Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer is Almost Over

The weather we had today is already a sign that summer is saying goodbye soon. It was raining hard sometimes today and then comes sunshine and vice versa. The temperature is also getting colder. The leaves of the cherry tree in our garden are starting to change its color and also falling down from time to time. I wish I could see more lights when the autumn and winter seasons are here. I wish we can have more sunshine during these times. I also noticed that eight o'clock is slowly getting dark now compared to last month. I also remember that during winter time 4:00 PM can sometimes be very dark. This is the changing season of the year and no matter what season we have, we must be thankful that we see and experience the beauty of nature in each season.

Begonia Flower and the Beautiful Quote

"Lord, teach me how to work each day,
That every deed I do
May not be driven by false pride
But render service true."


the begonia flower in our garden. Autumn time is coming soon and this flower will vanish again.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend Update

Good evening everyone! It seems that weekend is almost over again. We just came back around two hours ago from a friend's birthday party. I had fun with some old good friends and also met new ones. The party went great but we have to go home early because hubby have to wake-up early tomorrow for work. Since I was away for some weeks from the blogosphere, I wish to share more updates here and in my other sites especially from our Europe tour. I would also love to share some images taken during the Volksfest or festival parade in Neumarkt some weeks ago. I remembered seeing horses and horse carriages during that parade where the riders also wore leather riding boots. I am still not done uploading the images I took during that parade and also from our tour. Before the end of August, I hope to finish uploading all the images. Lastly, I would like to conclude that this weekend is quite a good one. I wish every one a lovely week ahead!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Goodbye Rome! Goodbye Nonna!

Another weekend is here! I can't believed that we are already on the last weekend of August. Time truly flies-by so fast. The Europe adventure that me and friend spent together is also over. We drove her to Nuremberg airport this morning for her trip back to the United States tomorrow at 7:00 AM. It was a great time with Nonna. I can't also imagine that I had seen her again after around 12 years maybe. I can't exactly remember but the last time I saw her in our home town was more than ten years ago. Me and hubby were grateful of her visit. We believed that she had a great time during her three weeks vacation here in Europe.

It is also time to say goodbye to Rome, the first city that me and Nonna did visited during our Europe tour. Here is an image of me in front of one of the famous sights and architecture in Rome, Italy, the Colosseum or Colosseo.
such an amazing work of Roman architecture and engineering!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Travel Update

It seems that this is a continuation of my previous post. I am just giving you a quick update about our Europe adventure for the past days. To make the story short, I want to share some of the cities that we had already visited in Europe. To name a few are Rome, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Cologne, Bonn and some other more to come. I believed my friend from the United States has enjoyed our Europe escapade. Anyway, she told me some of her personal stories including beautiful diamond engagement rings. In fact, she is wearing one right now and I love it. I do agree that most women love to have such kind of engagement ring before they get married. More stories to come soon about our Europe tour in my other travel sites. Goodnight and take care peeps!

Visit in Neumarkt, Bavaria

Hello folks! It seems that I was away for some days here. I had a Europe tour with a friend and now we are finally backed home but the tour is still not over. We still have around five days for sightseeing in some nearby cities in Bavaria, Germany. I am sharing an image of the first town where my friend and I had a sightseeing last August 9, 2010. This was in Neumarkt, a district in the Upper Palatinate of Bavaria. You can see the town hall and the church in the image I took below. More updates to come soon!
The white building is the town hall of Neumarkt, Bavaria

Friday, August 13, 2010

Finally in Rome, Italy

Hello everyone! I am finally in Rome, Italy. Thanks to the WIFI connection of the hotel where we are staying right now. That is the reason why I am online at the moment. I am also thankful that I brought with me my netbook. The first sight we visited in Rome is Vatican City. We had the chance to climbed up to the cupola of St. Peters Cathedral. Sad to say, I forget to bring with me my binocular. If I brought it with me, I should be able to see closer the surroundings of Vatican. It is truly a very interesting trip we had yesterday. Midnight is over again. I have to slowly sign off now. We need to wake-up early later for another sightseeing. Good morning folks!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Buildings in Nuernberg, Germany

This was taken in Nuernberg, a city in Bavaria, Germany during our visit the other week. This is one of the old but beautiful and historical buildings I like in this city with all those windows on the roof.
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Sis Got a new Iphone

Good morning everyone! It's another day again. I don't have time to chat that much with my sister in Las Vegas since the past weeks. The last time we chatted was around three weeks ago. That was also the time when she told me that she bought a need Iphone with headphone. She also told me that if I will give back her Ipad, she will buy me a new Iphone also. I need to read about headphone reviews to decide if I will still continue to use headphone every time I listen to the music in my cellphone. Lastly, I would like to inform you that beginning today, I will be out of the country again. I wish to give you some updates when I can. I am quite excited for another Europe adventure. Take care folks! See you in some weeks again!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Wolfstein Castle in Neumarkt, Bavaria, Germany

My friend from the US is finally here. We picked her up at Nuremberg airport yesterday. Today, we just visited the old city in Neumarkt and the Wolfstein castle ruin. Here is an image of that castle. I can't stay too long now. We have to wake-up early later to go to Munich. I might give you some updates for a week or two. I will be out of the country again. More travel images next time in this blog and in my other sites. Have a great week to all!
taken during our visit today yesterday in Wolfstein Castle

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Skywatching in Disneyland, California

First of all, I want to welcome the month of August! This is my lucky month because I was born in this month. July is finally over. I can't imagine sometimes how time flies-by so fast. Anyway, it seems that I did not share photos of my favorite memes. Sorry guys, my days are always busy especially that I have to do a lot offline.

Here are some images for you. The first one was taken in Disneyland, California during our visit last June 2008. I have a yellow cosmos flower also as a welcome to this month. I wish everyone a lovely month of August! Take care folks!

Cosmos is a genus of about 20–26 species of annual and perennial plants in the family Asteraceae, native to scrub and meadow areas in Mexico (where the bulk of the species occur), the southern United States (Arizona, Florida), Central America and northern South America south to Paraguay.

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