Monday, October 29, 2012

My Sort of Entertainment and Relaxation

Everyone needs to unwind and relax from time to time. This is true especially if you work 8 hours or more in a day and 5-days a week. To forget your daily work routine, some might be going for a weekend trip, a night in a bar talking with friends while sitting on  comfortable  bar stools. Some would love to simply stay at home and watch Television or spend the weekend with the whole family. Others might go for a dine-out. Whatever it is, all of us simply need a form of relaxation and entertainment.

If you have to ask me what I do during my free time? I also have a sort of entertainment and relaxation. I don't have a full time job but being a blogger and freelancer, I also need a time to deviate myself away in front of my computer and from  daily household chores. Anyway, I love sitting on my swiveled chair while in front of my pc while browsing online.

A bar restaurant where we go for dine-out sometimes.
Last Saturday, my friend called me if I want to go with her in a bar restaurant. Actually she has been inviting me since two weeks ago. She mentioned that this place is new and she just wants me to go with her and some friends so that we can unwind for awhile. That is quite a good idea besides I seldom go in places like that.  I am also curious on how it looks inside, the arrangement they have, the entertainment they offer, the kind of drinks and beverages they have for customers and also the furniture they use such as tables and chairs or how their bar lounge look like. Sad to say, we did not made it because it was snowing continuously that Saturday night. I don't want to drive without having winter tires yet in my car. Oh well, we can probably plan it again anytime soon. Spending time with friends can be fun and relaxing too!

Shopping is entertainment. Anyone who disagrees with this? I believed not the ladies out there! I heard a lot from my friends that if they get bored, they go shopping. Many of my friends agreed that their boredom is gone after they go shopping. This is true especially  if they got what they want after shopping. Right ladies? This works for me too! Gallivanting in a mall is sometimes a good way of entertainment  especially for most ladies out there.

Going to a short or long trips- This is one of the best entertainment for me. I simply love to travel and it is really one of my passions. I am still counting for many places to see.

Watching television or movie is also one of my fave things to do. Dining-out with family or friends is also a good way  to unwind.

There are still other forms of relaxation on entertainment. Whatever things that make you happy as long as it is right, I would say, go for it!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Autumn Snapshots

The weathers is always grey and cold, are only some of the characteristics of autumn season. I am happy when I see sunshine during autumn time. What I love in this season is the colorful surrounding we have.

Here are some autumn snapshots I took last week. I love the beauty of  nature during autumn season.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Earliest Snow in Bavaria, Germany

This is history and I cannot forget October 27, 2012. This is the earliest snow  fall  that I experienced in Bavaria, Germany.  Does this mean that  winter is really here? Or it is going away again? Unbelievable but it happens! I did not expect that it is snowing today but it really is. I guess,  at the moment I am writing this post, it is still snowing outside.

I should be going out to go bonding with friends tonight but I was not able to go. First reason, my car has still summer tires. The people in the house are all busy and hubby don't have the time to change my tires to winter ones. We also plan to polish the car before winter comes but due to busyness, it was not done at all. We are also planning to change our car seats. At the moment we are looking for a company nearby who is doing leather car seat repair but since we are really very busy with home renovation  the past weeks, it is still not taking care of. I guess we will wait again until spring next year.

snow in Bavaria, Germany last Feb. 2012.
Lastly, I want to warn all my friends nearby, please be careful when driving during snow time especially those who are first timers to drive during this season. I know you can do it but please  be extra careful.  In short, drive safely!

Happy weekend to all!

Let's go back to Madrid, Spain

I had a conversation with a friend today about traveling in Europe. She was asking me if I want to go back to Madrid..I simply answered, yes of course but it is not my priority at the moment because I already visited  that city twice. I stayed three weeks there  during  my second visit.

I still want to go back to Madrid and experience it again. Only time could tell when?  I met some good friends in this city and I want to see them again. It was such wonderful and enjoyable moments I spent with these lovely people. I am saying hello  and also sending my warm regards to them.

Of all the cities I visited in Europe,  it is only in Madrid that I  explored most. What  can you do when you stayed there for three weeks but to keep on exploring it everyday. I also had some sidetrips to the nearby cities like Avila, Guadalajara, Alcala de Henares, El Escorial, Aranjuez and Segovia.  I simply love Madrid and Spain as a whole!

Puerta del Sol during my  second visit last March 2012. You can see the Bear and the MadroƱo Tree, heraldic symbol of Madrid on the left side of this photo.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ideas for a holiday in Crete

Lonely azure bays, remote mountain villages, modern hectic coastal villages, old cultures, bubbling life - that's what Crete is all about. The largest Greek island has a history dating back to Minoan times. Crete has a rare landscape and is therefore a wonderful world of its own - too big to explore on just one holiday visit. Here are a few ideas on places to visit to get you started on your Crete holidays…..

