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Friday, April 25, 2014

6 Gorgeous Moleskine Products

Originating in 19th century Paris, Moleskine accessories have long been considered a touch of elegance in an inelegant world. Are you ready to experience their classic beauty for yourself? Here are six high-quality goods that could be yours when you shop Moleskines.

1: Bags

Moleskine bags aren't like others on the market. For one, they're made of soft, gently-woven fabrics with stylish and utilitarian designs. They also come with padded straps and shoulder pads for the comfort of the wearer. Even the inner lining is silky smooth! For a taste of luxury, you can't beat a Moleskine bag.

2: Black Albums

Part journal, part scrapbook, these albums are made with embossed heavyweight paper in the darkest of blacks, all the better for glowingly colored Moleskine markers to "pop" on the page. The albums also come with inner pockets and clasps for the addition of photos, movie tickets and anything else you care to immortalize.

3: Pencils

Ask any artist about their favorite colored pencils, and nine times out of ten they'll launch into a description of Moleskines. Made with softer graphite and more vivid colors than regular writing utensils, a set of Moleskine pencils make a great gift for both others and yourself.

4: Belly Bands

Moleskine belly bands slip around the center of your books to keep them from damage during transport. Some companies like Jenni Bick even offer customized bands in sweet pastels with personal inscriptions. If you want your reading material to look just as put-together as you do, consider a Moleskine band.

5: Refillable Journals

Do you hate having to set aside a beloved journal when you've reached the final line? Moleskine has come up with an innovative solution: journal covers that detach from their pages. When you finish one set, simply take off the cover and re-attach it to a fresh new set of paper. You can keep the same journal cover for years!

6: Sketchbooks

Soft Moleskine sketchbooks allow dreamy artists to record all their feelings and impressions wherever they go. With rounded corners and thick, ivory-colored paper, this is an accessory that will let you take life one page at a time.

As you can see, Moleskine products run the gamut from extravagant to functional. Most tend to be a little of both. Think about Moleskine the next time you're shopping for a unique gift or looking for a way to treat yourself.

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