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What's My Name's Hidden Meaning???Maria Ruby!!

I got this tag from my new found friend online, Marites.
thanks a lot for this tag...well I find this interesting....Almost are true (around 90% maybe hehehe) but some are not (guess the remaining 10%) !! I hope I can explain it further next time when I feel perfectly okey!! You are usually the best at everything!!! great!!, as said below, might be the reason why this blog is simply named SIMPLY THE BEST!!!

Hope to visit you next time again!! still feeling better but not so okey!! I went to my doctor today and have a check-up..will be back again on Friday to know the results of the blood examinations..Take care everyone!!!

Any friends linkies can grab this!!

What Maria Ruby Means

You are confident, self assured, and capable. You are not easily intimidated.
You master any and all skills easily. You don't have to work hard for what you want.
You make your life out to be exactly how you want it. And you'll knock down anyone who gets in your way!

You are usually the best at everythi…

hello !! hi !! hallo!!

Hi again dear friends!! sorry can't visit you all, till I am feeling perfectly okey!! Still a bit dizzy but very better...see you soon!! Thanks for all your visit and messages here!! Take care everyone and enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

Happy Weekend!!

Hello to all my friends!! Sorry was out for couple of days coz I was sick..That was so terrible having a very bad migraine for some days... I'm feeling very better today!! Just let you know that all your visits here, comments, messages and esp. to those who voted for me for the Filipino Blog of the week are very well appreciated. Thank you very much for all your time and effort.

I will attend to all of you as soon as possible if I will be feeling back to normal health again...esp. to those who want o exchange links with me. You don't need to ask for xlinks, just add my 5 major blogs ..Once I visited your page and I see my links their I will add you asap and will also let you know about it.

Just a bit patient!! Hopefully with God's will, I will be full power again!! I'll visit you soon!!
Once again, thank you very much for visiting my humble abode!! Take care everyone and God bless us all!!! Enjoy your weekend!! Spring time is coming to Germany.!!! God is good!…

Wordless Wednesday

I always love flowers!! I took a photo in one of the grocery shops I went shopping today!!
very beautiful colorful flowers!!

Crazy Weather Again!!!

Good morning my friends!!! hope everyone is doing fine!!

I really hate to say this but I have to.. I just woke-up a little bit earlier (8am, this is early for me) today to do my weekly chores, go grocery shopping. Sad to say, when I looked up outside my window the snow keeps on falling down so hard..Until now it is coming worse..I hate to drive in this weather especially if the street is full of snow and still not clean- up..I just looked at my tag-boards and saw a lot of messages..

Thanks a lot for visiting my humble abode..I really appreciate it!! For those who requested to exchange links, I will try to add first those who added me already as soon as possible today..Really thank you guys for always visiting me here...I am really happy...I will try to visit you back as soon as possible today..

I just have some important things to do first then I will attend to all of you.

Anyway for those who voted for me in SalasWildthoughts..I really appreciate your help and support. Thank you very muc…

Spring is coming!!

Below are some meaning of spring!! give it a meaning too!!
Spring Time is almost coming in Germany!! Great!!! I love it!!

17 Springs
spring v. sprang (or sprung, springing, springs.
1. To move upward or forward in a single quick motion or a series
of such motions; leap.
2. To move suddenly on or as if on a spring.
3. To appear or come into being quickly.
4. To issue or emerge suddenly.
5. To extend or curve upward, as an arch.
6. To arise from a source; develop.
7. To become warped, split, or cracked. Used of wood.
8. To move out of place; come loose, as parts of a mechanism.
9. Slang. To pay another's expenses.
10. To cause to leap, dart, or come forth suddenly.
11. To jump over; vault.
12. To release from a checked or inoperative position; actuate.
13. To cause to warp, split, or crack, as a mast.
14. To bend by force.
15. To present or disclose unexpectedly or suddenly.
16. Slang. To cause to be released from prison or other confinement.
17. a season in a year

Happy Easter Sunday!!!!

