Thursday, April 28, 2011

Perfect As Mother's Day Present

If there is this so-called Father's day celebration, there is also one for all Mothers out there. Mother's day is a day to simply honor mothers and motherhood. Sad to say, I am still not a mother. I am still hoping to be one when given a chance. I am thinking to give a home spa gift basket for my mother. I guess, it is a perfect present for her. I wish I am home to personally greet my mother on the celebration of mother's day. Don't forget on the second Sunday of May, a lot of countries including Philippines, Germany, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Brazil, Australia, Denmark, etc. will be celebrating mother's day. Don't forget to give a special threat or present to your wife, mother, aunt or maybe your friend on this year's celebration of mother's day.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Birthdays are Coming Soon

I would like to greet my beloved Mother a belated happy birthday. I don't have the chance to greet her on her exact natal day because I was out of the country. I wish you always good health, love, peace and happiness. May you will have many many more birthdays to come. Two other birthdays are also coming soon. I am not sure if ashton cigars are good gift ideas because I never heard these two brothers of mine smoking. They will be celebrating their birthdays next month and I am still thinking of what to give them. Anyway, I already have something for them but the costs of sending the gifts are more expensive. They rather wait until I will send some balikbayan boxes before Christmas comes. All the best brothers!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

It is indeed a beautiful Sunday! The weather was a bit chilly in the afternoon as we went walking. When the cold air blows, you can feel it in your skin. Good that I wore a wind breaker during our walk. The weather was friendly overall because we had sunshine the whole day.

I also did some laundry and a bit cleaning in the morning. During lunch time, a friend called me to have lunch in their house. That was a good lunch because it was exactly the food that I am planning to cook today. I ended up not cooking anymore. Thanks a lot Jo for the lunch and the chitchatting.

The two hours walk we had on the hills was also a very good exercise. At the same time, we also enjoyed seeing the nature around. I guess I need to always go walking now because the weather is getting very better since the past weeks.

The bridge where we always pass everytime we go walking. It is slowly getting green in our surrounding. I am happily savoring the spirit of spring season. I love it especially when I see the flowers blooming in our garden.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Doctor's Appointment

I finally went to our so-called house doctor last Friday. I had some check-up and at the same time I got some referrals for another three specialists. One referral is for my Gynecologist for yearly check-up. The other one is for ENT doctor in which I already have an appointment this coming Tuesday. I also need an appointment for an internist doctor. I really don't like to visit the doctor or hospital but when needed I have no choice. For sure, I will be seeing again some point of care carts when I will be visiting these doctors. I also hope that all the check-ups will turn out good. I always wanted to be healthy and always try my best to take care of myself. How about you? Goodnight folks. I need to slowly go to bed. Take care everyone!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Beautiful Tulips are Here Again

Good day everyone! The weather outside right now is just perfect. It is sunny and everything around are turning to green. I also spent some time in our garden this morning, checking about the blooming flowers. My beautiful tulips are finally here. Some are currently in good blooms and some are just starting to bear flowers. The hyacinths, narcissus, violas and primulas are also showing its beauties. I simply love plants and flowers.

the beautiful tulips in our garden. I love it!

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