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Beach House-The Making

We never expected that we can built a house along the beach. The project started some time in 2004 and little by little, it is standing now some meters away from the sea.


As far as I can remember, there was really no right plan for that beach house. I was not there when it was started. I just told my Uncle who is a carpenter that I wanted to build a small house with two bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room. That is enough for us to stay especially when we go for a vacation in the Philippines. I never expected that the house was built double-size as really planned. That was also the reason it took us some time to finish it. At least, we don't have a loan or credit for this project.

the ceiling in the living room...the hardwood door with some carvings. most of the windows are sliding.

Since the house is located along the beach, I always wanted sash windows for it especially the ones facing the sea. Since I was not there again during the in…

Five Places To Do Gardening for a Living

If you have a green thumb, gardening can be a good profession anywhere in the world. Gardeners work at places where lawns, gardens, and trees need professional care. Depending on the country and season, gardeners and groundskeepers are responsible for garden furniture care, preserving the condition of the soil, and planting, watering, and pruning flowers, shrubs and trees. Often, gardeners are called upon for their creative flair, whether it’s adding garden accessories, decorative garden lighting fixtures, or simply designing a new layout which increases its visual appeal.

Many community residents are frustrated in trying to keep their lawns in good condition due to health issues or difficulties relating to age. After obtaining a relevant work visa (if applicable) start with offering your services to senior citizens in and people who are getting ready to go on vacation. Also, check with local lawn services. Once you have built a good reputation and a small clie…

Flower Markets Worth To Visit in Europe

If you love flowers just like me, for sure you also love visiting flower markets. Here are some of the most interesting flower markets to visit in Europe.

1) Neuenheimer Marketplatz in Heidelberg, Germany

This flower market is nestled in Neuenheim, just across the river from Heidelberg. The market is only open twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Visitors will want to be at the market soon after it opens at 7 a.m., to get the best selection of flowers. Cameras and picture taking is encouraged, as growers display their wares with beaming pride.

2) Columbia Road Flower Market in London

Columbia Road is a world famous flower market in London. It is open just one day a week, on Sunday mornings and early afternoons. The narrow Victorian street becomes a bustling market of traders, with the shops selling homewares, garden candles and unique, quirky handmade welcome mats. Visitors will want to meander from cart to cart and seek the best deals, before deciding upon …

Interesting Garden and Plant Shows in Europe

Some of these garden and plants shows were already over. Some are still going on and some are about to come. To all nature lovers out there who are traveling in Europe in 2011, you still have the chance to visit some of these garden and plant shows all year long throughout Europe. Thanks to the garden experts for compiling the list below.

1) Floralies Internationales, Geneva, Switzerland

There are still garden and plant shows to visit in Europe as winter approaches. The Floralies Internationales from November 14 to November 23 is held inside the Palexpo Exhibition Centre. The temperatures outside will be between 30 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit but the floral arrangements by exhibitors from all over the world will make it seem like spring inside the Exhibition Centre.

2) Wicklow Gardens Festival, County Wicklow, Ireland

Travelers who want to see gardens in Ireland have a great opportunity to do so during the Wicklow Gardens Festival from April to Septem…

No Signal, No Cellphone

Happy Father's Day to all wonderful fathers out there! I almost forgot to greet you you here. Wishing you all the best of everything and hope that you are having a lovely one today. Of course, I would like to greet most especially my dearest Papa and my hubby for being great fathers! Back to main topic. This is the reason why hubby don't bring all the time his cellphone at work. There is no signal in their workplace most of the time. I also not sure if wilson electronics cell booster can help. I can suggest it to hubby if ever he really needs one.

I can't stay too long here. I am still not feeling 100% good. I hope I will be backed to normal health again soon. This summer influenza is just not good. Take care folks and have a lovely week ahead. Goodnight!

Four Seasons In A Day

Four Seasons In A Day, this is how I call it when we have a crazy weather in a day....rain... sunshine...rain...shine..rain...shine...rain...shine....I can't exactly remember who many times it did happened today. I am very sure that it happened more than five times. This kind of weather in Germany sometimes drives me crazy. You can't do anything outside because it's wet and cold. The worst thing is, I get headache when the weather is like this. I even turned on the heater until now because it gets cold inside the house. The only creatures that are happy during this weather are the plants and flowers in our garden. I see them growing good everyday. Their blooms make my heart smiling. Despite this four seasons weather in a day, some creatures are happy. I guess I'm happy too! Have a lovely week ahead!

the flowers in our garden last summer 2010.

Hubby's Bike Accident

This is the reason why I don't go biking anymore. I used to four years ago. Since hubby's bike accident last 2007, I am already afraid of biking. Due to that accident hubby's ankle was broken and got operated. Weeks after that, it was found out that his right knee was also broken. He got one of those acl braces for sports that he used in his knee. It is very better now but sometimes he is still complaining of pain. The doctor actually suggested for an operation for his knee but hubby decided not to have it. He asked the doctor if he can guarantee that it will be better after the operation, but he answered it is not 100% guaranteed. Hubby said that maybe in the future, when he can no longer bear the pain, he might probably have it operated. Thanks to some medical gadgets like knee braces, hubby's knee is better now.

Welcome to Germany

It's been almost a year now since my friend from the United States visited us. It was her first time in Europe and she wanted to see and explore different countries in this continent. I was quite excited that time when picking her up at Nuremberg airport. It's been a decade since the last time we saw each other. Finally last summer 2010, she finally stepped-on the soil of Germany.

She spent three weeks during her vacation and was able to see seven countries in Europe. I believed she was satisfied during our trip. It was fun, exciting and full of adventure. Anyone wants to go touring with me next time? Just kidding folks.

The arrival/departure information board in Nuremberg International airport last August 2010.

Goodbye May, Hello June

The month of May is finally over. I hope that you all had a good month of May. The last day of May was rainy in our place in Bavaria, Germany. There was a strong rain accompanied with strong wind, lightnings and thunders. It was so far the strongest rain I experienced since living in this country. I guess some people were scared during that natural phenomenon. I heard over the radio that it brought some damages in the nearby places.

The sixth month of the year is finally here. The first day of June was quite rainy and cloudy almost the whole day in our place. I never saw sunshine today compared to the past days in May. The rain yesterday and today made our garden happy. I can almost see the plants and the flowers smiling in our garden..wink!

Don't you know that the month of June was named after the Roman goddess Juno? She is the wife of Jupiter, equivalent to the Greek goddess Hera. June is also known as the month of marriages. Some considered it a good lu…