HAPPY EASTER TO ALL MY FRIENDS!! Don't forget to vote for me at SalasWildthougths...
CLICK FOR MY NAME STARLIGHTEXPRESS- #8 ON THE LIST FOR FILIPINO BLOG OF THE WEEK# 101...FOR ALL THOSE WHO VOTING PLEASE KEEP ON VOTING..ONLY 1 VOTE PER DAY!! Thanks a lot for all your help and support!!! I really appreciate all your support and assistance!! Thank you very much in advance!!
What is Easter Sunday!!!

Christians celebrate Easter Sunday because Jesus rose from death. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the fundamental principles and beliefs of Christianity and a well documented historical fact. Christians celebrate Easter Sunday because they believe, Jesus died for their sin on the Cross on Good Friday. Jesus was buried on Friday and rose from death on Sunday. Christians believe only Jesus can give eternal life, because He overcame death.

Best Guide to Web Hosting

Before I begin let me tell you first what web hosting service means?? Web Hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to provide their own website accessible via the World Wide Web. My purpose of telling this to you is to give you some guidance if ever you are looking for the best Web Hosting Company.

I just browse the internet and stumbled in this site named I find this site very interesting and informative especially with regards to web hosting, template designs and resources and a lot more. Well, I myself really want to learn more about custom themes, template designing and guidelines about the best web hosting company. For sure, I will keep coming back on this site.

I just admired the time and effort made by the Author of especially in searching for the best and perfect web hosting sites. Well, I guess I do the same especially if you experienced a shut down in your web h…

Good Morning!!!Good Morning!!!

Hi guys!! How are you doing??hope everyone is doing great this weekend especially that tomorrow is Easter Sunday!! Christ is Risen!! Really great!!!

well..well to my surprised, what I saw as I opened this blog is that I read a a message in my tag-board that I am nominated as Filipino Blog of the Week!!! I was really amazed until now!! I just feel some happiness as I know that I really work hard for this blog!! I also know that without you guys and all friends bloggers in the blogosphere , this blog is nothing!! What I can only say is that, My success is also your success!! You have been a big part on my blogging!!

I would also like to thanks especially all my blogger friends, visitors, readers, mentors and all people who help and made this blog a better one!!

Thank you very much guys for always being there!! I know saying thank you is not enough but I really appreciate everything..

Now I am asking again your help, your time and effort to please go, visit Salaswildthoughts

Good Friday for Roman Catholics in Philippines

In the predominantly Roman Catholic Philippines, the day is commemorated with street processions, the Way of the Cross, and a Passion play called the Senakulo. The Church keeps the day solemn by not tolling the church bells, and no Mass will be celebrated. In some communities (most famously in City of San Fernando, Pampanga), the processions include devotees who self-flagellate and sometimes even have themselves nailed to crosses as expressions of penance. After three o'clock in the afternoon of Good Friday (the time at which Jesus is traditionally believed to have died), noise is discouraged, some radio stations and television stations sign off, businesses automatically close, and the faithful are urged to keep a very solemn and prayerful disposition through to Easter Sunday.Major television networks are paid to broadcast events at Roman Catholic parishes. These events include the reading of the Seven Last Words, the recitation of the Stations of the Cross, and the service of the…

Finding Your Perfect Soulmate!!

In today's modern technology like computer, a lot of single people try to find their dream partners through internet. Online dating have been very famous and continue to grow from day to day. With just a few clicks on the wed, you can meet anyone or someone from anywhere around the world. Whether you are looking for online date, serious love or even just friends on the internet, it is very easy and convenient now. You can enjoy it in the comfort of your home.

