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Quote of the Day!!

You can have anything you want
if you want it desperately enough.
You must want it with an inner exuberance that erupts
through the skin and joins the energy that created the world.
Sheila Graham
Happy Sunday!!..been very busy this day!!

What happen to friendster

I just received a friend's request in friendster. If I already click the "add friend" notification email, you can't see anything when you are redirected to friendster's site!!! What's up friendster!!.. Just a few months ago, I was wondering because all of my public photos were gone..well, it is already back now... I don't know exactly what's happening to friendster all the time...are they just updating their system??? or what!!

Anyway, even that happened sometimes, I still want to thank friendster for meeting my friends, classmates, relatives and even my family through it...In short, through friendster I can connect with them and see their photos and also meet new friends!! Still an appreciation to friendster!!

have a great weekend in advance...I just have to do a lot of things today...see yah later!!


This is quote interesting..thought of sharing it to you before I delete it in my inbox...
happy Thursday!! Good night..need to go to bed now!!

Details of anthrax investigation revealed
Copyright 2008 by United Press
WASHINGTON (UPI) -- A team of U.S. scientists spent nearly seven years working in secret to help crack the 2001 anthrax letter case, the FBI said.

Federal investigators asked scientists from a number of research institutions, including Sandia National Laboratories, to help in the investigation of letters containing bacillus anthracis that were mailed in 2001 to several media organizations and two Democratic U.S. senators -- Tom Daschle of North Dakota and Pat Leahy of Vermont. Five people were killed and 17 people were injured.

Sandia said research by the lab demonstrated to the FBI that the form of bacillus anthracis contained in those letters was not a weaponized form. Investigator Joseph Michael said the information was crucial in ruling out stat…

Wordless Wednesday!

at Disneyland California during my 2 months vacation in US

Be Kind to Animals!!

I love animals!!..In fact in my other blog, I mentioned that I have around seven dogs back in the Philippines. Quite a lot huh!! Oh well, I believed dogs are man's bestfriend!! Do you agree with me?? How about cats?? We have one cat left now at home. His name is Spike. The other one named Muffin was already dead last 2006 and she is my favorite..Cats need cat trees and Spike already have one!! Are you looking for very nice and affordable cat trees? My Cats Heaven is the best place to provide your cats in everything they need..Always remember, "Be kind to animals."!! I will finally say good night now!! bye bye!!

Are You in Diet?

This is my biggest problem.I always say that I want to go on diet..but how can I do that when I love to cook and eat at the same time!! Do you have any idea how we can lose weight without setting aside our favorites like eating....quite difficult right?? I just read about Fenphedra. It is said that, it is not only a diet pill but at the same time a cure nervousness and stress! I am very much interested. I will see what I can do!! I have to go back at Sybervision tomorrow to read more infos!!! It is getting late and I still have to do one more thing!! Good night!!

Trivia for you!!

I guess, these trivia are worthwhile sharing before I delete it from my subscribed mail from arcamax...have fun!! wish you all a nice Tuesday!!

Can gold help with your aches and pains?

Gold salts are sometimes injected into the muscles to relieve arthritis.

Which was the first plastic?

The first plastic ever invented was celluloid. It came about as an alternative for billiard balls made from ivory.

What was David O.'s middle name?

Famous for his pet film project Gone With the Wind (1939), movie executive David O. Selznick’s middle name was Oliver.

How many blood vessels do we have?

If all the blood vessels in a single human body were stretched end to end, they would form a string capable of going around the world.

Best regards from Disneyland, California!!

Oh well. I'm not in Disneyland, CA anymore..I'm back here in Europe..I'm just posting this photo because I am really feeling so tired now...still having a headache...

just saying Hi to all and best regards!! have a safe and happy Monday!!

pix taken by my sister in Disneyland, California...see that Mickey's head, that's where the big.. huge Roller Coaster!! I really enjoyed my 2 months vacation in the U.S.

My Sunday

bridge over peaceful water in Hohenfels

Not that much things happened today. I already woke-up around 12 noon ..drunk my cup of green tea..and cooked some food for lunch. the afternoon I went walking with my husband..we talked some things especially during our last vacation in the Philippines. He also love it there and might want to retire over there. I still don't know what will happen in the future but always hoping and praying for the best. Germany is also a very nice and beautiful place but only very cold in the winter time. we see what's gonna happen..My Sunday is a very nice one as usual!! hope you have the same!!!

the very beautiful nature and scenery in our Gemeinde (municipality)..
this is where we usually go walking..

