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Happy weekend!

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great Saturday. It is almost ending in Europe now. Remember that today is the last day of the month. Time really passes by so quickly that we don't notice the days gone by. Not that much for today. I woke-up very late. Imagine waking up around 12 noon time. I went to bed at 4am today that causes me to wake-up very late. We also went to the disco last night and had some. I guess, I don't need to take weight loss pills if I make exercise like aerobics or dancing all the time. Until now, I still don't figure out what is really the best diet pills to take. I know some are very effective and really works good but I just want to make sure that if ever I will take one, it is the best and don't have side effects. Finally, I want to wish each and everyone a very nice weekend!! Have fun!!
It's still winter time now in my place. I am looking ahead for the coming of spring time so that I can see again the blooming back of tulips in our garden like the photo I got here. I got a beautiful quote here to share with you...very inspiring one!!Have a great and blessed weekend to all of you!!

SoMedaY EveRyThInG Will All MaKe PerFecT sEnSe. So fOr Now, LaUgh aT tHe ConfuSiOn, SmiLe tHrouGh tHe TeaRs aNd KeEp RemiNdiNg YoUrSelF ThAt EveRytHinG HapPenS fOr a ReaSon.

I want some Fossil

I am back here! before I sign-off for tonight I just want to share this topic very quick. I visited a friend last night and we had a great evening doing some things. She was also happy I guess that I visited her. We cooked some food and I baked my favorite German food Scweinebraten. That was really yummy that I was able to eat some before I left home. She also told me that she went shopping and bought a lot of stuffs for her Balikbayan box to send back home. That was good for her and her family. I thought she also bought Fossil watches for his siblings but I was mistaken. She bought instead a very nice Fossil bag which I really like....I want some fossil!! was really beautiful!! About fossil watch, next time again, since I spent already some Euros today for two new cellphones! have a great evening!! bye bye for now!!

Amazing Wonder of the World

Have you already seen Colorado River? This is it now, where the famous engineering wonder of the word is found, the Hoover dam. I really can't imagine how the people during that time built this dam..Truly an amazing work of engineering! feel free to visit my Discover USA site for more photos of this..have a great weekend in advance!!

Buying Gadgets

I am feeling tired right now. I woke up so early today because I simply went to bed very late last night after visiting a friend. I also need to wake-up early because we have to go to Neumarkt to bring some papers in the Tax Office and my hubby also need to go the the Auto Repair Shop for his car check-up which is needed for its registration. After that we went to an electronic and appliance store because I saw some SD cards that are on sale. I bought three of them. I also bought two new cellphones which I want to give as presents to my father and brother back home. I finally see the laptop I have been wanting to buy. I use to watch it in internet because I am planning to buy one early this year. I got some money to buy for it but there are more important things that I have to buy first. I am so excited about it already!! have to slowly sign-off guys!! It's party time!!

WW: Glass Decors

The famous glass decos at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

Where to Ask for Help during Accident Claims

I am finally back here! I am just so busy with a lot of things in life. I finally have the chance to be backed here again. I hope you are doing great for today. You don't have to worry about me because I am doing fine only a bit tired due to lack of sleep. I guess I am having insomnia again for the past days. I am sharing an interesting topic for today especially for those who have problems where to ask for help during accident claims. This topic is especially about personal injury claims. Before that, let me share what happened in August 2007.

My husband had a bike accident last August 5, 2007. I could not forget that day because the day before was my natal day where I spent in a friend's house. Instead of staying longer for a vacation, I immediately went home to attend to my husband's needs especially when he was hospitalized and had ankle operation. The reason why he had accident was because, a boy crossed the biking way where my husband went biking. He …

Italy Shopping Trip with Venice Sightseeing..Everyone is Invited Esp. from Germany

took a pose after shopping for remembrance

Hello Everyone!

I am finally organizing a shopping trip in Italy with Venice sightseeing. As you know Italy is very famous for its porcelain and ceramic collections which are hand made. It is especially famous for its capodimonte. I have been there thrice already and bought some porcelain and ceramics as my collections. If you have not been in Venice, this is already the chance for you to see this beautiful city. Without further adieu, here are some infos and itinerary about the trip.

Please feel free to contact me with any question or concern. Here are my contact infos:

tel# 09472-546
cf# 0152-2184-3189
or you can simply leave a message in any of my sites below

WW: Birmingham

taken during my trip to Birmingham, England.

Back to Bad Habit

How was your Wednesday? I hope you have a great one as the day ends. I got sometime talking to some friends today while munching some food. I am back to bad habit again...eating junks. I still have 2 pringles left. I eat it while sitting in front of my computer. I told myself before 2008 ended to start diet and exercise this year but it seems not working. I know I need to really lose some weight for health reasons. Besides I want to get back my original weight as I stepped here in Europe. Are there any alternatives? Are diet pills really effective and don't have side effects! I will see!! Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!!

