Sunday, June 8, 2008

Australian women over-dieting, says survey

MELBOURNE (UPI) -- A survey suggests that Australian women are going to extreme and even unhealthy lengths to try to lose weight.

Fortune magazine polled 1,000 Australian women aged between 18 and 35 and found that 56 percent had used diet pills, while 88 percent regularly skip meals and 17 percent go for more than a day without eating in order to lose weight. Another 15 percent admitted to being anorexic or vomiting after eating.

Eating Disorder Foundation founder Amanda Jordan said the survey reflected national research.

"This really highlights the absolute tyranny of image and how women are being seduced into dangerous and unhelpful behavior," she told the Melbourne Sun-Herald, suggesting that magazines such as Fortune were partly to blame for their images of overly-thin women as ideals.

"If you're going to blame magazines, then you are also going to have to blame TV, Internet and advertising. Everyone carries the same stories," said executive editor, Ali Wick.

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