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Job Offer

How I wish I can work again! I received this message in my inbox last Monday about a certain job position.  Thy are looking for a  German Technical Customer Care - Hardware/Gadgets in  Enschede, Netherlands. That is quite a very far place from where I live. If I have to consider all the living expenses  like  apartment, transportation, cost of living  and the like, I guess the job salary offer is not worth it.

I rather do what I am doing right now. I am not really earning  a big money but it is enough to  book  the next travel I want if I find a cheap one.  If the area is only located near our place, I will probably  grab the job.  I believed my CV is still live in the JPGray's system.

This is how the letter was presented. 

"Dear MR,

Apologies if this vacancy is not relevant to you. I'm looking urgently for German/English Technical Customer Service employees in area Enschede! Do you have a passion for hardware and gadgets? Are you able to speak and write fluent in German…

It's Coffee Talk This Time

Have you seen any of the Nespresso commercials of George Clooney? I love watching these so called "What Else" advertisements on Nespresso. This is how the commercial goes,   Mr. Clooney  went inside the Nespresso shop. That time,  two lovely ladies where also sitting inside talking about coffee and espresso and describing it as dark, intense, balance, delicate, rich, very rich, smooth, mysterious, strong character,  deep and sensual and most of all delicious after taste. Sounds good indeed! George Clooney was listening to them during this commercial and later came closer to them and asked "Which one of that espresso? mine? I guess that is how he said it and probably he is thinking that the ladies are also describing about a certain man in their conversation. That was really a good one!

I just find the commercial romantic and quite interesting. I also love the music played entitled "the Boutique". I believed "What Else" is the first Nespresso com…

Next Home Project is Renovating Our Kitchen

After I am done with my online tasks this afternoon and after packing my luggage for my next trip, I also want to start getting some of the stuffs that we don't need for our kitchen. Yes, we will be renovating our kitchen starting this month. We are thankful that the weather is getting better now so that hubby can start with the renovation. We already ordered our new kitchen and for sure, we also need some things when doing it. We also checked the hinges for our kitchen cabinets, ensuring that they are all of good quality.

Since it is a full kitchen renovation, it means that we will also change the flooring from wood to tiles. The old kitchen set will also be dismantled and the new one will be installed once everything are ready. I can't wait for it to be done before my "Big Day" this summer time. I am quite excited for our new kitchen soon!

Souvenirs from Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Vaduz is not really a big city  since Liechtenstein is also a small  country. Vaduz is the capital of the principality of Liechtenstein and the seat of the national parliament. I had a short sightseeing there last month. One of things I did was buying souvenirs. Since most of the souvenirs are expensive, I only ended up buying  some postcards, a shot glasses and fridge magnet.  Imagine a postcard cost 1.00 euro..huhu! That was really expensive.  I spend a total of 25.00 euros only for souvenirs.

I am happy that finally I visited Liechtenstein and its capital city.