My friend and Her Airbrush

I am currently watching the Olympics in Peking. My mind was quite out of the idea about what I want to write here. Just a moment please!!..Now I remember it. I have a friend back in College that loves painting and drawing so much. She is the one who also painted our t'shirts for Intramurals in Commerce department. I don't know exactly what kind of airbrush she used before but the outcome was really very nice and neat. She is a good friend of mine and I even visited her in Las Vegas last time. I guess that's all for today!!!Have a great day to all!!

Trade Show Displays

I'm an entrepreneur back in the Philippines. I owned a general merchandise store. As owner manager, I need to overlook everything in the store. From merchandise ordering, financial aspects, inventory, buying of furniture and fixtures like trade show booths are only some of my duties and responsibilities.

Owning a business or being a manager of a certain establishment is not quite an easy task. Most responsibilities in the store lies in our hands. If you have problems especially about trade show booths for your store, Camel Back Displays is the best place to go. They offer and provide all the things you need in your trade shows like table skirts, banner stands, Pipe and Drape and all other accessories you need are found in this shop. I can say, it is a one stop shop!

You don't have to worry anymore because they even help you with all the designs you wanted. I just visited their site and was amazed by their products and display ideas!! Take a look now and start…

Escapades at Regensburg, Germany

The weather yesterday was quite unpredictable. I don't want to stand up from my bed but I have too..The weather outside was quite cold.. A friend will be going with me in Regensburg to buy some Philippine foods...Actually I am craving for Phil. sardines.. I brought four last time from Las Vegas but I gave away two to a former friend. That was quite a chilly day. We went a bit walking in the old city and once again enjoyed the place, its old historical buildings, the churches around the old city and different shopping stores. We went home early since I still have to go a little bit grocery shopping in Parsberg. Please visit my Euroangel's Exploring Germany blog for more pictures from Regensburg..thanks a lot!!

bye and see you again tomorrow!!! need to sign off back is aching again!!! wheww!!
at Regensburg square..see that Church's towers!!! very nice!!
the cathedral in Regensburg
the flower girl...very nice flowers....ayuha jud pag-smile!!

Wordless Wednesday

Gate in Velburg, Germany
Happy Wednesday!!

Thanks to All friends

I would like to thank all my friends in the blogosphere for always visiting me here!! Special thanks to my online friend, Carlota for this very beautiful entrecard banner..I really appreciate your time and effort for this..again, Better late than never...wink!! daghang salamat jud!!

I know I have lots of things to be thankful in the blogging world as I can express here myself to my friends both online and offline!!~ I might be far away from you but you are always in my thoughts...I am just sorry that sometimes, my time is just don't enough to visit you one by one...but one of these days, I will!! and will surely do!!

Once again!! a million thanks from the bottom of my heart!! Have a great day to all!!! Tschuss!!

My BlogLog Verication

for verification only!!
Undergoing MyBlogLog Verification

How are You??

How's everyone!! hope all is doing great !! I'm just giving a little update for today...While I was drinking my cup of green tea this morning, I found in the front page of the newspaper called Neumarkter Tagblatt the photo of Michael Phelps..he is known now as the Goldfish!! I just admire his power and strength in swimming, winning as of today 8 golds!!! Wowowowowowwww!!! what a talent!! I admire people who have special talents..I more admire them especially if I don't have the talent they have!!! wink.... I believed that talents and abilities are God-given ones. You must be thankful if you have one..

Special thanks to people also who share their talents especially here in the blogosphere. I already met some online friends who are sharing their talents especially in web designing or template designing!! Thanks a lot friends for sharing those talents!!! Cheers!! keep up the great job!!

guess that's all for today!! I don't know but I'm …

7 Facts About me

Thanks a lot Sis Twinks for remembering me with this tag :] I appreciate the thought.

Here’s the rules:

A. List these rules on your blog.

B. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.

C. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.

7 Facts About Euroangel
I don't like drinking coffee early in the morning but I need a cup of green tea.I am addicted to blogging now!!!! In fact I already have around 14 blogs..I want to lose weight - but I always stay in front of my PC instead of doing exercise.
I hate it when people touches my things without my knowing - it pisses me off...(Sis Twinks pareho ta ani!!)
I love to travel and see interesting places...It's one of my greatest dream in life!! in lakwatsera kuno ko!!!I love my family very much and will do all I can for them....I miss them so much in the Philippines!!!I hate back stabbers and liars!!! I'm outgoing, friendly, broad-minded and optimistic but if you abuse me, I can be…

Shopping..Shopping and More Shopping!!

Uh..Oh!! I just found another great site for shopping!! Just yesterday, I ordered online a canon power shot camera which is on sale. The original price was around 515.00euros and I got it for 329 euros..I have around 186 Euros savings...not bad right!! Just today, I found again another interesting shopping website!!..