The capital Heraklion is a city where the ancient blends with the modern. On the one hand, the city has traditional buildings, monuments and churches from both the Eastern and Venetian culture, while on the other hand it is a lively tourist hot spot which has several hotels, restaurants and beaches. Visit this capital to get a feel for the Cretan culture while in the comfort of the typical tourist attractions. Heraklion is an important shipping port and ferry dock. You can take ferries from here to destinations including Santorini, Ios Island, Paros, Mykonos, Rhodes and mainland Greece.

In Iraklion there are two museums to visit; the archaeological museum and the historical ethnographic museum. Another attraction worth a visit is the Palace of Knossos built by the Minoan civilization which is located a few miles from the centre.

In Rethymno the third largest city on the Island you can see the minaret and the mosque of Neratzes. The town still maintains its old aristocratic appearance, with its buildings dating from the 16th century, arched doorways, stone staircases, Byzantine and Hellenic-Roman remains, the small Venetian harbour and narrow streets. A wine festival is held here annually at the beginning of July.
Chania, Crete.

Chania is a picturesque town that is home to several museums, such as the archaeological museum (which includes several collections of vases and sculptures) and the Naval Museum. Chania is the site of the Minoan settlement the Greeks called Kydonia. The city is divided in two parts: the old town and the larger modern city. The old town is situated next to the harbour and is the matrix around which the whole urban area was developed. The centre of the modern city is the area extending next to the old town and especially towards the south.

Crete is not just an island full of towns and beaches its vicinity is characterized by mountain ranges and vast expanses of orchards. An impressive natural spectacle is the splendid gorge of Samaria a UNESCO World Heritage and a national park. These gorges are located forty kilometres from the city of Chania, with a length of eighteen kilometres they are considered the longest in Europe. Strolling through the park you can also see different plant species and animals such as weasels, marmots and badgers.

Visit HolidayCheck for more information on Crete holidays and to start planning your vacation today.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Prague, Czech Republic for the Second Time

I remember a friend who mentioned that she wanted to visit Prague when she travels here in Europe. She actually fulfilled her dream visiting Europe but was quite saddened when she missed to visit Prague. I guess, she don't need to regret because we let her stepped on Czech Republic.

Dreaming to visit a lot of cities and countries in Europe is really great! But we have to consider our time and budget. Agree with me folks? I am happy visiting Prague for the second time. I was actually invited by a friend to guide her mother-in-law an husband during their trip in this city. It was honor for me showing beautiful cities in Europe.

Prague is Czech Republic's capital and for me it is a beautiful city to visit and experience. It is the one of the largest cities in Central Europe has served as the capital of the historic region of Bohemia for centuries.

There are a lot of sights to see there including the Old Town, the  Prague Castle, Charles Bridge,  the New Town, Lesser Town and many more.

One of the bridges in Prague. You can see Prague Castle from afar.
Prague State Opera House.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Love The Fountains of Bellagio

This is one of the shows  I love in Las Vegas, the Fountains of Bellagio. It is located in front of the Bellagio Hotel and you can watch it for free. It is visible from the street and you can watch it in any neighboring structures. The shows takes place every 30 minutes in the afternoons and early evenings. Starting 8:00 P.M. to midnight, it starts every 15 minutes.

Don't miss watching it when you are in Las Vegas.

The famous free show in front of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

Party Time Is Karaoke Time

I am quite busy now with a lot of things. Life offline and as well as online are always keeping me busy. One thing that keeps me busy will be the party this coming weekend. Some friends called it  a  birthday aftershock celebration. Yes, yes it's party time!

I can have the chance to get together with friends again. For sure singing with the karaoke is also present. I have some good friends who can sing so good. I even have some friends who can play guitars and keyboard as well. They are band member anyway, the reason why the can really play good music. I would like to recommend Alesis at musicians friend  if they are searching for musical gadgets and instruments.  I wish they are here in my birthday aftershock.

I can't wait this coming weekend. I will surely hear the voices or I would say the "song birds" again. Party time is karaoke time! Cheers!

Cruising in Bosphorus, Istanbul

It is a beautiful sunny day today. I love this weather during fall season. It is quite cold outside but I don't have to worry because I am actually inside the house now.

It was over a year now when we had a 10-days trip in Turkey, the only country that can be found  both in Asia and Europe. One of the  places we visited  was its capital city, Istanbul. I can't believed that there are also a lot of interesting historical sights in this city.  To name a few are the  Hagia Sophia, Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern and many more.