It is quite very interesting that a lot of singles are very successful in finding their wish of right and perfect soulmate throught online dating. All you just need is a right matchmaking site. is an online directory of the best dating services. It is a matchmaking site where you can meet online personals for meeting compatible people with faith and values. You can find in this site different personalities around the world from Asian to Hispanic, Jewish to Christian, gay to lesbian and a lot m…

Frequently Asked Questions About Good Friday

1. What are the Western Catholic Fast Guidelines for Good Friday?
Fasting means eating only one full meatless (no animal flesh) meal on this day. However, one may still eat a breakfast and even a lunch in addition to a full meal if the two additional small meals do not add up to a second full meal. Snacking is not allowed. Drinking coffee, tea, juices, etc, between meals is permitted on fast days. The requirements are slightly different for those of certain ages. Fasting is only required of those from ages 18-59, although parents are expected to teach their children the reasons behind their fasting, etc. Those with health conditions are excluded. Note that some Western Bishop Conferences, Eastern Catholic Rites, and Orthodox Christians have different fasting guidelines, so it is wise to check with your local parish about expectations. These are simply the minimum expectations. Additional forms of self-denial, within reason, can also be spiritually beneficial.2. What is the Paschal Trid…

All About Holy Week

Holy Week Definition and SummaryHoly Week includes the final week of Lent and part of the Paschal Triduum. Holy Week includes Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday, and occurs in late March or early April. In 2008, Holy Week runs from March 16 - March 22 (dates in other years). Basic Facts About Holy WeekLiturgical Color(s): Violet (Purple); various
Type of Holiday: Fast
Time of Year: The Last Week of Lent Before Easter Sunday
Duration: Palm Sunday to Holy Saturday
Celebrates/Symbolizes: Various Final Events of Jesus' Life
Alternate Names: hebdomada major
Scriptural References: Matthew 21, 26-27; Mark 11, 14-15; Luke 19, 22-23; John 13, 16-19IntroductionHoly Week is the last week of Lent before Easter, beginning on Palm Sunday and ending on Holy Saturday. In an older nomenclature, Holy Week is the second Sunday of Passiontide (Passiontide begins on the fifth Sunday of Lent). Holy Week is the part of the Church Year where Jesus' final moments are commemorated. The final three…

All About Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday Definition and SummaryMaundy Thursday, known officially in the Catholic Church as Holy Thursday, is the Thursday of Holy Week. Maundy Thursday commemorates the institution of the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Ordination, and begins the Paschal Triduum. In 2008, Holy Thursday falls on March 20 (dates in other years).Basic Facts About Holy ThursdayLiturgical Color(s): White
Type of Holiday: Part of Lenten Fast
Time of Year: Thursday of Holy Week
Duration: One Evening
Celebrates/Symbolizes: Institution of The Eucharist and Ordination
Alternate Names: Maundy Thursday, Shear Thursday
Scriptural References: Matthew 26; Mark 14; Luke 22; John 13; 1 Corinthians 11:22-34IntroductionJesus shared the final meal with his disciples, called the Last Supper, on the night before he was crucified. The institution of the Holy Eucharist occurred during this meal, as indicated from the gospel excerpt below: Now as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed, and broke it, and gave it to th…

Frequently Asked Questions About Good Thursday

1. What is the Paschal Triduum?
The Paschal Triduum, often called the Easter Triduum or simply the Triduum, consists of Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday. This includes the Great Easter Vigil, the high point of the Triduum. The word Triduum comes from the Latin word meaning "three days." It begins the evening of Maundy Thursday and ends at Evening Prayer on Easter Sunday. Thus the Triduum consists of three full days which begin and end in the evening. The Triduum technically is not part of Lent (at least liturgically), but Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday are still reckoned as part of the traditional forty day Lenten fast. The Triduum celebrates the heart of our faith and salvation: the death and resurrection of Christ, and is thus the high point of the liturgical year. 2. Why Does the Church Celebrate the Institution of the Eucharist on a Thursday?
It is long-held Tradition, based on the Biblical texts, that Jesus died on a Friday a…


I just visited Technorati. My old blogspot blogs which are;
are all domains now with the new domain names below;

As I want to know my authority, I just found out that both have different authorities. My old blogspots sites have higher authority than the domains.. I don't know exactly if I will put Technorati authority of both old and new websites.

What do you think dear Readers esp. bloggers who know about this???