Shopwiki is an online shopping store that sells almost all kinds of goods and items you need ranging from shoes and accessories, outdoor and sports, home furnishings, jewelry and watches, health and beauty and a lot more!! What really interest me are their seasonal items which you can't find in other website. There you can find lots of items for special occasions like wedding gifts, party gifts, Christmas gifts, Easter gifts, valentines gifts..oh well just name any occasion and you will find a perfect gift in this great website!!

My friend's birthday is coming on August 20, I believed I can find a perfect gift for her!! Do you need any shoppin…

The Virgin Mary's Heavenly Birthday

How's everyone doing today??? I hope everything is fine..I am just sharing this information about the Assumption of Virgin Mary which is celebrated today August 15. I could still remember back in my school days especially in high School and College where we made lots of activities during Assumption day. I am proud to study in Catholic Schools like Notre Dame Schools where in my early age, values formation are given great importance.

Thanks to all my teachers and mentors who imparted their knowledge, wisdom, values and teachings during the early years in my life. To my Alma Matter Notre Dame, keep up the great job!! You simply make a positive difference!! I especially dedicate this post to you!!

I have to escape now and do some household chores!!

have a great and blessed Friday to all!!

Photo of Virgin Mary which I took in our Church here in Hohenfels, Germany..
This is a very beautiful altar inside St. Ullrich Church. This church was built in 1721.

Please visit http:…

Olympic Games

I just want to share today about the topic Olympic Games..Since Olympic games is currently happening in China, I guess it is worthwhile knowing about it....This is coming from my beloved Wikipedia!!! Happy reading!! I have to sign-off early today...not feeling so good, it's my migraine again!!

Thanks for all your visit here!! have fun!!

The Olympic Games is an international multi-sport event. The original Olympic Games (Greek: Ολυμπιακοί Αγώνες; [Olympiakoi Agones] (help·info)) were first recorded in 776 BC in Olympia, Greece, and were celebrated until AD 393. Interest in reviving the Olympic Games proper was first shown by the Greek poet and newspaper editor Panagiotis Soutsos in his poem "Dialogue of the Dead" in 1833.[3] Evangelos Zappas sponsored the first modern international Olympic Games in 1859. He paid for the refurbishment of the Panathenian Stadium for Olympic Games held there in 1870 and 1875. This was noted in newspapers and publications around the world in…

Wordless Wednesday- Olympics 2008

Chinese dancers/performers during the opening of Olympics in Peking, China..
happy Wednesday to all!!
thanks for visiting me here!!

Home Entertainment

I remembered again my two months vacation in the United States where I stayed most of the time in my sister in Las Vegas. I was amazed by lots of casinos in Las Vegas. In every corners are casinos specially in the strip. Even gas stations and shopping malls have slot machines. That's why Vegas is called as the entertainment capital of the world because you just see all kinds of entertainments there.

Now I'm back in Germany. The small town I live don't have casino. Sometimes I even want to play online casino..why not?? when I get time I will..I'm just a very busy body even I only stay in our home..

If you are looking for online casinos for entertainment at the comfort of your home, just click Casino guide and you will find the best casino games there!!! Have fun!!

Joke Time!!

I decided to share this joke from arcamax before I delete it...have a funny Sunday to all my friends out there!!

Norwegian in Fargo

A Norwegian took a trip to Fargo, North Dakota.
While in a bar, an Indian on the next stool spoke to the Norwegian in a friendly manner.

"Look," he said, "let's have a little game. I'll ask you a riddle. If you can answer it, I'll buy you a drink. If you can't then you buy me one. OK?"

"Ja, dat sounds purty good," said the Norwegian.

The Indian said, "My father and mother had one child. It wasn't my brother. It wasn't my sister. Who was it?"

The Norwegian scratched his head and finally said, "I give up. Who vas it?"

"It was ME," chortled the Indian.

So the Norwegian paid for the drinks.

Back in Sioux Falls the Norwegian went into the bar and spotted one of his cronies.

"Sven," he said, "I got a game. If you can answer a question, I'll buy you a drink. If you can&…

More Photos on Neumarkt Volksfest

just sharing more photos in Neumarkt Volksfest (public festival) which started yesterday. lots of people were there enjoying the rides, beer drinking, short party and fun for all!! German people love fun and party too!! enjoy your weekend!!

the Free Fall Ride and the 50meter Ferris wheel..The Royal Bavarian Wheel

Great Quote

People who are for you today,
maybe against you tomorrow.
Those who please you now,
may displease you later on.
Do not be so foolish as to rely too much
on these changeful creatures.

adapted: anonymous

happy TGIF..pix I took as we where on our way to Velburg.
best regards to all!!