For me the highlight of our trip in Istanbul was the short cruise we had in the Bosphorus or Bosporus. It is also called as the Istanbul Strait and form as the boundary of Asia and Europe.  There are a lot of sights you can when cruising in Bosphorus, from Mosque to historical buildings and houses and villas that are  lined-up along the strait.

I am quite contented with that trip we had in Turkey last September 2011.

A mosque  along the side of Bosphorus during our cruise last 2001.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Shopping In A Hardware Store

The sun is shining now! I love autumn season with sunshine.  When we drove to the
nearest hardware store in our area last week, the surroundings are already so colorful. This is the sign of fall season and I love it.

Baumarkt, a German word actually means a store that sells building materials. We are trying to find a rolling warehouse ladder but they don't seem to carry it. We ended up buying a new bath tub because we are currently renovating our bathroom. We also bought other accessories needed in installing our new bathtub and other materials needed in renovating our bathroom.

I hope that the renovation is done before the end of the month. I believed yes, we can do it!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas

Are you visiting Las Vegas? I just did and just came back home in Europe two weeks ago. During my first visit in this city last 2008, I did not have the chance to go up there.  During my second visit, I finally went  up there. I was so happy and contented.

Stratosphere is a tower, a hotel and entertainment place located in Las Vegas Boulevard.  This tower is the tallest observation tower and the tallest structure in Las Vegas.  It is also the 9th tallest free standing structure in the United States. Its  current height is 1,149 ft  or 350 m.

Its attractions include The Big Shot, Insanity the Ride, and the SkyJump Las Vegas.

On top of the tower, you can have a fantastic 360 degrees view   of Las Vegas. I truly enjoyed my visit there! Cheers!
The Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas, Nevada. I finally  had the chance to go up on top of it.
I took this image as we where on our way to the Stratosphere. I love my vacation in the US for the second time!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Walk With a Friend

After the short nap I had this afternoon, I received a call from a friend who invited me to have a walk with her. I found it a very good idea since I ate a lot during lunch in a Greek restaurant near our area. I also had a good time conversing with her during our walk. She had been talking about buying a new home in the US. I want to mention to her about fayetteville nc rentals but she wanted to buy a house instead. That is also a good choice because buying one is also an investment.

I would say, I had a wonderful day today after spending with some friends. Most of all, I love seeing the nature around during our walk. The autumn season made the surroundings more colorful and beautiful. I love it!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Visit to the Valley of Fire in Nevada, USA

It was again a memorable and wonderful trip I had in the United States lately. There  are a lot of places that I visited during my second visit and one of it  is the Valley of Fire State Park. I felt honored to visit the first  State  Park  in Nevada, USA.  It was not a good weather when we went there because was still hot in Nevada that time but still I enjoyed our visit. The   rock formations are  truly  amazing in this park.

Thanks a lot sistah and hubby for bringing me there. I miss you guys and  hope to see you next time again.
It covers an area of almost 42,000 acres (17,000 ha) and was dedicated in 1935. It derives its name from red sandstone formations, formed from great shifting sand dunes during the age of dinosaurs. These features, which are the centerpiece of the park's attractions, often appear to be on fire when reflecting the sun's rays. 

Valley of  Fire State Park  in Nevada, USA. I had the chance to visit there last September 2012.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Destination weddings in Florida - Choosing the right Wedding planner or contractor

The concept of holding destination weddings in Florida is truly exciting and one can truly have lots of fun. Planning your wedding is very important and the couple has to actually sit down and decide with their family about how to plan the wedding arrangements. If they have help and there are people to do the running about, separate contractors may be hired for looking after the catering, flower arrangements, food, music and dance, and so on. But if there are few people to handle the arrangements, the best way out is to choose a wedding planner who will help you plan everything from the start till the end.

The moments of destination weddings in Florida is surely going to be cherished for a lifetime and your guests are also going to enjoy all the arrangements if it would be done and arranged very tastefully and beautifully.

A lot of organizing and planning goes into arranging the destination weddings. There has to be a lot of coordination with the contractors so that there is nothing left out or amiss on the wedding. The couple also gets a lot of time to spend with each other and so are the parents who would be more relaxed and stress free. This however does not mean that the couple does not take any interest in the wedding preparations. They can express their thoughts and give their ideas concerning catering, flower arrangements, gift packing and return gift ideas and so on. You obviously do not want things and arrangements to go haywire on the most important day of your life.

You may also speak to couples who have had destination weddings in Florida and their views on it. This gives you some tips and suggestions and if something has not worked for them, you can refrain from doing those activities. Also, this saves a lot of your efforts, time and money.

Thanks to The Breakers Palm Beach

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