PT Appointment

I had a Physical Therapy appointment today. I just like my P'Therapist because she made a very good massage. I got before back pains but since I was having massage and fango, I am feeling very better now. My back pains don't keep on coming back just like before. Oh yeah..guess this is what I got working so hard here in Europe..So now I just stayed at home doing blogging and meeting friends online..hehehe!!

I was before in different PT's but I was not contented and satisfied the way they made the massage. Finally I found the right clinic or Reha as called in German and I am very satisfied with their service.

As I was today in my appointment, it was snowing very hard. I even got some photos which I took as I was in the second floor of the clinic. Hopefully will post it tomorrow once I download it.

Got to sign-off now as I was also not feeling so good having some headache...guess migraine too!! Hope to visit fellow friends bloggers tomorrow when I have time as I als…

Debt management Plan

Before I begin I would to share what does debt means???Debt is that which is owed; usually referencing assets owed, but the term can cover other obligations. In the case of assets, debt is a means of using future purchasing power in the present before a summation has been earned. A debt is created when a creditor agrees to lend a sum of assets to a debtor. In modern society, debt is usually granted with expected repayment; in many cases, plus interest.

I believed almost everybody is very familiar with the word debt. My question is; Do you know of somebody who don't have a debt? I guess everyone got one. What do you think??I had to admit that I also have some debts. I built a house in the Philippines last 2004 and some of the money I used there was borrowed in the bank.

Since I was already unemployed we need to have a Debt Management Plan so we can cope-up with all our financial and economic needs. Life in Europe is very expensive especially in Germany. Now that my…

Wordless Wednesday

I always love fruits!! especially the sour n sweet ones..
I love strawberries too!! got some in my garden..
hope spring time is coming soon, so it will grow again.
I usually make strawberry cake out of it..

I Love Rap Hip Hop Music

I always love rap and hip hop music ever since high school. I even got some cd's from some hip hop artists like Fat Joe, 50 Cents, Kanye West and a lot more.. This kind of music simply inspires me and even makes me more alive. I always feel like dancing when I hear it. Well, I even use it during my exercise. I even have a hip hop aerobic CD. I just love it.

I just find this website called rap artists very awesome and interesting. From now on, I don't have to go anywhere shopping for rap hip hop songs or music, instead I can just click in my browser and enjoy it at home. You can choose a lot of Top Albums, Top Artists and even Top Songs which they feature in their site at the comfort of your home.

Do you love rap hip hop songs???? Come with me and let's have fun at

Funny, Crazy Weather in Germany!!!

Could you imagine what weather we just have now???...I am surprised that it is snowing quick outside. Now comes the sunshine again. Last night was snowing. I thought we already have a spring time.. This morning as we woke up, the sun was shining very nice..Later around noon time, the sky went gray and dark..Now in the afternoon, the sun shines again...My gosh, it was just snowing..And now the snow was gone replaced by sunshine!!

What a funny, crazy weather we have in Germany esp. in the state of Bavaria. Is this something to do with what man do to the environment?? Now the sky turned clear blue again..That's why I mentioned before never trust the weather in Germany..As now the sun slowly disappear again!!! really crazy!! Sometimes we even have the 4 seasons in a day...spring, summer, autumn, and winter...what else do you want???

I believed this is the cause of my migraine??? What do you think experts?? Please give me your opinion!! appreciate it!!! Take care everyone…

Some Important notice for your health that I like to share with all…

Reduce volume of tea intake, except green tea.
Do not eat bread which has JUST been toasted.
Stay a distance from your charger.
Drink more water in the morning, less at night.
Do not drink coffee twice a day.
Reduce your volume of oily food.
Best sleeping time is from 10 at night to 6 at the morning.
Do not have HUGE meals after 5pm.
Do not take alcohol more than a cup daily.
Do not take capsules with cold water.
Do not lie down immediately after taking medicine before sleeping.
Have 8 hours sleep. Lack of it will make a person stupid.
If you can't get on early morning runs, 5-8 in the afternoon is a great time for jogging.
When battery left last grid, do not answer the phone.
The radiation is 1000 times.
Answer the phone with your left ear.
It'll spoil your brain directly if you use your right ear.
Do not use earphone for long time. Rest your ear a while after 1 hour.

just try these..It might work!!!