Perfect Cash Advance

Millions of people around the world are now suffering from financial difficulties. There are credit cards that are already to the maximum, home mortgage can't be paid anymore, insurances are due and there is no more left from the salary and a lot of bills that are still waiting to be paid. You are not alone, so don't worry. All you just need is a perfect timing and the right financial institution that can help you.

I even know somebody who keep on telling me before that she can't go grocery shopping sometimes because she have to wait till the next payday of her husband. She even sometimes run to me in terms of emergency needs. Being a friend, you can't say "No" especially if you consider her a part of the family. But it's over now..I hope she can find friends who can help her anytime when she needs help. Most especially if she needs financial help, I guess payday loans is the best solution to solve their financial needs.

Perfect cash Advan…

WW: Garden in the Philippines

Our Garden near the Beach in Cebu, would you like to enjoy the water and the sun here...How I wish I can go home soon!! I miss Philippines!!

have a great Wednesday!!

Appreciation to All My Friends!!

I would like to thanks all my friends, former classmates/schoolmates and family especially in Friendster for all the greetings in my natal day!! Everything is really appreciated!!! Thanks for all your friendship!! I am really happy to have such friends like you!!

Please visit my other sites for more updates and appreciation from all my friends!!!Thanks a lot once again...I am really speechless!!! have a great day!!God bless us all!!

B-day Card from Robelyn (from Germany)...dae Rob..thanks a lot for your time and effort!!!tc all the time...regards to your family!!

FROM MY FORMER CLASSMATE IN COLLEGE AND MY KUMARE TOO..Mareng GERALYN...thanks a lot!!! ayo2 ka dira kanunay sa Canada!! mizyah...and all our "kabuang" back in the College days!!!

Our Next Project

This is a good site for shopping especially for home appliances and more. I just visited their site , that's why I am sharing it to you. Actually we are planning to buy a new freezer to replace our old one. It is just getting too rusty now after the water catastrophe we had in 2006. Besides that it is obsolete, it is consuming lot of electricity. sells all kinds of home appliances and other equipments you need at home like refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, vacuums..well just name it and they have it all!! I just found out that they have cheaper prices compared to the catalogues I always check for home appliances..Check it out!!visit their site now!!

I Need Signal in my Phone!!

I still can't sleep so I decided to write and write now!! It's better to share ideas here than do nothing!! Have you experience sometimes wherein there is no signal in your cellphones and can't call and send sms?? This is not good !! Unless your cellphone don't have load and you can't do both then..Well because, I just know a person who keep on changing her cell phone but there is no load in it..What's the use then of changing cell phone and can't put load in it!! Only for display!! No good idea!!

But anyway if you really have problems about having no cell phone signals, Powerful Signal can be of help. They have the products you need from cell phone repeater, cellular antennas and everything you need to solve cellular problems!! Visit their site now and stay always connected!! quick reminder, put a load on your cell phone!!

Backpain Again!!

It's almost midnight now. I want to sleep early tonight but I can't. I got back pains again. I just took a warm bath..stayed in the bathtub for almost an hour. ..Now I feel better as I'm writing this post. The pain is still there but very better as before. I had this pain almost three years now. I had already undergone lots of therapy here in Germany but it's still keep on coming back. I even had x-rays at my back and shoulder before and as far as I can remember also undergone MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) in 2006. But the the doctors still did not find anything.

I am just thankful that I don't work anymore because I think this pain only started as I worked as Retail Supervisor before. That was quite a tough and heavy job. I am just thankful if the pain don't attack me. Sometimes I can't even sleep good at night because of the pain. That was so bad before especially if I have to wake up early and go to work. The worst thing is duri…

My Life and How To Lose Weight!!

Since two years ago, my computer has been my bestfriend. Do you know why?? because I spend most of the time in front of my PC. That is getting worst now since I start blogging. I think I can't live without my computer anymore..Sounds funny huh??But yes, it's true that I stay in front of my pc most of the time. Well, it doesn't mean that I don't have friends. I have some good friends here in Germany, to count maybe are 2 or 3 persons. Unlike in the Philippines, I got hundreds of friends. Sometimes, I can only contact my friends and former classmates online like in Friendster. Life here in Europe is just different compared to Philippines. You even don't know your neighbors here. Honestly speaking, I only knew not even a dozen names of my neighbors here in Germany . Imagine I already live here for more than five years now and I only know maybe around 10 names of my neighbors.

That is why, I am talking and writing all the time in my computer.…