Burgruine Hohenfels

Burgruine Hohenfels, The Castle remains of the so-called Schlossberg in Hohenfels. Hohenfels is a small town in Oberpfalz and is a big valley which simply means that it is surrounded by hills and mountains.. It is a very beautiful place especially during summer time when the surroundings are all green. I always love to take photos of this place especially during the different seasons of the year. I considered Hohenfels my second home being a German citizen now.

Feel free to visit my other sites for more photos of Hohenfels. I am featuring it in most of my sites!! have a great afternoon!!

Sinulog festival in Cebu

Today is the Sinulog celebration in Cebu City, Philippines. It is considered to be one of the grandest and famous festival in the Philippines. It is also known worldwide being visited by tourists coming from the different parts of the world. Above is a very lovely and colorful photo of Sinulog festival participants. How I wish to have a vacation in teh next Sinulog. Below is an info about Sinulog from Wikipedia.

The Sinulog is an annual festival held on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City, Philippines. The festival honors the child Jesus, known as the Santo NiƱo (Holy Child), patron of the city of Cebu. It is a dance ritual that commemorates the Cebuano people's pagan origin, and their acceptance of Christianity.

The festival features a street parade with participants in bright-colored costumes dancing to the rhythm of drums, trumpets, and native gongs. Smaller versions of the festival are held in various parts of the province, also to celebrate, and honor the Santo …

Wish to Turn Back Time!

See who's in this picture? This was taken around seven years ago. I had a general merchandising store before in Phils.. The second floor of the store was made as our apartment. We just transferred as this photo was taken.
I had a chat with a friend tonight and was talking about the past..I mean about my past figure..wink! She can't believe that I look quite petite before. Oh well, that is very true! I only weight around 53- 55 kilos before. And now I already got around 14 kilos more! I am not happy with this but I have to love myself no matter how I look. I am even telling myself sometimes, if I could only turn back times. I know I can't. All I just need now is to discipline myself especially about my eating habits. My husband said that I cook good so what can you expect. I simply love food and eating..Do you know any of the best diet pill in the market? I am curious about this!! I really have to sign-off now guys!! It's Good morning already!! time to …

WW: Missing Home

I truly miss home! When I miss home and my family all I do is just look at the photos of my family and home...planning to visit home this year!! in God's will!!

Planning For This year's Vacation

My husband finally spoke up to me. I thought he don't want to go home with me this year. He mentioned that he always wanted to go home but due to some circumstances he can't just say "I'm going to vacation". He is always a hardworking person and always think of his job that sometimes he don't have the time to enjoy and relax. Once everything will be okey, we might be going home this summer in the Philippines. I truly miss home. I have to consider some vacation rentals in Boracay, Palawan or Paradise Island. I want to visit these places once our vacation will push through. If not, I might be going home alone this Christmas. I am quite excited especially that I had a talk with my family just an hour ago! Enjoy your Wednesday guys!! I will be backed later!!

Win a Bazillion Credits Plus One

Hi guys, I am finally back here. How is it going? First of all I want to apologize to all EC droppers that I really can't reciprocate your drops because until now all I can see are black boxes. I already tried my best to take a look at it but still the same story. I am not a computer expert and can't really find it out what's wrong. I already tried to clear my cache and cookies per advice from Entrecard experts but still it won't work. Again my apology!

Now the main part of the game. The Entrecard Win a Bazillion Credits Plus One. I really want to win the most points of course which is 25,000 EC points. This is amazing!! hope to really win it since this is the first EC contest I joined!! More power to Entrecard and all the sponsors of the contest!!

SPONSORS (In order of mostest credits. Natch!)

Games, Downloads, Walkthroughs - 25,000ec

Google Stalking - 20,001ec

Fragile Heart - 20,000ec

Atlanta Realtors - 10,000ec

The Beauty Denominator - 5,000ec

Norwegian Pro…

New Year's Party Blast!!

I want to award this food as the most beautifully decorated one. A fruit salad prepared by Ritchel. I guess this is her specialty now!! It was really yummy that I took home a!!thanks for preparing it Ritc!!next time make it double..para mas marami ang BH...hehehe!!

Guten Abend!! a German word which means "good evening". I hope you had a great welcome for the New year! Yes we do! especially that tons of food were prepared again last New Year Day's party. Good friends gathered together to celebrate and to welcome 2009. As usual, Filipino, American and German friends were present during the wonderful and lovely party. What do you think if you see these delicious and superb food!! American specialties as well as Filipino and German delicacies were cooked and prepared to welcome the bountiful and prosperous New Year! Thanks to great friends who were present during the celebration. Special thanks to Ritchel and hubby for hosting again the party. An…

My Vegas Vacation

Happy New year to all!! I just remember my Las Vegas escapades last year. It was truly an amazing one. Imagine staying there for almost two months. What do you expect but all fun and excitement. I love to travel and still hoping to visit places and countries this year. And yes I will..just watch it out! Slowly by slowly, I am seeing the places of my dreams. I was looking for Westgate about a certain place to travel next time. I guess their giving good deals! Below is a photo taken by my friend Mercy who is my kababayan and former team mate in softball back in College days. I miss you Merz, hope to visit Vegas next time!! have a great year ahead!! time to sign-off now!!