Not so Good day!!

Hi guys, how's everyone!! Sorry not much have time to update my blog for quite some days, as we went out of town to Frankfurt..My husband got some vacation days so we made a little bit trip!! That was quite nice seeing other places again!! We just went home now and I felt so tired even got some migraine again!

The weather was so bad as as we went home so my husband had to drive very carefully!!
Thank God we arrived home safe and sound!!

Alte Nicolaikirche (old St. Nicholas Church), once the Chancellor chapel.
built in 1290 to replace the old court chapel which used to belong to the Saalhof (Court)

Roemerberg in Frankfurt- the oldest historic traces of settlement in Frankfurt are found here.

See you all tomorrows guys, I'm still having a little bit migraine but not so bad as before!! Goodnight!! and take care everyone!!

Simply Fishes..Fishes

I always love taking pictures on anything that I see..guess i'm really a photo addict now..oh yeah, that's true..I can't deny that anymore..Last Sunday as we went to Amberg to eat in a Chinese restaurant, I just admire the aquarium they have there.

I remember my aquarium too back in the Philippines. I always love nature..things like this that I always like. I even remember our house in the province, near the sea..when you just look in the clear water you can already see the small fishes swimming..It's so good to the eyes when you witness that beauty of nature..hopefully will go home next time to see it again!! I miss Philippines!!

these photos I took last Sunday!!! very beautiful!!

I Hate Termites

I remember my house back in the Philippines which have a lot of termites. I don't know why but I really hate termites. I thought they are just normal animals but they're not. When I visited, I found out that termites are very dangerous and can bring a lot of damages to your home.

I really found this website very useful and it provides us with lot of informations and guidance on how to eliminate termites not only in our home but also with our other properties especially those that are made up of woods.

So please dear readers before something bad happen to your long hard work investment, I recommend you to visit this site and they will give you all the information to get rid of termites.

Visit them now before it's too late!!!

Simply Widgets

I really like using the widgets before like the feedjit, rankwidget and neo counter but since the attack of pop-ups with Trojan virus which the hacker injected to its html codes, I decided to removed them.. Hopefully will install it again as I really like them.. Feedjit let you know the places where your readers and visitors of your blog coming from. Neocounter simply counts the countries from which visitors are coming from.. Rankwidget let you know your ranking...really awesome i see if I install it again.

Reasons for sleeping and waking up early

Evening at 9 - 11pm: is the time for eliminating unnecessary/toxic chemicals (detoxification) from the body's system (lymph nodes). This time should be spent by relaxing or listening to music. If during this time a housewife is still in an unrelaxed state such as washing the dishes or monitoring children doing their homework, this will have a negative impact on health.

Evening at 11pm - 1am: is the detoxification process in the liver, and ideally should be done in a deep sleep state.
Early morning 1 - 3am: detoxification process in the gall, also ideally done in a deep sleep state.

Early morning 3 - 5am: detoxification in the lungs. Therefore there will sometimes be a severe cough for cough sufferers during this time. Since the detoxification process had reached the respiratory tract, there is no need to take cough medicine so as not to interfere with toxin removal process.

Morning 5 - 7am: detoxification in the colon, you should empty your bowel (usually after waking up- walk around …

Credit Cards for Bad Credits

With the hard Economic condition now in the United States, a lot of Americans are drown to credits. The only bad thing is that, they cannot pay their credits anymore. Millions are really in financial crisis that they cannot pay back their home loans, car loans, credit cards and other more different kinds of credits. It is really a very sad story but I believed that they must not lost their hope in this kind of situation.

"In every problem, there is always a solution", as the saying goes. With your bad credit cards, you can visit It is a free consumer resource that helps those people with bad credit rating. They provide you with the best credit offer that best suits your need. They also provide customers with the top 10 credit cards and are really wanting to help you in all your needs to solve your financial agony.

