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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Camera Critters#1- Dogs out Here

Another wonderful meme is here. I just stumbled a blog yesterday and found this meme. It is called Camera Critters meme. You can post pictures of any animals or critters. It would be nice seeing such cute and lovely creatures. Feel free to visit the site and join this meme. Here is my first entry. This is not a very nice shot but I promise to share a better one next time. Happy weekend!

Click the logo to join and see beautiful creatures/animals of different kinds. Appreciation to the Author of this site for this very interesting meme.Happy weekend to all

Camera Critters

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Be Kind to Animals!!

I love animals!!..In fact in my other blog, I mentioned that I have around seven dogs back in the Philippines. Quite a lot huh!! Oh well, I believed dogs are man's bestfriend!! Do you agree with me?? How about cats?? We have one cat left now at home. His name is Spike. The other one named Muffin was already dead last 2006 and she is my favorite..Cats need cat trees and Spike already have one!! Are you looking for very nice and affordable cat trees? My Cats Heaven is the best place to provide your cats in everything they need..Always remember, "Be kind to animals."!! I will finally say good night now!! bye bye!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Having Problems with Bedbugs

I remember back home in Germany about our bed. Sometimes I just feel that there is something biting me on bed while sleeping. I even have to scratch so much the skin which I felt being biten. I guess these are what they called bedbug.

Our bed is around 5 years old already but it is still a good bed. I am comfortable sleeping on it. I believed I just need a solution how to get rid of bedbugs. This is the reason why I came accross It is a very informative site on how to kill and get rid of bedbugs. Bed Bugs Guide have all the informations about bedbugs and how to eliminate them, thus saving your mattresses.

I found now the solution in this site..No need to buy anymore for a new mattress which also means saving hundreds of Euros for a new bed.

Visit their site now and find the solution about bedbugs problems. Spend your money wisely!!!!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bees Learn Thievery

Even the pinhead-sized brains of insects can learn new skills from their comrades - including theft.

It seems bumblebees can discover how to "rob" flowers of nectar, scientists now reveal.

Normally bumblebees crawl into flowers to get a nectar. In return for this sweet treat, blossoms coat the insects in pollen, which contains plant sperm. When these bees rendezvous with other flowers, they serve as couriers of this pollen, helping the plants breed.

However, bees can bite through the base of a flower to suck up nectar instead, avoiding the pollen altogether. Since they get something for nothing this way - drinking nectar without helping the flowers mate - such behavior can be seen as theft. The bees may commit such an act to get nectar from blossoms they could not fit into, or just to get more nectar than possible by normal means.

Now it appears that bumblebees can quickly learn how to rob flowers if they visit blossoms that others have already burglarized. The bees could learn how to commit such theft by themselves, but this was rare. But, after one bee learned how to rob nectar by watching its comrades, the skill rapidly spread to other bees.

It was long known that bees could learn simple facts from each other - such as where food is, for instance - but the discovery that insects can learn skills from others is a first.

"It was actually first suggested in one of Darwin's journals. He saw bumblebees robbing flowers in a garden one day, and saw honeybees doing something similar afterward," said researcher Ellouise Leadbeater, a behavioral ecologist at Queen Mary, University of London. "That led us to our work."

The brains of bumblebees are a little larger than 1 cubic millimeter in size, or nearly one-millionth the size of a human brain.

"It's interesting to see what you can do with a small brain," Leadbeater told LiveScience. "But then again, it may be that you just don't need to be very clever to learn a simple technique like this."

In the future, research could see if bumblebees could teach other species of bees how to rob nectar. Other insects that could learn skills from within or outside their species might include ants, Leadbeater speculated.

Leadbeater and her colleague Lars Chittka detailed their findings online April 23 in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B.


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