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Goodbye Leap Day!

I am finally saying goodbye to leap day! February 29, 2012 is a leap day. This only happens every four years according to what I learned from my teachers in school. That was a long time ago and over two decades now. I guess your teachers also mentioned leap year to you in one of your subjects. It will be ending in over an hour now...Others might say, so what? I don't really care!

For me, I do care about this. You know why? There are just a lot of great things that have been happening to us since the beginning of leap year 2012. A million thanks is not enough but I am shouting it out, Thank you dear Lord for all your greatness and goodness. Thank you for all your blessings and graces. Thank you too for all the trials especially during the end of 2011. I know you will not leave me and those trials just made me more determined and stronger. Most especially, thank you dear God for the good health and the breath of life and all our talents and faculties and all the gifts…

Where is My Madrid Travel Guide Book?

I was searching for this book for some weeks now. I know I have it somewhere in the house but never had an idea where I put it. I was looking for my Madrid Travel Guide Book which I bought during our trip in Spain last December 2011. I searched for it in our bedroom where I also have some travel books beside my bed. I also searched for it in my little library but still can't find it. I also did dot find it in our living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Where did I put that book? Sometimes I just keep on forgetting things. I badly needed it because I will be flying in less than two weeks to Spain again and will be staying most of the time in Madrid. I want to explore more the city when time permits. I believed I have more time when I will be there. We only had a day sightseeing when we were in Madrid last time.

a snapshot of the Cibeles Palace (City Hall) while we were inside the bus going around in Madrid. Taken last December 2011.

This afternoon when I had a glance of the new boo…

Planning for A Trip To The U.S.

There are just a lot of travel plans for this year. I am hoping that most of these will be materialized. Some were already booked and some are still on its planning period. As much as possible I want to plan all these trips as early as I can to avoid hassle and stress. Undoubtedly, I already started to search for affordable airlines and cheap hotels for this plan. One of the travel destinations included in the travel plan is United States of America. I am also planning to visit Canada when time and budget are available.

Since three weeks ago until now, one thing that keeps me busy is searching for cheap Delta Air Lines Flights online. I once boarded this airline during my first holiday to the U.S. last 2008 and I am quite contented with their service.

I am also trying to make a list of the places that I want to visit in this holiday. Here is the tentative itinerary.

Las Vegas, Nevada- This was my port of entry during my first visit to the U.S. last 200…

Fremont Street Experience

Have you been to Las Vegas? Were you able to have fun in Fremont Street Experience. This downtown side of Las Vegas is a must-to-visit when you are there. The FSE is a pedestrian mall and attraction. I remember during our visit when there were bands playing there and bikers' show and you can watch it for free. The sound system was great. I am wondering if they use a
thunderbolt audio interface in FSE.

I was amazed by the LED display "canopy" that runs along the Fremont Street Experience. This is so far the biggest LED canopy I had ever seen with 220 speakers powered by 550,000 watts of amplification. Can you imagine the sounds it is making! It was really cool visiting this side of Vegas. I truly enjoyed my visit there.

If you want to experience something unique in Las Vegas, don't miss to visit Fremont Street Experience. Here I am during my two months vacation in Las Vegas last 2008.

Fasching, Carnival in Hemau, Bavaria

I was quite lazy going out today because I am not feeling so well. There are a lot of Faschings or carnival parade going around in the nearby towns and villages like in Velburg, Lupburg, Nuremberg, Breitenbrunn, Painten, Toeging and many more. Most of the parades start at 2:00 p.m. I even told some friends that we are not going anywhere because of the cold weather besides I am not also feeling good.

these group of young people had fun dancing and singing during the carnival parade in Hemau today.

At around 1:00 p.m. when I was setting in front of my laptop, hubby knocked at my pc room and asked if I want to watch Fasching in Hemau. I thought he don't want to because he is also sick. I guess he was motivated when he saw the sun shining outside. To make the story short, we went to the Fasching to witness the carnival parade in Hemau.

Since we were almost late, there was no more available parking space near the town center and we parked our car around 500 meters from there. …

Cruising in Wachau, Austria

It was a pleasure cruising in Danube River in Wachau, Austria last summer 2011. In this Austrian valley, you can see a lot of picturesque landscape formed by the Danube river. It is considered to be one of the famous tourist destinations of Lower Austria. One of the wonderful places we passed-by was Dürnstein. It is said that in this well-known place was where King Richard the Lion-Heart of England was held captive by Duke Leopold V.

Our cruise last only around two hours but I totally enjoyed the scenery around. It was very refreshing breathing the fresh air on this part of Austria.

we were about to board in a boat for a cruise in Wachau, Austria last August 2011.

Getting From Madrid to Lisbon

There are a lot of ways in getting from Madrid, the capital city of Spain to Lisbon, Portugal's capital city. I have been researching for the best, the cheapest and the most convenient way to travel from Madrid to Lisbon. Since two weeks now, I have been searching online on how to get to Lisbon and vice versa considering my time and budget.

Here are the the results of the research I made the past weeks in getting from Madrid to Spain for March 2012 travel.

Travel With the Train

You can surely travel from Madrid to Lisbon with the train. Spain's Renfe trains has a daily train travelling to Lisbon. They also have a night train called Trenhotel which departs at 22:25 from Madrid Chamartin train station and arrives in Lisbon at 7:41 a.m which is around 9 hours and 16 minutes travel time. Fares vary from 60.10 € to 203.40 € depending on the type of seats you want to reserve. The train has cafeteria and restaurant, and departs from Madrid Chamartín sta…

My First Visit in Vienna, Austria

It is almost five years now since I visited Vienna, Austria. It was quite an adventure for me because it was my first time to have a long trip travelling with a train. Thanks to my friend and travel companion from England who was with me that time or else I won't be travelling alone with a train. Now I can already go anywhere in the world travelling in any transportation with or without companion.

As we arrived in Vienna last June 29, 2007, we put our backpacks in storage lockers located in the main train station of Vienna so that we can go around the city without heavy stuffs with us. It is really convenient and a good idea that most train stations in Europe especially in big cities have their storage lockers.

I can say that my first visit in Vienna, Austria was really a fantastic one. Last August 2011, I had another chance to see it again.

Visit to Weissenburg, Bavaria

How are you doing folks? I hope that everything went out fine to everyone especially during the cold winter days in Europe. The past days were really very cold and until now it is still freezing cold outside. This is the time of the year where I just want to stay at home and do some things in the house which are left for some times. I am really very busy since the first day of February. I don't have much time to go online since there are a lot of things to take care offline.

Anyway, I am sharing an image taken during our visit in Weißenburg or Weissenburg. This was my first trip in 2012. It is a historical town in Bavaria, Germany. There are many ruins left by the Romans there. One of the good example is the remains of the Roman bath in this town.

the Ellinger Tor (gate) in the town of Weisenburg during our visit last Jan. 4, 2012.

How To Get Cheap Medications

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

This is one thing I love when I need some medicines, beauty products, vitamins and other things I need from the pharmacy. I am a member of this pharmacy and everytime I buy something, I get some discounts from them. Thus, I save money when buying something.

You can also do the same in the United States. If you are a member of Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens, you will surely avail of special discounts that they offer. If you are single, you only pay $20.00 for an annual membership. A family membership costs $35.00 and this already covers everyone in your immediate family, including a spouse, dependents 22 and younger and pets.

Not only that there are still other benefits you can avail like discounts on flu shots, pet prescriptions, nebulizers and diabetic supplies. If you buy any generic medications or any of their 8,000 brand names, you can also get special discounts, thus saving some bucks when buyi…