Regardless of your credit history,'s main purpose is to provide customers with all…

What a Crazy Day!!

I suppose to have an appointment at my Physical Therapist for massage today. As I woke up around 8am, I felt my head very heavy, so I decided to call them to cancel my appointment. It was raining so hard this morning, a little stormy and really a bad weather.

In short it is a crazy weather today because right now, the sun is shining again. I just went out a while ago picking up the newspaper and some mails outside and the rain starting pouring again. I believed sometimes the cause of my headache and migraine is this crazy weather we have in Germany. What you do think???

So I just spent my day, staying in the house, do some cooking and blog hopping again!!..I guess the pop-ups are all gone now!!! i hope so as I never encountered it during my blog hopping!!! So please dear hackers, I hope you see the hard work we put on our blogs everyday!!! just some respect and do honest work and you will also be rewarded!!!

God bless us all!!!


I am thankful to my blogger friend Beth for remembering me with this award... Thanks a lot friend!!! muaahhhh!!! hope you have a great day and everybody too!!!

I am passing this to all my wonderful friends bloggers esp. the Bisdak friends!!! Grab it now!!!

Online Casino Links

I believed playing casino is a very interesting and awesome experience. I also play casino every time I visit my friend but me and my husband will drive around 4 hours just to play casino. I even don't know a casino near to us because I live in a small village.

It happened that I browsed an online casino and found out that it offers a lot of online casinos for you to choose from. Imagine you can already play casino at home and enjoy the fun it offers without any hassle to drive anywhere and without the noise disturbance from any other players.

At, I believed you find all the casino games you want and it offers great sign-up bonuses. They also offer all casino players with the top 100 of the best online casinos. They even make research and reviews for best casinos, so you won't waste your time and effort trying to find one.

Visit their page now and enjoy playing casino at the very comfort of your home!! Don't forg…

Wordless Wednesday

taken last Sunday as went to Amberg to eat in the Chinese Restaurant there..
that is the Amberg City hall

Playing Casino Online

Do you love to go to casinos and play games there! Do you even take time to drive for some hours in going there?? or Did you know that there is already an online casino that offers wide choices of best online casinos. If you don't know about it, I'm introducing it to you now.

Online casino is a very accessible way of playing casinos in internet without crowds. You can play it right in the comfort of your home. At, you can find the best casinos online. They offer the top online casinos worldwide which make it easier and convenient for all casino players. You can play all your favorite games such as Blackjacks, Roulette, Craps, Sport Betting, Slots, Poker and a lot more.

They also provide you with all the guidelines and informations to start playing online. With the best reviewed casinos on this site, you can surely be happy and satisfied in a very short time. Not only that, they also make it sure that you play safe when gambling online…

The top five cancer-causing foods!!


The top five cancer-causing foods are:

1. Hot dogs
Because they are high in nitrates, the Cancer Prevention Coalition advises that children eat no more than 12 hot dogs a month. If you can't live without hot dogs, buy those made without sodium nitrate.

2. Processed meats and bacon
Also high in the same sodium nitrates found in hot dogs, bacon, and other processed meats raise the risk of heart disease. The saturated fat in bacon also contributes to cancer.

3. Doughnuts
Doughnuts are cancer-causing double trouble. First, they are made with white flour, sugar, and hydrogenated oils, then fried at high temperatures. Doughnuts, says Adams , may be the worst food you can possibly eat to raise your risk of cancer.

4. French fries
Like doughnuts, French fries are made with hydrogenated oils and then fried at high temperatures. They also contain cancer- causing acryl amides which occur during the frying process.…

Making MOney and more Traffic

I just browsed this site called It's just easy to join. Once you join, you can upload your favorite photos, videos, blogpost, songs or just anything that comes out of your mind.

The best thing which I really find very exciting is that when you join here, you can earn extra cash and even drive more traffics to your blog and increase its visibility. With, you can have a lot of advantage like also meeting friends online and just simply enjoy by sharing and writing the things that you love and earn extra cash.

