before all the trees around the castle start to grow. Taking pictures of anything is one of my passion. In fact dear HB told me that I am a photography addict. The problem is, I just know how to click my camera and to take a good picture is really my problem. I also love taking macro images but it is not so good. In guess, I still need to know more about it. Thanks to the tips and information shared by Article City on Macro Photography.

I also found some tips on how to capture Shutter Speed and Focus at Web World Articles. I immediately bookmarked these sites for future reference. I want to read and analyze them once I have time. I had already taken thousands of photographs and images but it seems that capturing the best photo quality failed in it. I mean the right thing to do about taking pictures also. I am thankful that these sites I just visited provide helpful information especially on photography. Thank you guys for sharing this very good information on this topic. I will visit you again for sure.

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