Saturday, June 29, 2013

Joined Postcard Enthusiasts Group in Facebook

I am a  travel blogger and I do surely love collecting postcards from all the places I visited.  I also joined some groups of postcrossers   in facebook. Members are  located worldwide. I would love o exchange postcards with any of them soon. For this reason, I am trying to search for cheap postcard printing where I can print all the photos I made from my travels.I guess printing my own postcards is cheaper.

The other week, I also sent some postcards to blogger friends. I hope they can receive it soon. Last week, I also receive from a blogger friend a postcard from the Philippines. I was so happy when I read  her messages on the postcard.

With these group of Postcard  Enthusiasts in facebook, I hope to send and receive postcards soon.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pests in Our Home and Garden

This is not really a funny topic about pests in our home and garden. Are you having the same problem like ours? This is especially true especially if these pests are inside our homes. More on that, there are people who are afraid of pests such as flies, rats, ants, bees, snails, slugs, centipedes and the like.

This afternoon,  when I was working in our garden, I was so mad because there are a lot of slugs eating the leaves and flowers of my plants. I believed you are very familiar about this kind of pest which is a shell-less terrestrial gastropod mollusk. I already saw different kinds and colors of slugs in our garden.

scary slug in our garden.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Friend's Daughter Going to A Ballet Class

I believed this is one thing parents are so proud of, when their children have some talents and they want to improve it. I remember a good friend who sent  her daughter to a ballet class. That was so many years ago. I guess, 8 years ago. For parents who are looking for ballet clothing or to those who are planning to give presents to their kids or friend's daughters, you can find  ballet recital gifts here. This is one thing that is of advantage to everyone. You can already find and shop online with all the things you need.

I hope I can meet my friend again before they will leave Europe. Have a nice week  folks!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The making of Our Multi-purpose Garage

It was a lot of  hard work and patience as we built this  project. It is quite a huge area of almost 60 square meters. It is not only use as garage for our two cars but also a patio where you can sit back and relax during summer days. It is where we also held  gatherings, parties and celebrations. During winter time, we don't need to worry anymore because our cars are already under the roof and are now protected from snow.

I could still remember when we started digging the ground because we have to level it with the street. We hired a company who has a skip business to dig, store  and put away all the soils and stones in the area where the multi-purpose garage is located now.

Our multi-purpose garage is almost done.
 It was like building a house where you need to dig the foundations. You will surely need a skip to dump all the waste, soils and other materials.

We are very happy and contented with this project of ours.  There is only one more thing  we need to do. This year, we need to put  some sorts of clear  sidings or walls around it. Life  becomes  more easy and convenient when you have a beautiful place to stay. Right folks?

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