Oh, before I forgot, I just signed-in too!!! How about you!!! See you there!!

I am Stress too!!

I guess, I am also stress for the past days until now. Since I got pop-ups last Saturday, I can't no longer sleep good thinking that I lost my blogs the next day I woke up. I tried my best to resolved it and finally yesterday, they are all gone with the help of some blogger friends.

I just felt so tired today, my back ache, my head just ache and my whole body aches... It is just perfect timing that my friend forwarded me an article on how to reduce stress which I also posted here to share it with you. I felt quite relieved but still feel very very tired until now.

So my dear bloggers friends and all friends here , I might not visit you often this week until these pop-ups will be gone. I wrote here yesterday some tips on how to resolve it.. So I am also recommending it to you. I hope it will help a bit as that's what I also did and it worked. hopefully for you too!!
See you all as soon as I can!!..

Dear readers and visitors, thanks a lot for taking your time to visit m…

Ways to Stress Reduce!!!

An Angel says, 'Never borrow from the future. If you worry about what may happen tomorrow and it doesn't happen, you have worried in vain. Even if it does happen, you have to worry twice.' 1. Pray 2. Go to bed on time. 3. Get up on time so you can start the day unrushed. 4. Say No to projects that won't fit into your time schedule, or that will compromise your mental health. 5. Delegate tasks to capable others. 6. Simplify and unclutter your life. 7. Less is more. (Although one is often not enough, two are often too many.) 8. Allow extra time to do things and to get to places. 9. Pace yourself. Spread out big changes and difficult projects over time; don't lump the hard things all together. 10. Take one day at a time. 11. Separate worries from concerns . If a situation is a concern, find out what God would have you do and let go of the anxiety . If you can't do anything about a situation, forget it. 12. Live within your budget; don't use credit cards for ordinary …

BMW Auto Parts Store

I just find this site very interesting. As I visited it, I discovered that it is an online store which sells different parts of BMW. As I read further, I was amazed that all what they sell are mainly BMW Performance Parts. It is the first time that I discovered an online shop that specialized mainly on carrying BMW Performance Parts such as BMW Body Kits, Accessories, Spoilers, Wheels and a lot more.

If you are looking for BMW Parts for any model, visit now and they will be happy to serve you!!

Pop-ups Finally Resolved!!Bloggers pls Read!! Important

Guess what happened since last Saturday till Sunday and I guess until now lot of blogs still have pop-ups!! here's some short list!!

I am just sharing this so you might be aware that when this happened to you, your computer will freeze because it was already attacked by please check it out..let's just help each other!!..the scary thing is that you might lost your blogs in seconds where you put much hard work!!! The evil might even access your computer and email address which is really very scary and horrible!!!

1. As I opened the first time my computer last Saturday, I wonder it is not the same anymore. I lost some settings on it.
2. As I opened my blogger account, I was terribly shocked because it was redirected to a pop-up advertisements.
3. The screen was totally covered by pop-ups which made the processing very very slow. Sometimes the computer even got frozen and don't processed anymore.
4. As per infos and help of some other friends blogg…

Annoying Pop-ups

I was annoyed and shocked (galagot pa jud) yesterday coz a lot of pop-ups were coming up to my computer everytime I open a new window or visit some blogs!! I was even annoyed that when I opened and signed-in, I was redirected to a new advert window..I thought my computer was already attacked by virus or already got hacked!! (Binuang kaayo..makalagot..hehehe)..I heard from some bloggers that they also have the same problem.

The hacker used the Feedjit script in his/her blog as what my sweet friend sistah Twinks said in her blog. The blog genius Carlota also told me to check my HTML codes in my blogs. But anyway, I was not able to do it besides that I just read her email response now..sorry dear friend but thanks for the info..your really a genius. Thanks a lot guys for your never ending support and infos.. really appreciated it!!..(abi pa jud nako mao ning mga kanahan nga mu-add ra sa ako linker unya di mubalos ug add nako..makalagot pud..hehehe)

And yesterday, I already re…